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  • Analysis of the Marketing Communications Campaign of your favourite athletic shoe brand
  • Assume that you are the director of international marketing for a company producing refrigerators. Select one country in Latin America and one in Europe and developescreening criteria to use in evaluating the two countries. Make any additional assumptions that are necessary about your company.
  • Assuming that consumption plays some role in identity, critically evaluate the contention that, a powerful, popular advertisement is just as meaningful as any news story.
  • Buyer Behaviour: The Consumer Decision-Making Process & Purchasing a Car
  • Choose a brand of wristwatch either single a product or a product line. Investigate and evaluate the marketing strategy of the producer/brand owner using contemporary marketing tools and techniques. This may however be illuminated using examples from other companies! organisations.
  • Consider what you would recommend to Fred Foster in terms of accepting (or not) the report and, if there are areas of concern, briefly outline what research approach you would consider appropriate.
  • Critically assess the importance of an individuals financial traits on consumer decision making with regards to financial services.
  • Critically evaluate Inniskillins initial international marketing strategy along with its expansion strategies in the American and the European Markets.
  • Critically evaluate the claim that, we are what we read, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes romantic, sometimes principled, sometimes pragmatic, but almost always a consumer.
  • Develop an advertising and marketing campaign that introduces Plus Minus Zero and its products worldwide.
  • For your own organisation, conduct a strategy marketing audit of their competitive position in their sector, and identify their key priorities in both a 1, and 5 year period.
  • Functional and symbolic brand attributes merge effectively to create memorable and attractive brands. Do you agree? Define the two different kinds of attributes. Explain how they work separately and together to achieve brand effects for brand producers. Illustrate your argument with two to three different companies and their brands.
  • Halfords bicycle marketing planning - A marketing strategy plan
  • Provide a basic outline of the organization and include details about its size, the industry, and what it produces (or whom it serves) etc., The information should be such that it orientates an totally uniformed reader and as such, must include information that is relevant. The word limit here means that you must make decisions about what is important.
  • Provide an overview of what an equality policy should contain. This should ensure that Mr Cheung meets the requirements of all current equality legislation. It is important to share with Mr Cheung the implications of inequality in the workplace and how this could affect his business aspirations.
  • Select an organisation either national or multinational which operates in a competitive business environment, and which has followed various marketing directions during its existence (the client chose P&G).
  • Show the impact of Globalisation; the global economy and cultural factors on the organisation, its markets and its competitors. whether this organisation should use a uniform global strategy?.
  • Taking an organisation with which you are familiar, identify the extent to which the customer is central to the business. To what extent, if any, does the organisation take its cues from buyers and how appropriate is customer orientation as a concept here
  • To what extent is sponsorship in sport a mutually beneficial arrangement? Discuss. in relation to relevant academic theories and research and illustrate with relevant examples.
  • What countries comprise the CIS?.
  • What is the marketing new story about?
  • You are required that you write an individual 1000-word analysis on a marketing news story which has appeared in 2010.
  • A campaign research Report on PG Tips containing four distinct elements
  • Analysis and Discussion which is an analysis and discussion analysis of the results showing the contribution to knowledge and acknowledgement of any weaknesses/limitations in the work.
  • Business Report on Branding and Own Label.
  • Conducting Situational Analysis.
  • Create an argument for the methodology (either quantitative or qualitative) which you believe to be the most relevant for today's business environment.
  • Critically analyse Online/Internet Advertising as a marketing communication tool.
  • Critically analyse what factors encourage organisations to internationalise, discussing at least two of the main methods for gaining market entry, evaluating the relative merits and drawbacks of each.
  • Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of branding drawing on practical examples to illustrate and support your arguments.
  • Critically evaluate the marketing environmental challenges that Aer Arann faces currently (2010), and in the longer term.
  • Culture is pervasive in all marketing activities, (Albaum et al, 2005). Critically review this statement with reference to advertising strategies.
  • Discuss and argue the campaign innovations in Greenpeace. Are their new strategy and innovations successful? Why? Do they use any propaganda?
  • Does their approach imply a different view as to the importance and relevance of market strategy in the context of overall business strategy?
  • Environmental analysis (business environment) and describe how each approaches what they see as key issues in the subject, and what the differences and similarities are in their approaches to the chosen subject.
  • Explore their personal experiences of the materiality of an iconic brand from their country.
  • How does the use of celebrity endorsement enhance brand awareness and brand image?
  • If someone wants to take Twinings Tea to Argentina, what channels of distribution should they use, with the description of the channel member. Also, what is the objective of those channels?
  • Outline and explain the Stages of Market Development which a country can go through. What is the importance for International Marketers of understanding economic development?
  • Pressure on organisations to integrate "sustainability" into their strategic thinking is fundamentally changing the nature of marketing.
  • This is an analysis of a case study by the chartered institute of marketing.
  • Undertake an analysis of the potential market for Innocent's Ice Sorbets.
  • What is meant by effective career management and planning, who is responsible for this?
  • 'What is the potential impact of social networks and brand communities on our brand.' (Fiat cars)

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