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  • A decision support tool for transport of temperature sensitive medicines.
  • Describe the structures found at the neuromuscular junction and discuss the functions of these structures
  • Enzymes are classified dependent upon their functional role. The oxidoreductases are a large and well-researched family of enzymes that catalyse oxidoreduction reactions.
  • Joan, a 65 year old white Caucasian woman with a BMI of 18, was referred to hospital by her GP following a minor fall at home, which resulted in a fracture of her right wrist. The consultant suspected that Joan might be suffering from osteoporosis and ordered a DEXA scan. Following the scan, the diagnosis was confirmed.
  • Outbreak of salmonella in Cadbury chocolate
  • The influence of religion on eating habits. Please write the piece based on nutrition.
  • A written presentation on the surgical procedure of a LAPAROTOMY.
  • An essay on the ecological genetics of Ranunculus spp.
  • Describe the epidemiology of the health issue and highlight relevant policy and innovative strategies to address it.
  • Discuss the cellular mechanisms underlying cardioprotection reperfusion injury?
  • Discuss the clinical presentation, diagnosis and differential diagnosis by answering the questions based on the information provided by the case history.
  • Discuss, using specific examples, the structure and function of the accessory proteins which organise actin filaments into gel-like networks, contractile bundles and tight parallel bundles.
  • Explore the pathophysiology of a child with ASTHMA.
  • Rofecoxib, the VIGOR trial and post-marketing surveillance the lessons we have learned.
  • Use of Animals for Research Purposes: Critical Review.
  • What is the neurotoxic form of amyloid in Alzheimer's disease? How does this knowledge impact on therapeutic strategies for this disease?
  • Your company is completing development of a generic oral product of an anti-hyperlipidaemic agent. The supply of the drug has been sourced from India. You are responsible for the clinical trial application to the Irish Medicines Board.

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