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Evaluation of Apple iPhones

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Wordcount: 1094 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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We all know a friend who owns an Apple device and constantly talks about why it’s such an amazing phone. There are three hundred twenty-eight million people living in the U.S today. Around two hundred and twenty million people own smartphones, and out of that two hundred twenty-three million that own smartphones ninety million of them own iPhones. iPhones are more preferred over any other phone in the market according to (Tom’s guide). Apple is definitely more expensive than the majority of other companies’ devices. Such as Samsung or Google, but you get what you pay for with Apple. Apple makes good cellphones due to its design, price, versatility, and accessibility.

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The design of the iPhone is desirable due to its’ size, sleekness and pioneering features. The first thing a good cellphone should have is a nice design. This is what will attract someone to the device before they know how much it costs, what perks it has or anything else. The iPhones design has stayed pretty consistent throughout its’ years. For example, the features that were pioneered with the first iPhone created in 2007 have endured the ride for the past eleven years. Such as the home button., the lock button (which has moved from the top iPhone to the right side.), the charging outlet on the bottom of the device and lastly the apple print on the back of the iPhone. Each iPhone has always been rather easy to hold and navigate, with the largest width of 3.05 inches. (“iPhone).

 Apple offers expensive phones that are worth the price. The three most recent iPhones, XR, XS, and XS max prices range from seven hundred fifty dollars to one thousand dollars. Although this may seem scary and expensive in the beginning, each phone comes with many valuable qualities. For example, each of the three phones stated come with: wireless charging, water resistance up to one meter for thirty minutes, face ID (which allows the owner of the phone to unlock their device with their face), and 12-megapixel cameras. A megapixel is a unit of graphics resolution, which is basically camera quality. (“iPhone”) iPhone is among the few phones that are water resistant for up to thirty minutes and they are also known for their amazing cameras. Compared to Samsung s9 whose camera quality is only 10-megapixel and costs seven hundred and fifty dollars. So, again you get what you pay for with Apple iPhones.

 The iPhone’s accessibility features include learning and literacy, hearing, physical and motor skills, and vision. Therefore, people with a range of needs can use the iPhone to the best of its abilities. For example, “VoiceOver” is a feature that allows you to hear what’s on your phone without needing to look at it. This is helpful for blind people and people needing assistance with reading. To use this feature the owner of the device would just touch the screen, and the iPhone would read whatever is written under their finger. Another great feature is “Invert Colors” which allows people with a range of vision needs, from color blindness to low vision to see their iPhone clearly. This feature switches between a default screen of white and blue to a black and orange screen. Lastly, there’s a “Siri” tool. This feature allows the owner to simply say “Hey Siri,” which allows them to tell their device to do pretty much anything from “Give me directions to here,” “Call someone,” and even “Open this application.” This feature is valuable to people all across the spectrum with or without disabilities. This can be helpful when driving if the owner was in a situation and they couldn’t reach their phone, but they can speak, and maybe even just for the sake of convenience.

 The variety of iPhones ceases to amaze its consumers with its versatility. For example, the iPhone XR comes in a spectrum of colors. The XR colors include: black, blue, red, white, coral and yellow. Before the XR made its debut, the previous iPhones came in a variety of colors as well. Those colors were: gold, silver, space gray, rose gold and metallic pink. Apple ensures that there’s a cellphone for each and every consumer. This way it’s very hard for consumers to be unsatisfied with their device or to be unhappy with Apple because they provide versatile iPhones. This gives Apple a huge advantage because all Samsung devices only come in one color which is black. This is upsetting for consumers who like to express themselves through their devices. This also upsetting because in an instance when one needs to differentiate their phone from someone else’s it would be nearly impossible with a Samsung device due to the fact that they all look exactly identical. This would be fairly easy with an iPhone because they are a plethora of colors to choose from. The Samsung Galaxy S10, on the other hand, is rather unappealing. This device comes with a front screen that is black around the edges and the entire back is white, which is very tacky in my opinion.

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 If you want a good quality phone that provides top-notch service and continues to push itself to its peak, you want to go with an iPhone. Apple provides consumers with durable, nicely designed and accessible cell phones. These qualities are most important when it comes to a device that you will use for years to come depending on its consumer. Also buying a cell phone is somewhat an investment when you choose iPhones. No one wants to buy a phone that will break in a month or two just from normal wear and tear, such as liquid spills, light drops or overuse of the device. Another neat thing about iPhones is you have the choice to trade in your old device for value when you’re ready to buy a newer iPhone. This is great because your old device won’t go to complete waste it will still be worth something. Overall iPhones are great cellphones and are worth every penny.

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