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Effect of Technology on Social Interaction

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Since the presence of technology, humans have ignored themselves and each other. Technology, organized with commerce, which has slowly raided humans and their natural abilities and removed their capabilities. Today, many of us bargain with ourselves in depressed, alienated, drug addicts, stressed out, exhausted, poor health, isolated, alcoholics, and overweight and overworked. We are spending a lesser amount of time together in active face-to-face interaction and conversation with our families, neighbors, colleagues and friends, and more time at working, driving cars, drinking, eating, being online on the computer, sending text messages and emails consuming, eating, watching TV. We have endorsed this situation to change and have not been capable, to find the strength to repel. We have given up so much in conversation for the magnificence and never-ending progress of science, commerce and technology. But we have slight or no time for an insufficient kind statement with a friend or a neighbor or simply another human being whose conduit we cross throughout our busy days. This condition is in extensive need of our genuine wisdom and attention in order to find elucidations for more congruence, health for human beings everywhere and wellness, and also to establish a balance among our habit of technology and the time we employ in social interaction and conversation with others.

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It is an undeniable fact that the contemporary technologies, particularly the invention of the internet, has transfigured the way people live, work,, entertain and, communicate. To twitch with, the online messages and communication tools such as emails, MSN messenger and teleconference software have enabled the contacts of mutually the loved ones in distant place and associates working in another region.

However, it is not unusual to see that news reporting constantly reports on the disadvantageous effect of these fluctuations in telecommunication. Firstly, misusing internet and ignoring the “real communication” can lead to social separation and segregation. Researches disclose that people, who spend their too much time at the computer cafes, tend to have complications when communicating and interacting with people in the actual world. Furthermore, many family actions which normally help fortify the family bonds cannot be merely replaced by online conversation.

Generally, I personally believe that scientific and technological development has transformed our mode of communication in an optimistic and encouraging way, in terms of the expediency, time-efficiency and convenient. However, taken all the above stated negative inspirations into contemplation, we do need to keep poise between the period we employ on line and in actual and real world.


We are now in the middle of another daunting revolution, which is the Technological Revolution, having a very prodigious effect on the oral word and on societies and their relatives with each other. Only 50 years ago, the computer seemed on the scene. Its arrival and development is instigating the Technological Revolution to interchange ahead at supersonic speed and rapidity as we move profounder into the 21st century. We are forfeiting a very high value to have all these machineries and technologies at our disposal. It is crucial that we evaluate and analyze this situation.

Multi-tasking is instigating us to be easily abstracted and diverted. Despite all the machines and technologies for easy interaction and communication with each other, we often sense socially isolated and lonely because most of our acquaintances and contacts are by machines and technology, not close sincere living human acquaintances.


In order for us to move forward to the future, it is necessary and essential to go back to the past and history, because we have elapsed, left behind, and unrestricted an essential component that we want so that we can aware about our lives more effusively and with more sympathy. That component is our humanity. We need to get up and observe first what has transpired to us and then to guise deep into past to see what ensued to our ancestors, who, over the millenniums, had to undergo the slow procedure of losing their capabilities and of seeing the deterioration of living face-to-face social interactions and conversation as technology has developed, appeared and developed. All of us have been detached of many of our inherited abilities and of other capabilities that we have assimilated during our lives. The television, media and particularly advertising have influenced us that electronic or written communication is someway better and more precise than our own living spoken statement. We have been persuaded that somehow inspecting life on a screen is more exciting and interesting than incarnate our own lives. We have become observers, immobile, consumers and seated, who always observers of what we need somewhat separate from ourselves. We have vanished confidence in our institutions, feelings, and abilities, and in our amusing inner resources that we barely know to find or how to exist. It is untainted that we need to re-become contestants in life and not just spectators and observers. By concerning with each other, we could be able to comprehend this goal.

There are elucidations to ease up this condition, which we need to contemplate seriously. Many observers and philosophers of life have given us significant messages as to how to achieve this assignment. Communicating with each other can mean bartering concepts about positive and creative action we can take in mandate to resist this modern imperative that is determining us into spectators, users of machines, consumers and non-stop workers.

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Today, many of us devote a marvelous amount of our time placed in front of a TV or Computer screen or sending messages and emails to each other. It is unblemished that we need to be in touch with everyone, but most of the period our acquaintances are by machine and technologies not by actual life living face-to-face interaction. Before all the technology and machines evolved, people certainly used to employ more time together and as a consequence they were happier and social relations were flatter and more harmonious.


Today, we come into interaction regularly with other people not only from our own society and country but from all over the sphere and of all eternities and from altered walks of life, political, and religious opinions. This condition requires great sympathy, tolerance, sensitivity and understanding. Intercultural communication assistances can help us to communicate more harmoniously and smoothly with people on a face-to-face root with ease and without arguments or misunderstanding. We need to seek a profounder and more sympathetic understanding of the human knowledge of living a life on this earth and in our world. It can be very obliging to cultivate more familiarity of the many cultures and societies of our world, their past and histories, their characteristics and geographies, and their current states.


People will communicate with others if they pass smiles and have a friendly expression and appearance. A cold, inimical facial appearance does not offer conversation communication or social interface. Therefore another elucidation to keeping face-to-face conversation and sociability thriving is to encourage and however friendly, pleasant and gracious relations, understanding, kindness, politeness, tolerance, and respect between human beings, irrespective of their age, race, nationality, social backgrounds, and the way of life, the language they express, their facial appearances, religious beliefs and dogmas, or other points of view. If we exercise this mode of behavior, others will follow.

In normal conditions, friendly association should find between and among human. After all, we have a great transaction in common with everyone. For instance, we all have two arms, two legs, a head, and a body, and we all breathe, sleep, eat, and have a heart that is continuously beating. We all share the knowledge and information that we are not on this world forever and that we will consent here with nonentity in our hands. So it would seem impeccably reasonable for us to contemplate talking, conversing, communicating and interacting with our corresponding human beings more often and in a friendly and warm manner whenever the occasion presents itself while spending, at work, at shopping, at school, in a bus or road, at the airport, anywhere and everywhere, we often we ignore and avoid each other. So many chances to meet motivating people are conceded by.


Since, thanks to the growth of e-commerce, people can accomplish a variety of actions, such as booking flights and accommodations, purchasing material ranging from cars to clothing, or even dating a foreigner, without treading out own house. Most prominently, the social links such as the Facebook has even fabricated an entire cybernetic world for us.


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