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Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality brings experiences through a computer-based interaction from the reality-based world that displays situation where humans can see, listen effect as close as if they were real world experiences. In other words, AR was created with the final objective of making a better audiovisual experience through images and technique as speech recognition, animation, head-mounted and hand-held devices. [1]

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When comparing with other realities AR differentiates from other because this is a mix of reality and virtual world. A great example to illustrate this is the app Pokemon Go. It was very popular game where users could see the real world through a screen, their cellphones, while looking for virtual prices offered by the application located surrounded the users. So basically this app, made children and even adult be walking around parking lots, their house’s yards among other places to catch the prizes that almost looked like they existed in real life.[2]

Virtual Reality

While AR offers a mix experience between real and virtual world, Virtual Reality provides a fully immersive experience tricking the human brain, making it feel that it is in a world that it is been recreated by software and hardware. In other words, make people experience an artificial environment, but the brain feels that it is totally realist experience. In order to achieve it, it has been developed simulators that replicated all user’s sense including touch, hearing, vision and more.[3]

VR it has been used for many companies in order to do marketing campaign allowing their customers or prospective customers to transport to places that they would have to travel to be there. This makes the potential customer be aware of how the product they would buy will perform in real world. One example of marketing campaign is the Adidas and Somewhere Else, tech marketing company, idea. They transported users to a mountain climbing using sensory remote controls and headset, making users being more interested in Adidas products.[4] According to Somewhere Else, served to “find an unforgettable way to market TERREX, [Adidas’s] line of outdoor apparel & accessories.”

Which industries are applied AR

Medical Industry

There are several products that are helping the quality life of many people developed base on Augmented Reality. All these improvements help not just the patience but also the doctors who will have (or are having) access to real time data in order to analyze and give more accurate diagnosis for their patience’s. One of the products that are currently helping people is called NuEyes, it is an electronic smart glasses that help people with reduced vision to be able to cope with daily basis activities. In other words, they are able to see thing around them.

Another product based on AR is AccuVein. The product helps nurses to be able to see the veins on the surface of the skin of the patience, when getting blood test or doing injections. This product has reduced time on injection procedures and has helped to get $352,498 annual savings.

There is also another product the Microsoft HoloLens that have helped in spinal surgeries, allowing doctor to be guided while in surgery, reducing the risk of it. The doctor can adjust the setting of the display by doing gestures while having their hand completely focused on the surgery.

In overall, AR is very helpful in education, training, diagnostics and treatment. With the healthcare industry is changing, and it can change even more using all these advantages to educate future doctors.[5]

Military Operations

As we all know military sector has been an important factor technology is emerging. Nowadays, AR is being used in military training and even improving the combats. Improvement like being able to see the exact point where the gun is aiming, or knowing in real time where militaries are located, and knowing where their enemies are. There is a product also, a gaggles that enhance the night vision of soldiers, for combats. There are displays that display terrains used for training purposes, having such a device decreases the cost of training and soldiers can undergo through training in any place where the device is located without having to move from place to place.[6]


Which industries are applied VR

Automotive Industry

Luxury cars differentiate from others, mainly in the performance and comfort. The automotive industry has realized that for a customer willing to spend considerable amount of money, or at least an amount not a lot of people are willing to spend, clients like to physically have the experiences of how it feels like driving a car. Ford Motor Company for example, has developed a headset that allows customers to have a sense of the car. This helps dealers to increase their sales and offer a better customer service. Sometimes the car clients are looking for is not available in all locations so they can offer an experience of how the car would feel like without even having to have the car physically there.[7]


Since VR offers a complete immersion of users in a digital world, there are different apps for boxing or dancing. These apps transport users to places that allows them to exercise, maybe even do exercise while playing a video game. It is believed that most gyms will have some sort of headsets for VR Fitness in the near future. Nevertheless, it has been shown that hygiene will be a problem to tackle with these devices and also, they have found that some people get nauseas when playing VR games. Since the games have basically a platform that moves around you, people feel that they lose the balance, therefore, it is recommended for people to choose the correct VR video game, or exercise app in order to not get discourage.[8]


Differences between AR and VR

Theses advances in technologies have allowed businesses to be able to interact with their customers in a really different way than before, letting them travel to unknown destinations.

Augmented Reality adds a digital element as image of text into the client’s actual environment through a cell phone or tablet although Virtual Reality immerse customers completely into a virtual environment as if they were physically there through specific devices like headset or Oculus.

In my perspective, nowadays most businesses could invest, and actually are investing in Augmented Reality to approach and communicate with their clients. This because, it is more common to have a mobile or tablet than a headset, so basically companies know that it is likely people is watching and interacting with the applications they are developing. However, VR is more focus in multinational companies that have a big budget, and have clear how these software and hardware developments are going to be focused on. An user can interact easily through the Instagram of the company, seeing for example hoy their kitchen remodeling could be, by checking a picture through a mobile device, while having the physical experiences it is more complicated and it demands much more effort from the company ad from the user itself. [9]

AR is changing our lives considerably. Having all kind of information available at any moment, makes easier to find any kind of service or product we are looking for. Business nowadays, are more aware that they have to be shown in users online searches, because it is a reliable way to get more clients. People are using their devices to maintain connected, and almost do all their routine activates without having to move from their living rooms. From planning a vacation, that they could even get a glance of the place that they are booking, checking images on Instagram account of the places, or even just checking in the google earth app. These tools help us to have an idea of what to expect, without mentioning that one can even check comments and reviews of people that have already been there, and know a little bit more about the place. I personally believe, these technologies are changing business strategies to approach clients. Long time ago it was really important to develop a really good product or service, and business were more dependent on the face to face recommendation from them to get to know in the industry. Nowadays, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who in my opinion have a really good marketing strategy and also a really good quality products. There are also, some others that are really good with marketing strategies but not as good in their industry. Therefore, it is also an advantage for us as customers, but we also have to be aware that we need to be able to filter the high quality and reliable business. There is always people out there trying of taking advantages of the weakness of any process or workflow. Therefore, in my opinion I always before going anywhere, or getting any product, always check online verifiable customer’s reviews to have an idea of what I am buying.


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