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College English Multimodal Teaching and Autonomic Learning

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Wordcount: 2810 words Published: 8th Sep 2017

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Study on the Relationship between College English Multimodal Teaching and Autonomic Learning

Keywords: English, multi-modal teaching, English teaching, autonomous learning, relevance.

Abstract. University English multi-modal teaching model is an important trend in college English teaching reform. With the development of multimedia technology, multi-modal teaching PPT presentation can give students a variety of modes of cognitive stimulation in the classroom. By teaching examples experimental classes and control classes, study the relationship between college English multi-modal teaching and student learning performance between. Experimental results show that multi-modal teaching model conforms to the development trend of college English teaching, to maintain students’ interest in learning English, improve their English proficiency and efficiency of memory are related. Teachers should utilize multi-modal teaching methods to inspire students to a variety of modes of interaction, multi-modal students reading ability. Multi-modal teaching model has changed the traditional classroom teaching English writing mainly to textbooks as the main teaching content teaching. Writing in College English teaching, teachers take full advantage of modern media, with pictures, video and other modes of physical activity, the rational organization of teaching content and students are encouraged to write in after-school training and self-learning multi-modal under. Practice has proved that this teaching model to enhance the college English classroom teaching also has a strong practical significance.


With globalization, the current classroom teaching cannot meet the development needs of students teachers need to actively develop the means to acquire new knowledge and information, access to more learning resources. Modern science and technology and the development of multi-modal theory, there are many new presentation of learning resources and information, such as the construction of online teaching and learning platform, multi-modal learning courseware development will be translated into new teaching methods, also will be the new teaching mode, teaching and learning methods in foreign language teaching is becoming possible, this way, foreign language teaching in multi-modal become a necessity. Therefore, not only teachers can take advantage of new educational technologies to improve teaching effectiveness, students can also take advantage of modern science and technology to search for new information resources, multimedia platform for independent learning and innovative practice.

Multi-modal in foreign language learning in the field of application, so that learners by accepting the information perception, understanding, encoding and storage, the resulting input information and knowledge stored polyethylene while providing protection for the unconscious and conscious language output, thereby make language learning the formation of a virtuous circle.

However, in the multi-modal and information age, especially in the era of knowledge explosion, classroom teaching alone cannot meet the needs of students knowledge and capabilities, urgent need to develop self-learning and multi-modal network learning, teachers should learn how to new age guide or guide student learning.

Multimodal Discourse theory emerged in the 1990s, Western countries, Western researchers in critical discourse analysis, based on the research results of social semiotics, functional grammar system and the traditional discourse analysis and other fields evolved. Study abroad from the point of view, R.Barthes is the first multi-modal discourse analysis linguist, major aspects of the relationship from the expression of pictures and words to explore the significance of discourse analysis.

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In the high-tech and computer network popular today, teaching methods should also be with the times. College English classes in order to teach a lively, in order to attract students’ interest and attention, teachers need to have a wide range of teaching methods and skills, and to make such an extensive collection of pictures, video, animation and other information, design the new form the PPT, and flexible integration of multi-modal teaching methods to inspire students to a variety of modes of interaction, multimodal students reading ability.   

Figure.1 Multimodal Teaching

The Proposed Methodology

Multi-modal teaching concepts.Humans through the five senses to perceive the vastness of the world, the perception of these five channels produced five communication modes: visual modal, modal auditory, tactile mode, smell and taste modal. The so-called “modal” refers to the human sensory channel through interaction with the external environment, including the use of language, images, sounds, movements and other means and symbolic resources.

Two or more single mode constitute multi-modal, such as traditional text-text is single-mode, film, television with images, charts books, magazines, newspapers and other materials compared with multi-modal, and or audio on your computer, video, and subtitles are multimodal texts. So, we can say that each modality are symbolic resources, together, constitute the overall meaning. For example, dogs sense of smell through modal perceive the world; mainly through the visual modality deaf to communicate with people; blind listening to music, reading Braille rely on auditory and tactile modality; children and illiterate primarily through auditory and visual modality learn their mother tongue and many more. We experience the world from a variety of channels and we also will be the integration of a variety of sensory coordination.

Multi-modal teaching belongs to the scope of multi-modal discourse between teachers and students to communicate in five different modes of communication and symbolic resources.

The role of multi-modal PPT.With the widespread use of multimedia classrooms in universities, multi-modal presentation of the PPT can arouse students’ interest in learning objectives from a variety of sensory and symbolic resources, various modal information Courseware text, image, audio, video, etc. carrier carrying a large amount of text, extensions rich information on all aspects of the field of vision, extra-curricular knowledge, group activities, etc., and its hypertext, hyperlinks feature can fully mobilize the students’ various senses, encourage students to expand thinking, to deepen the impression and strengthen memory the goal of.

Excellent multi-modal PPT information should not be too much, there must be focus and difficulty, students’ thinking to leave room for discussion. Courseware to form simple, elegant, not too fancy, because too much emphasis on the external form but will reduce students’ text content and meaning of the note, which have a negative impact on language acquisition.

Multi-modal teaching PPT presentation slide show mode is not simply, but the method of teaching courseware and teacher and student learning characteristics combine to attract students’ interest in learning, and ultimately improve student achievement. Multimodal Discourse domestic research has just begun, for multi-modal teaching research less. I tried teaching the following examples explore different modalities in teaching roles and the relationship between them, observe the relevant multi-modal teaching and student learning, as well as multi-modal teaching to enhance students’ memory Have a facilitating role.

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Multi-modal theory.In foreign multi-modal theory it has now been widely used in language teaching, and gradually formed a unique theoretical system and research methods. Multimodal refers to mankind through the senses (sight, hearing, touch, etc.) interact with the external environment (people, machines, objects, etc.) between. In the information age and these different modes of reproduction plays the same role in the level of significance.

Multi-modal theory and foreign language teaching are closely linked. On the one hand, foreign language teaching reform to promote the multi-modal theory in foreign language teaching practice. On the other hand, multi-modal theory, in turn, to the development of foreign language teaching reform provided an opportunity. Therefore, the introduction of writing in English classroom teaching multi-modal teaching methods, for teachers and students before class, during, and after the exchange, learning provide multi-faceted communication platform, independent of time, space and distance and other factors constraints, closer through text, images, audio, video and other network resources the distance between teachers and students, their communication is unimpeded, between students can also explore the pros and cons of the process of teaching and learning experience from each other, to increase the writing course interest in the teaching process can be controlled in perfect order, flipped classroom fully accessible, easy to achieve the established teaching plans and teaching goal setting, to achieve good teaching results.

Autonomous Learning Ability.Writing is an important part of language teaching and learning, whether Chinese or English, teaching of writing have become an important part of language teaching, improve writing skills for their future application in the language class related work or engaged in related research is is particularly important in the actual language teaching and learning process, writing has always been a difficulty. Scholars believe that student lack proper training and learning guidance system resulting in many students’ writing skills are relatively low.

Multi-modal teaching model, teachers in many ways photos, videos and physical activities to stimulate learners’ senses and create scenarios, make full use of Internet and other modern media to regulate the classroom atmosphere, enhance classroom effect to mobilize students’ cognitive senses, for example, teachers in the classroom writing multi-modal information is presented to the relevant images, text, sound and other stimuli, flexibility and control over the validity of learning resources, to maximize the students immersed in the establishment language scenario to attract the attention of students, to stimulate students’ cognitive and acceptance of writing tasks, so as to achieve the desired effect of teaching writing.

Based on College English Writing Class multimodal learning environment, teachers should abandon the language taught in single-mode input methods, should through auditory, visual and other means of teaching methods of online media to create a multi-dimensional dynamic language learning environment the student’s brain is stimulated by external stimuli, resulting in a positive learning effect. Self-learning in the classroom should reflect the student-centered, independent learning by students’ ability to self-analysis, exploration, practice, creation, to achieve to achieve learning objectives.

Multi-modal self-learning mode.College English Writing Mode Multimode state for Students’ interest in writing and the promotion of writing self-learning ability is obvious. Specifically, students can take advantage of multi-modal model and the teacher’s computer network to provide media, the students complete their own conscious or cognitive activities, play the role of language acquisition, to achieve the conversion of knowledge into skills. In the whole writing part of autonomous learning, teachers play a leading role, plays the main role of the student, multimedia computer network played a good supporting role. Visible, College English Writing Mode Multimode state has played both inside and outside the classroom to promote a virtuous circle beneficial role in promoting the students’ English writing from passive to active, play a student initiative and enthusiasm for learning, teaching and learning to promote common progress and develop together. Meanwhile, the multi-modal autonomous learning of teachers and students to promote the implementation of the emotions, reduce their writing anxiety, improve students’ interest in learning, teamwork to enhance their knowledge and ability of college student practical ability. In addition, the angle of teaching practice, the principle of multi-modal reflect individualized is to respect individual differences of learners in the understanding of individual learners in language ability, cognitive style, motivation, attitude and personality and other aspects of the differences on the basis of carried out of suitable teaching methods and teaching mode.

Although college English writing, multi-modal network media teaching platform Teaching Writing Course pointed out the direction, but we must also soberly aware that, to the network platform for some of the potential pitfalls of teaching needs to be sufficient attention, also committed to encouraging students to implement effective self-learning in multi-modal under. Only in this way, the network media Teaching Resources under the multi-modal can really provide maximum supplementary language learning platform for teachers and students.


A variety of multi-modal teaching activities can motivate the student, the student group discussions in the classroom, English debate, role play reading, educational games, create their own little drama in English, see pictures retell stories inspired little English students enthusiasm, and strengthen the cooperative learning groups, students Multi-literacies further improved. The first phase of the transition from traditional English teaching to the second stage of the multi-modal English teaching, teaching effect has been significantly improved. At the same time, students can use in their spare College English autonomous learning system, increasing the modal auditory and visual input modes, search the Internet and organize learning materials relevant to the subject, and in the classroom with PPT displayed, to cultivate and improve their English autonomous learning ability, creative thinking and the ability of the integrated use of English plays an important role. The effectiveness of multi-modal college English teaching model has been verified in teaching practice. University English multi-modal teaching mode changes the rigid traditional language teaching, monotonous, dull teaching atmosphere in class is introduced, except language non-verbal symbols, a combination of non-verbal form of images, video, music and other multi-modal symbol for the development of multi-modal teaching provided a new impetus to creating a new language teaching education information age. Meanwhile, the lack of research, such as the number of samples used in experimental studies is too small and a relatively short cycle, I expect to have more researchers to be amended in the future and improve teaching practice, in order to promote college English teaching deepening reform.


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