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Event Planning for Homeless Charity

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Wordcount: 1322 words Published: 18th Sep 2017

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Michelle VillaruzBryan Rodriguez

Tommy ThuChris Serrano

“Giveaways:” A Charity Event Helping the Homeless

Mission: Accomplish a well done community service for our nation’s neighborhoods that are experiencing homelessness and initiate an essential way of getting resources.

Project Description:

Conception– The homeless need food, drinks, and bath and body essentials.

Planning– Catering to up to 75 homeless individuals, complete all tasks in three weeks.

  1. Retrieve $600 funds (Donations, Salvation Army, (San Francisco) Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing)
  2. Start collecting goods and equipment (tents, tables, trash bags) to set up the charity event
  3. Find volunteers (product counter, assistants, drivers)
  4. Promote Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, date and time TBD

Execution– The turn out of the charity event goes well with the homeless retrieving their goods.

Termination– Clean up.

Project Product: Homeless retrieving food, drinks, and hygiene products.


  1. Funds and donations retrieved
  2. Resources complete (Volunteers, perishable items, equipment (tents, tables and trash bags, etc.)
  3. Make a website (Facebook page) + other promotions
  4. Search for a safe neighborhood park
  5. Set up date, time, check weather
  6. The turn up is real and moving well


  • Everything goes as planned with cost, resources and time.
  • If we do not make $600 in funds, we’ll set another date for the event until we do
  • If we do not have enough resources (volunteers, equipment, items) we’ll make do with what we have

Proposal Outline for “Charity Event Helping the homeless “Giveaways”

Executive Summary– Homelessness is a huge issue in San Francisco Bay Area as well as the United States as a whole. Unfortunately, there are approximately 600,000 Homeless in America alone. Our team leader Bryan has requested ways to potentially fundraise for homeless and create ideas for a solution to homeless. His request includes different methods such as researching and fundraising. To create these ideas a basic knowledge on homelessness was needed. This included what it was like to be homeless and how some people became homeless. After gaining some knowledge of homelessness it was necessary to find ways to both raise awareness for homelessness as well as ways to fundraise for our non-profit organization’s Fund.

  • Problem – a brief statement of the problem or need (one to two paragraphs)

The homeless need food, drinks, and bath and body products and we will hold a charity event that will cater to their needs.

  • Solution – a short description of the project that includes what will take place, the benefit, how and where it will operate / work, for how long and who will staff it (one to two paragraphs)

We’ll collect donations (food, drinks, bath and body products) and purchase water bottles.

  • Funding requirements – an explanation of the amount of money required for the project and future funding plans (one paragraph)

The Salvation Army, The San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing are who we are planning on getting funds from. We’ll be collecting essential donations.

  • Organization and its expertise -name, history, purpose, activities and capacity to carry out the proposal(one paragraph)

“Giveaways” is a charity event held to cater to the homeless. It will be held in neighborhood parks. Donations of food, drinks, and hygiene products will be given away. Our team of volunteers will help make this work. With some funding from the Salvation Army and the SF Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive housing, we hope to carry out these good deeds.

Statement of Need – Three paragraphs that allow the reader to learn more about the issues, presents the facts and evidence that support the need for the project and establishes that your non-profit understands and can address the problem.

-Use accurate, specific facts / data to support the project and illustrate the need.

-Provide an example that hits home.

-Provide hope (i.e. don’t just talk about how bad run-off from development, emphasize what can be done about it)

-Put a human face on it, provide real life examples and emphasize the needs of those served

We need funds, donations, equipment, volunteers to successfully cater to the homeless.

Project Description – (See Above) Nuts and bolts of the project

-Describe the project in a way that is interesting / compelling

-Five sections –

OObjectives – Define measurable improvements in behavior, performance, process or a tangible item that will result from the project.

OMethods – A detailed description of the activities leading to achieving the objectives that includes how, when (project timeline), and why the methods will work.

OStaffing / Administration – A short description of the number of staff, their qualifications and what they will be doing.

OEvaluation – A description of how the organization and the funder will know the project is a success. What methods will be used to evaluate success? What types of measures -qualitative or quantitative? Remember that success is not just completing a list of activities…what is the impact of the activity on achieving the objectives? Who will measure success?

OSustainability – Since funders rarely want to make a long term commitment to one organization, they want to know that the project will attract other funders. Evidence of current funding (for larger projects) is helpful and may be requested.

Budget– Provide a summary of direct and indirect expenses, as well as anticipated revenue, for the completion of the project. For ease of understanding, this summary is usually in the form of a chart and includes narrative to explain anything unusual.

Estimated Labor


Estimated Materials


Estimated Contractors


Estimated Equipment and Facilities


Estimated Travel


Total Estimated Cost


Organizational Information – (See Above) History, mission, and project fit within the mission, structure, programs and expertise, board, activities, staff, audience served, special needs of audience, why we are needed, and number of people reached through our programs. (one to two pages, maximum)

Conclusion – A concluding paragraph or two that is used to make a final pitch for the project.

Everything goes as planned. Resources, cost, and time are met. Our clients (the homeless in San Francisco) have retrieved their essentials.

Standard Proposal Letter Outline (a short version of the full length proposal)

  • Ask for the gift -why you are writing and the funding request   



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