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Impact of Donald Trump's Tweets

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As Susan Wright remarks, “During the six months prior to his Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration Trump tweeted a respectable 1,837 times, about 10 tweets a day” (Wright). Out of all those respectable about of tweets, majorities of them are consist of hatred and prejudice writing. So why is Twitter one of the most powerful communications tool? How powerful is Twitter as a social media tool? Social media is evolving notably everywhere in the world. Consequently, our society has become more complex– people connect with each other and interact with them in a new way. Social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, have become well renowned among all peoples. Among all of those powerful social media sites, Twitter serves as a primary source. According to the Issac and Ember’s research, “The platform is rated the most popular social media site in the world” (Isaac & Ember). Companies like Samsung, Sony, etc employ Twitter to advertise their products. And so does the politicians or any political organizations where they utilize Twitter to communicate with the public. As Twitter is already widespread, this site can have a tremendous impact, in various and profound ways.

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Words are valuable, and primarily the remarkable tool. They are potent enough to sustain information regarding people’s opinion and to think critically. They can be used in numerous area like to interpret and convey people’s idea. Writing is very essential to our lives; It is an amazing skill that mankind has established. However, it can be wearisome when someone abuses the concept of writing. President Trump uses writing as to criticize particular people or the organization and to create tension. If there’s absolutely anything that our President Trump is ever know for, it is his Twitter account. Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America, uses Twitter almost every day. According to the President Trump’s Twitter account “As of now, President Trump has a Twitter following of over 55 million followers” (@RealDonaldTrump). With such tremendous amount of followers, politicians on Twitter have the potential to impact their public perception, and having that access to the most consequential and controversial social platform account in the world could result in a serious harm than a good. Because he has shocked and threaten the nation time-to-time with the twitter post which can ultimately result in causing a war. Moreover, his tweets are so obvious that it shows no concern for people besides himself and other whom tend to look after him.

There are plenty of the President’s tweets that have offended, shocked and done substantial damage, some of which can potentially be harmful to the country. Majorities of his tweets particularly do not seem to follow a pathway to majorities of Americans, which would be discussed in the following paragraph. Oddly, when the President Trump makes a new announcement or tweets something controversial, his supporters are always there to applaud him without acknowledging the serious risk of the post.  Anyway, the objective from this won’t go deep on how people perceive Donald Trump, but it will argue about his threatful tweets and how it impacts the lives of American– creating a tension.

 The President’s tweets and comments are typically controversial; The President uses such platforms to talk about other politicians, daily news– he calls it a fake news, and celebrities. His frequent tweets are mainly about building a wall, deporting immigrants who enter the US illegally, separating innocent families, etc. One of his recent tweets contain a threat relating with Caravan when he remarks,” Many Gang Member and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!” (@RealDonaldTrump). This post was tweeted without the acknowledgment of the struggles of Caravan and what they have been through. From this tweet, it can clearly reflects the lack of human empathy from the world strong and powerful leader. Such anger and outrage towards migrant Caravan was completely unacceptable. It also strongly ties in with the claim of creating tension because his post contains damaging repercussion.

There are a various amount of tweets which demonstrates how President Trump has offended, shocked and done substantial damage. This may particularly include the travel ban, firing Michael Flynn, DACA program, NFL anthem protest, Obamacare, Anti-Muslim, etc. The list can go beyond but let’s stick with the most known ones, The Travel Ban. According to President Trump, he writes, “That’s right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that won’t help us protect our people!” (@RealDonaldTrump). This is the most provocative tweets about Muslim, and foremost the threatening tweet written by the President. This tweet was cited as an indication that the ban was targeted at entire countries, rather than focusing on dangerous people within the countries. It will downgrade relationship of U.S. to other countries.

The President’s tweet has vast impact on Forex, Markets and Stocks. According to the article, “How Does President Trump’s Twitter Use Impact Forex, Markets and Stocks?”, it remarks, “ The impact of president Trump’s tweets on the entire U.S. equities market is an ongoing topic of discussion throughout the financial community…. No matter the scope of an entity’s core business, if it is publicly traded, then statements issued by Trump via Twitter can impact valuations.” Some problems that will escalate even more are trust and credibility within.  Moreover, this article displays the impact on popular organization like Amazon, U.S. Postal Service, provides a concerns over U.S. – China Trade war, and much more.

In the article, “Why Trump tweets (and why we listen)”, the writer, Nicholas Carr, briefly describes the timeline of our president Trump’s twitter and how it became relevant to the President since the year of 2012. In this article, Carr portrays President Trump as a nice man but argues how’s his tweet can be manipulative and effective that can potentially become a threat. To support his thesis, Carr utilizes the ominous tweets from President Trump’s twitter such as Trump’s tweets about DACA, Nuclear war, etc. to provoke his audience. Although Carr seems to applaud Trump’s popularity on the social platform, but the given information explains how President Trump uses the social platform as a manipulating tool. The other article called Trump and the Twitter presidency: @realDonald Trump’s tweets often carry legal weight, published by Gregory Kort. This source can be relevant because it mentions the most frequent controversial tweet that President Trump has made such thing as transgender ban case, travel and other lawsuit. This article also discuss about President Trump being aggressive towards the people.

People may have different conspiracy on how they view Donald Trump’s tweet. But what I consider is that his tweet are filled with lies, hatred, deception and flaccid. Like any other organization or distinguished person, his purpose for creating an account is to advance the marketing and expand whatever business he is involved in. In order to do so, “he uses it to promote his Tv Show, The Apprentice, and his latest book, Think Like a Champion, along with his various business and other interests” (Bayer,). According to the article, “Why Trump Tweet (And Why We Listen)”, it emphasizes that President Trump’s tweet rarely touch on politics, and rarely did they get much notice before the presidential election. Afterwards, it completely changed during the summer when Trump established a effort to increase his public profile. To do that, he begin criticizing former president, Barack Obama, and several other congressional leader. Thenceforward, his tweeting became a habit. According to this article, President Trump once convince himself not to tweet anymore after he successfully becomes the 45th president of the United States of America. Ultimately, his saying didn’t last so long whatsoever.

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In those previous statement about Trump may have had sound fun or entertaining about his tweets, but this is not good for politics. Assuming his articulation about nuclear war with North Korea erodes democracy. The basic quality for democracy to flourish is to have trust, and then that trust requires truth. Like I have mentioned earlier, his tweets do not tell truth. Not only the fact that he is telling the lies, he has also been aggressive directly to the people. According to the article, “Trump and the Twitter presidency: @realDonald Trump’s tweet often carry”, it emphasises, “ When a federal judge in the District of Columbia blocked President Trump’s ban on transgender troops from taking effect last week, she found evidence that Trump’s order was not driven by genuine concerns regarding military efficacy… The president’s own tweets” (Korte).  This clearly demonstrates the implication it has not just on the White House but on the presidency itself. There need to be something that bar him from posting racist stuffs.

Prior to his tweet, people may assume Twitter is the primary way the president communicated with the people and he’s really good a it. Some people might argue that his tweets are straight facts and sometimes, it may be confusing to the audience but he is doing for the good. It is surprising to me about how these people have no understanding of what Trump is actually doing on Twitter. Despite the fact that he’s our President, they should really pay attention to how he communicates on social media, and how it impacts the subject he is referring. Like the things he has done recently as no president ever has done before. For example, his constant attack on the Transgender Military, where he announced that it would disrupt the military and keep it from achieving its goal.

President Trump’s tweet can potentially be harmful to the country. President Trump’s twitter account has been a major part of his presidency, especially his post that has absolutely no concern for the people. There needs to be something that bar him from posting. Such renowned platform like Twitter, must enforce new rules and expectation. Other solution would be to go beyond relying on fact-checking that identifies the fake or threatening contents. Donald Trump needs to start being the president like he signed up to be.

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