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Cause and Effect of Corruption

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                Cause and Effect of Corruption

Corruption is a type of criminal activity undertaken by a person or organization assigned to a position of authority and frequently to gain unlawful advantage. The rate of corruption seems to change firmly crosswise over social orders notwithstanding for practically individual exercises. This essay will discuss the sources of corruption carried out at different field and it’s several impacts. Firstly, low pay scale and unemployment plays an important role in employee’s which in turn results corruption. Secondly, lack of strict punishment caused by absence of transparency leads to corruption. Moreover, the essay will show the immoral impact on society due to corruption. 

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Corruption occurs due to unsatisfactory payment level leading to bribery. Adequate level of wage recruitment based on excellence and sufficient pension establish a firm motivation for not to involve in corruption. Corruption happens on the grounds where human instinct to take the path of least resistance and to increase individual profit by whatever implies conceivable. Low paid personnel are addicted to corruption because when employees get unsatisfactory wages, needs to be supplemented by bribery to lead the way of life. According to Dimant and Tosato (2018), Corruption and inequality of wages have a contrast indicating that official restructuring rules which are already established are misleading. This evidence shows that the consequences of corruption caused by low pay scale and unemployment is socioeconomic.

When government officials receiving low payment the expecting quality of service gets lower. The more compensation one gives the more quality service one can get. On that case poor people suffers most than the rich people. Secondly, excessive corruption found to be corelated with lack of meritocratic recruitment and absence of skilled training, Gurgur and Shah (2005). Ultimately the society is affected. Accordingly, the qualified candidate remains unemployed. Moreover, legitimacy cannot be utilized for the advantage of the society. Ultimately the society’s progression is significantly hampered by corruption. Moreover, low pay scale and unemployment makes needy individuals progressively poor and eventually the way of life of individuals cannot cope up with expanding costs of day by day life. As a result, people of the society cannot maintain the standard of healthy and hygienic lifestyle due to increasing expenses which lead to an undeveloped and unhealthy society.

Transparency international (2018) ranked Somalia, South Sudan and Syria as the three most corrupted country in contrast New Zealand, Denmark and Finland are least corrupted countries in the world. Citizens of significantly corrupted countries like Somalia has very low standard of life because of poverty and unemployment due to excessive corruption in Government than countries such as New Zealand, Denmark which have a healthier socioeconomic status. Hence, rich countries become more developed whereas poor countries stay poor.

The next possible cause of corruption is lack of strict punishment due to absence of transparency. Transparency known as a motto, influence public discourse about corruption and clarity of information. Apprised decisive to democracy, its related to political and economic life as well as private life.  Rules and regulations are required to sustain a trustworthy system and to prevent devastating conflicts and absence of these things in the system, increase the rate of corruption.  corruption in judicial system is occurs by lack of transparency. Transparency international (2011) established a point that although majority of the society are unable to get equal and effective judicial services, powerful individuals can easily escape prosecution and conviction. From This evidence absence of transparency resulting excessive cost, bias, fear and unfair judges.

For example, according to Africans social science review (2015) in Uganda as far as corrupted officers maintain mutualism to the president, officials have chance to escape from concrete action of punishment by using power and wealth.

More to the point, a ‘political pathology’ affects most intensely associated life and the connection between residents and the state. People’s faith and trust in government significantly declines due to uncertain transparency issues by using power. In almost all systems, abuses of power are certainly presented. It consists of failure to take actions against the accused one due to political support or wealth.  Absence of transparency causes lack of punishment which decreases trust and faith of population on the system, as a result people lost respect for rules and regulations. When people have less respect for the system, people start to be misusing the power significantly and get involved in crime precisely which lead to an enormous damage to the society. However, powerful and wealthy people can escape from getting punishment after being responsible for such crimes. Therefore, as a result significant part of the society suffers because of the corrupted citizens and the development of the country hampered seriously.

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In conclusion, it can be said that low pay scale and lack of transparency can significantly increase the rate of corruption in a country. For most countries, establishing anti-corruption policies to promote country’s economic development may not be effective. Though the economy of a country is a powerful tool for the analysis of corruption, but economic growth leads to more corruption. This essay highlighted that deficiency of services for the qualified generation as well as insufficient salary of government officials lead to corruption. It also showed that the negative impact of less transparency which caused unfair judgement. The essay also explained that how corruption terminating the development of a society as well as a country’s socioeconomic situation. It is highly recommended that to establish a healthy economy for better development of a country, government as well as citizens need to take steps to stop corruption gradualy. 



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