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Time Travel through HOLE Teleportation

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  • Kishan Majethia


Abstract Time travel as its name suggest is movement of an object over time constraining its motion over space. By constraining the motion of an object in space it can be forced to move the object in time. Thus time travel is nothing but movement of an object from one location to another (over time) without interfering through intermediate medium.

Index Terms– Time Travel, Conservation of mass, momentum and Energy,

  1. Introduction

    Time travel is basically a concept of moving over time being constrained to move over space, after being isolated from the surrounding environment. It’s like propagating body in fourth dimension which is being considered as time without violating any of the basic laws of nature that is Law of conservation of mass, momentum or energy

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  1. Research and collected data

Below given is some of the data being collected from real life being experienced time shift:

  1. Two female academics, Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Anne Moberly allegedly experienced here a time slip, and saw Marie Antoinette, theComte de Vaudreuiland some other people in the time of the French Revolution.
  2. The time slip of Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard over the former Royal Air Force stationDrem Airfieldin 1935.
  3. The man often calledTime Traveling Hipsterfrom the reopening ceremony of South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia, Canada, 1941. [1]

Time travel as being shown in many of the movies is theoretically possible as being recent research, but has been practically not possible until now due to some practical difficulties like violation of law of conservation of energy, momentum, space, etc.

As any person travel in time he should be interacting with two environment simultaneously, which is not possible practically. So we should device a system which can practically isolate the body from present environment and can bring them in newer environment. This is being popularly known as time machine which we can device in such a way that it isolate totally inside environment from present environment. So that body can appear in future without violating laws. [2]

Another limitation that hinders time travel is law of conservation of energy, mass, momentum, etc. Any object with a specified energy, mass and momentum if disappears in present environment should bring back another object of same mass, energy and momentum for successful transfer.

The second step of hole teleportation is complete disappearance from one place and appearing at some other place. This can be occurred by creating a hole at place of object (since matter can’t exist inside hole). It should also exclude all the possibilities of reappearing in space. As being constrained of space travel it will travel in time.

Third step of time travel is that it should have all the possibility of occurrence of that object at some space in future or past (that place should exist), obeying all laws of conservation of energy, mass, momentum.

All things considered, for time travel I propose to create around a body a very complicate digital electric or magnetic fields. For example, we create around object the picture “In the Woods by electric or magnetic fields. In this way, we create the unique place with unique force fields in the Universe. Therefore, if we send an object outside of Universe, it cannot appear in other place with similar force fields because such place does not exist in the Universe. And object cannot reappear in the start place because matter cannot exist inside of hole sphere (outside of the universe).

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The main difference between past and future is the rate of cosmological expansion. The space-time metric changes over time in such a way that the spatial dimensions appear to grow or stretch as the universe gets older. At cosmological metric expansion, the distances between every two points on Earth increase. It is imperceptible in our everyday life but it is the cumulative effect due to during a long time the objects and force fields changes. Here I want tounderline that local observer cannot measure this effect because its body and measuring devices changes in the same proportion. The difference between object’s size in the past and future appears at time travel only. Therefore the same body may have different sizes in the past and future. We can use this effect in order to travel in the past or future. In this way, if the object cannot appear in space today, it may appear in the past or future because the force characteristics of destination place changes in time due to cosmological expansion, solar storms and vacuum fluctuations. Besides, during the journey Earth move near other stars and galaxies, this may change all the force fields in the destination place.

The direction of time travel (in the past or the future) depends on the start conditions at hole teleportation. If we want to travel in past we must find ways to contract all distances on start place (including a object and teleporter) before teleportation because in the past cosmological expansion was slower and all objects has the smaller sizes. To do this, we must create the generator of holes, because holes able to contract distances. In contrast, for time travel in the future we must expand a body because universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

Thus, by selecting the start conditions we may travel in the past or future using hole teleportation. For travel in a very deep future, over one million years, we must increase the velocity of traveler because he traverses the cosmologically big distances and must account the cosmological expansion.


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Thus we conclude from this papper that by evacuating the object from the present envirounment by means of holes and restraining it from moving over space, it will travel over time.


Appendixes, if needed, appear before the acknowledgment.


I thank my colleagues from RK University who provided insight and expertise that greatly assisted the research, although they may not agree with all of the interpretations/conclusions of this paper.

We are also immensely grateful to “Reviewer name and position” for their comments on an earlier version of the manuscript, although any errors are our own and should not tarnish the reputations of these esteemed persons.


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