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Meeting the Needs of an Individual Client

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Name: Damian Olszewski 


Essay is written on the base observation of three clients who kept suffering from loss of memory, stroke, schizophrenia; what problems they are facing each day and how i can help them have the better life.

Client 1 (John) – Memory Loss   

Observation and Client Background My client because of a car accident now suffers loss of memory, this happened five years ago. John (The name was changed for confidentiality reasons) is a 55 year old builder that accident made him lose his wife and son as well as his memory. From the interview conducted between the nurse and his brother result of which shows the client was a family man who often went on family walks in the park and enjoyed spending time with his family. The client’s brother informed me that the John enjoys watching films, TV shows and walks. From the observation it seems that the client seems to have a problem with remembering people’s names, names of products and the client often mixes up names of food products. The client has a problem with putting on clothes since he doesn’t remember where they are, and also the client has difficulties with turning of kitchen appliances which is a potential hazard and extremely dangerous. The client during walks often forgets the path home, of a well-known area to him. The client often forgets about his medication.

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Challenges The client’s main challenge is the kitchen where the client seems to constantly forget about the location of dishes and the name of products. The client has a problem with remembering about turning off kitchen appliances. The biggest challenge for the client is going on a walk since he often forgets his way back home. This big worry to brother and he will like care facility to asses John and see if we can help.

Competence John has demonstrated competences to dressing up, John is available to use his own bathroom, and client also eating and dressing up himself.

Current Measures My Client needs support in the kitchen and assist with the preparing of a meal, John needs assistance with walking.

Realistic Suggestion To improve the lives of the client I suggest to fit John with a wristband with a built -in GPS tracking, just in case if John lost, will be easier for the family to find John, but I hardly recommended HealthCare Assistant for assist John in afternoon walk. I also recommend putting stickers with the names of food products, with the hope that such stickers will help the customer.

Personal Learning Loss of memory is something terrible and it can happen to anyone of us .With my observations and research, I understood what my client needs every day, and I learned how to help him as I can. A person who has lost his memory feels lost, needs help in the form of emotional support and understanding, which I hope I can provide. Caring over John taught me greater patience and has improved my communication skills which will result in the future of a better approach to the client.

Client 2(Henry) – Physical Disability

Observation and Client Background

My client Henry, 44 years old during a walk in the park had a stroke.

From the interview conducted with the client’s family, it seems Henry (The name was changed for confidentiality reasons) was a very active man, who did many sports like cycling. He was part of a cycling club. He took part in regional cycling competitions and also maintained his athletic body by going to the gym regularly.

Henry was also a big fan of swimming and loved hanging out in the pool.

Unfortunately many of the things henry did such as cycling he had to quit due to the illness he had gotten.

From the observation it looks like Henry has problems with the left side of his body, he can’t properly move his left body due to the damaged left side of his brain .Which results in problems in doing everyday tasks.

Henry also isolates himself from society and he doesn’t want to meet his friends because he feels ashamed of his left body not functioning. Another problem is going for walks or to the shop because of his left leg.


The main problem the client faces is dressing and mobility himself and everyday tasks the client could be doing with his left hand and also left leg.


Client demonstrated competences to doing tasks like showering brushing teeth aren’t a problem for the client. Henry eats food normally since he is right handed or with going to the bathroom.

Current Measures

My client needs help with dressing, changing clothes, rehabilitation exercises. Henry needs help with making breakfast, dinners and suppers. As well he also needs someone he can trust to do shopping from a list of things henry wants bought.

Realistic Suggestion

To help with the client’s life quality, he needs rehabilitation exercises and physiotherapy. The exercises will take place in the local gym for aqua class help with balance and muscle strength which might also help Henry with meeting new people and renewing old friendships. Henry requires mental assistance and motivation to make fighting with the illness easier.

Personal Learning

Working with Henry helped my communication skills, which will definitely help me in the future working with other clients. Assisting Henry at the Gym improved my physical form and shape which will help me, to help others with their walking disabilities and so on. The most important thing is too motivate clients and give them hope for them to stay strong and fight the illness they can have.

The Client is Mary, aged 18 – Social Isolation.

Observation and Client Background My client Mary (The name was changed for confidentiality reasons) very young who suffers from social isolation because of schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia to be specific. Mary grew up in a home in which one of the parents suffered from schizophrenia. Mary grew up in a very specific environment, client’s Mother who was the one that suffered from schizophrenia lived in her own world and didn’t care or show interest in her daughter, she often spent her time in the hospital. From an interview carried out with the client’s dad is due that Mary from an early age fled into a fantasy world in the later years of his life Mary began to isolate from society , and its contacts with peers or other people. Client often forgets words and mixes up the order of words in sentences. Mary hears voices that comment on her behaviour and that tell her to do things.

Challenges A challenge for the client is meeting with the family and with people coming out of the house. Big challenge for the client is to changing their diet, medications she is taking client slow down metabolism and increases appetite which can lead to weight gain.

Competence Client is fully mobile thanks to this initiative shows to perform many mobile tasks , such as walking, dressing, eating, personal hygiene such as bath not constitute a problem for the client.

Current Measures My client requires an Assistant which will be to look after Mary. She needs an assistant for trips to the parks to help her mental state of security on the outside and the assistant will be attending with her for psychotherapy. Mary also needs support and understanding from family and friends.

Realistic Suggestion My suggestion is I would like help to improve the life for Mary. I Suggest The client needs physical activity to improve metabolism, also needs to sleep well and should not take on too many responsibilities .The client by the disease is much weaker mentally for what should not race with others in anything for example competitions. And above all she needs psychotherapy to help reject the whole illness thing and change the thinking that my client understands that what her work is where the symptoms of the disease appear and whether she will take the medication depends on its functioning

Personal Learning Long conversation with The client has improved my communication skills, assisting Mary sharpened my senses to see details, prepared me for different circumstances improved my imagination to perceive the dangers before they even appear so that in the future I can protect my life and the clients.

Mary taught me that you cannot argue with the patient, you cannot irritate a patient because it can only anger patient and worsen health. I learned to make friends be listen to Mary. I hope that Mary will also have a normal happy life, I wish.


Thanks to me working with the Clients i became experienced, which will help me in my future job with other clients, Caring over other people gave me a sense of satisfaction and I feel like a better person for helping those people.








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