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Critique of Article on therapy for cancer patients

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The weaknesses and strengths of the article are based on the principles of qualitative and quantitative research quality. The paper will give an intellectual critique, according to (Burns and Grove, 2007 p445). Intellectual research critique involves complete and careful examination of a study carried to determine the weaknesses, strengths, significance, meaning and logical links. All the five standards of qualitative and the four stages of quantitative critique research of research will be applied by the paper. Close attention will be paid to completeness, consistency and usability of the articles. The paper will take in an in-depth examination of both materials to assist in bringing out the changes in an evidence based nursing discipline. Finally the examination will comprise of some various components of like the validity of research objectives, problem purposes, statistical tests and implications, problems and aims of the quantitative research: The problem in question is clear at the start of the article.

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Post diagnosis emotional and physical obstacles of breast cancer are faced by women. Regardless of complete researches on the implications of the training and dancing in health women, the issue approached in the article is the absence of a similar research conducted with women with breast cancer. Alternative therapies and medicine are necessary in the nursing field and the article identifies a therapy that could help patients in a great deal.

The study was intended to be in the abstract and explain or describe further in the first stage of the article. The article barely explains that research was meant for a pilot study and will need extra studies to achieve definitive results. The purpose illustrate target group of people, setting and the sample population. The study was feasible in the sense that there was enough support from two cancer institutions and their leaders who also promote the program actively. The study was reviewed by the ethics committee with each participant signing the informed consent. To increase the research feasibility, the study could have taken in a huge number of members.

Qualitative study

The problem addressed by the article was described in detailed by its background section. Getting to understand the patient’s feedback to illness will help the nurses provide the much needed care adequately. In palliative care, the major goal of the nurse is to give patients the best quality life (Johansson, Danielson and Alexson, 2006, p. 391). The intention was defined in the abstract and the section of the article. The article identifies a selected group and how they were chosen. The facilities, equipment and steps involved in the learning process are discussed in the section that highlights the procedures. The article gives the picture of how the patients explain it, although it lacks some feasibility due to small size, and demographic of the selected group.

Quantitative study

Sandel and Judge et al. came up with questions, objectives and hypotheses with an aim to determine the effectiveness of the movement and dance program on the life quality and shoulder function on the survivors of breast cancer. Incase of the peer review of the research, they would agree on the benefits documented either qualitatively or quantitatively that can be repeated.

Weaknesses in the paper

According to Burns, N. and Grove, S.K., researchers develop questions, hypotheses or objectives to connect between the more sated research problem and intention and the mode of study especially in data collection and analysis. Living with incurable disease like cancer at the end of life, the perception by the patient on the quality of life has been clearly brought out by the article. The three researchers paid attention to the data collected a number of times from the participants and created their own results. It is true that the data was of a qualified nature because the researchers were considering keenly at what were the biases and influencing the outcomes of the research.

Variables in published studies

In quantitative analysis, the variables were both dependant and independent. They included operational that encompassed giving the calming surrounding to the participants with the use of the same dance instructor and similar movements. Dependant variables for the 35 participants were their own demographic variables that include the breast cancer survivors in a period of five years after the operation. The article did well in choosing the variables which allowed it to move the mentioned objectives from a theory to a collection of solid analysis

In the qualitative study, different types of variables the research article employed were independent (operational and conceptual) and dependent (demographic). Researcher analysis of the patient feedback to life quality questions were variables of conceptual nature. Operational variables were kind of environmental that the participants were given by the researchers. They were peaceful, informed and pleasant surrounding. The dependent variables for the five patients were their own demographics that included diagnosis of incurable cancer with only a number of months to live each. Each and every patient had to have a team work of palliative nature at their homes and they can be 50% active in a day. All the patients understood and spoke fluent Swedish living in the Jam land county. The number of participant in this kind of research was very small to make general assumptive statements.

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Literature review.

According to burns and grove (2005), it was important the work of the researcher must be built on the work of other researchers (p93). A literature review needs that the author analyze critically the literature that is available and related to the topic 9Burns and Grove, 2005, p93). Literature review on dance and movement schedule upgrades the quality of life measures in the survivors of breast cancer appears thorough. The research was performed 35 women from two cancer institutions in Connecticut for a period of twelve weeks by the use of Lebed method. It looks like the review included all the major studies which had been conducted on the topic. The gradual development of ideas was crystal clear. The review depended on the necessary materials, resources and research reports. The review backed up the need for the new study. The review is designed to give a guiding principle to the need for the addition of movement and dancing program to the practice. The review style was not biased and also appropriate but when it comes to the issue of differentiating the study from the intervention, an exercise program that does not have music and dance with the verbal support group is raised.

On the qualitative aspect of the study, the study on patients with incurable cancer at the end of the patient’s quality of life provides a short literature review at the beginning of the paper. However, other researches are indicated in the discussion section where there is comparison of findings from the study with the findings form the previous one. Burns and Groves points out that when critiquing literature review for a study, one needs to examine the initial stages of the article and the discussion part. The researchers pointed out several studies but a few have similar results with more having opposite outcomes. Five themes with relation to the quality of life were addressesed in the research and included the following; significant relations, valuing ordinaries in life, alleviating suffering, maintaining a positive life and finally managing life when ill. The positive results from the research will aid nurses in focusing a lot on the positive aspect of quality life as well as encourage patients live their lives fully with untreatable illness and stop on focusing on the problems. Due to the small number of participants in the research, additional study is needed.

Quantitatively, the study does not describe the theoretical framework but the importance of the research was not affected. The hypothesis has a natural flow; framework led the study with the testing of the hypotheses in a statistical manner. However in qualitative study the framework must be well integrated with methodology carefully framed and clearly presented (Burns and Grove, 2005, p121). There is clear presentation of the frame work by the study with integration of Watson’s caring theory. The theory demonstrates the relationship to the nursing professionals. The report gives major characteristics of the frame work; this will enable readers to understand the conceptual background of the research. With the research paradigm, the framework is consistent.

Study design.

Quantitative design of the study was a randomized control attempt and also the simplest and the most powerful tools of clinical research. Computers were used in randomization and the study had wait list and crossover at thirteen weeks which made the mode of study appropriate. The functional assessment of the breast cancer questionnaires was administered by individuals to addressed the issues of hypotheses, purpose and study objective.


The results within the study include the major increases in the ROM noted in the two shoulders, general improvement in health, better body image and improved mental health (Judge, Sandel, Faria and Landry, 2005). The results are of great significance in terms of clinical nature since they portray the necessity of belonging to the group and the benefits of increased health to the participants.


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