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Tv Could You Be Without It Media Essay

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Wordcount: 987 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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T.V. is the important part human of life. It was invented by J.L. Beard. In T.V. we are watching many types of channels. T.V. is providing domestic and foreign channels. It has reached in almost every house. It plays a vital role in moulding the public opinion in various ways. It plays very important role in educationing news and entertainment of the people. If we are it in the front of the T.V. one can pass and enjoy our free time more easily. We have many things to do in a T.V. such as-Listening to music, viewing movie, learning techniques of body building. Hearing sermons of religious saints. We are learning about lives of wild animals, birds, water creature, knowing about space and what not. If during the election period one can know the position of the political party, there leaders happening in all parts of the country. All facts of election just sitting before the television. We are watching cricket match and its score on the television. T.V. is very helpful for weather forecasting for which people that is going to see to catch the fishes. If they do not understand the weather it can be more harmful to their lives. Youngsters, children, and adults are nowadays seen viewing the channel as per their interest. Many children are watching cartoon network, Pogo, Hungnam, Nicklodien, Disney,etc. Students and youngster are listening to music and seen their thrust of knowledge, viewing channels like Discovery, National Geography, Fox history, Travel Living, Animal Planet, etc. If anyone watching these channels one can increase up the knowledge day by day. News channels are very important to us because these are sending many types of information. It has many types of news channels such as IBN7, DD Loksabha, DD Rajayasabha, Star News etc.the news channel on our TV are also provides the information of floods in different rivers. We came to know the information regarding the earthquake through our news channels. The image on the small screen of T.V. thus have a significant impression on all more particularly on the gullible children and on the teens.The present day our television is telecasted fashion, hair dressing awakening towards the right of children. Our government has passed the rule of every channel. If they are showing sexual content and boldness. It will take a strong action and banned of those programme. T.V. places a very important role in our society. We can’t live without a television. Every people are familiar to T.V. Today almost people watching news in T.V.They cannot use newspapers the major point of news is displaying in the screen of the television. T.V. is one of the most important boons of a science. Most of the people are not live without watching a television. In childhood T.V. gives a basic knowledge of children for various types of cartoon films and programme. Thus, children’s understand easily of each moral topic. So we can say that the T.V. is important in our life. But some of the programmes showmen are healthy and some are very obscene. The government should control the cable T.V. so that the unhealthy programme is not telecasted.

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Media also plays a great role with the television. There are many types of news channels such as: Star & Zee channels are also looking with the help of television. We can also play a game in to the television. The first advantage of television is recreation. Radio also provides recreation. It gives us songs, stories and dramas. But these are much more charming on the television. One in direct advantage of the television is the advantage of employment. A very large number of persons gets their livelihood from the television manufacturing industries. Besides workers in the television industries, there are so many people who earn their livelihood by acting for many programme of the television. Every action needs a person because without a person we cannot watch anything. In the TV I also look some facts of videos which cannot be showing the news paper. In the TV we are watching ‘Ramayana’ it is a religious show which can gives a many types of morals. The serial is superbly produced and is a fine example of a bland of traditional mythological presentation of a story and modern techniques of a colour, music and special effects. We have university and teaching

Programs which add to our knowledge. TV is moderate viewing can be useful to our mind and act as. Relief from boredom. The telecast of TV programmes via the satellite is a great achievement of modern science. As a result of it television has reached almost every part of our country. We can watch live republic parades, Independence Day and other things telecast in the TV. Now doordarshan is facing a tough competition from star and zee TV. Doordarshan telecast only in India. Doordarshan provides many types of news, information and entertainment. This channel is telecasting every part of India such as villages, towns etc. This is the basic channel for educating and entertainment of the people. TV is like magic box. It has provided lots of entertain and make our mind free from depression. Peoples are watching TV in the morning and evening for current affairs. Today peoples are doing much more struggle in his life so they cannot spend a time in reading a news paper. So they watch the TV. TV is the more essential part of young generation because it works as a messenger. Generally we are going to market for shopping but now days many channels telecast for based shopping. So it is not necessary to go anywhere. All products and its price are also telecast in TV. It is the main reason that we purchase many products from the TV. When we sit in our house TV is the most significant.

We can also say that TV is very popular today. Families members are try to reduce the time of TV viewing for their children’s. It is the boon of a man and we cannot be without it.


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