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The Most Popular Type Of Online Advertising

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Online advertising can say as a form of promotion. It uses the Internet and World Wide Web for provide the marketing messages to attract customers. Online advertising is also divided into many different forms of advertising. For example, pop-out advertising, button advertising, sponsorships advertising, banner advertising, interstitial advertising, classified advertising, interactive game advertising, text advertising, facebook advertising, floting advertising and so on. It also has variety of payment methods for online advertising. The most common way in online advertising payment methods are CPM, CPC, and CPA.

In my opinion, online advertising are the great way for sellers to promote or deliver their goods information for public. Online advertising are easy to use, and the easy way to let public know. The costs of online advertising are very low, so it can save the owner’s money.

Other than that, online advertising also can save our earth. Why I say this is because it is environmentally friendly. The owner post their advert information online, they no need to use the paper to produce advertising paper. Moreover, for public, internet is a common thing nowadays. Most of the people have computer in house. They can online and get the information easily. Besides that, nowadays online shopping is very popular. There are certified sellers, and people can buy product from them safety.

Online advertising have many advantages but also have some disadvantages. It cannot deliver the information for the old aged people, because they seldom online and they do know how to use the computer. Moreover, there are also some cheaters online. So, the improvements of online advertising have to do effectively.

This report have intro the most popular online advertising. It is banner advertising and facebook advertising. The contents are about the advantages, disadvantages, improvement of the advertising and some example of the advertising.

Online Advertising

The key of successful business is the business how to promote the product and services to all readers by using the online. According to the statistical data, more of the 80% people will everyday surf through the technologically such as internet. So, the internet has becomes an indispensable part of people’s lives. Thus, it can be considered a wide channel for the business which wants to promote their products and services to all the people. The online advertising method has becomes the most popular method for the business. It is because online advertising is easy and low advertising cost. Besides that, the online advertising also have a lot of the readers or viewers.

There are many method of online advertising that can used to promote the product and services such as bloggers advertising, banner advertising, email advertising, forum advertising and so on. But in this assignment, I would like to go on deep about the banner advertising.

Advantages of Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a most important component of web-business creation. It is a good method for making the profits in the website. It is because banner advertising is very simple and easy by just sign up an affiliate programs and follow the instruction given to create an attractive banner that link your website with the advertiser. We can free to choose the design of the layout and content of our site. With the pay-per-click advertisements, we can get paid from viewer who clicked on your banner. Moreover, it is the easier way to let the viewers remember the company name and logo. On the other hand, it become more effective and convenience compare when compare with other online advertising.

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Furthermore, the banner advertising is much cheaper than other ads. It normally counts by the size of the banner or loads of a banner advertisement, a cost per miles (CPM) for a minimum purchase. For example, if you make a banner ad on Yahoo, it cost you a CPM of $20 – $25. It is much cheaper than other advertising media. Compare with others, the small firm or company can afford for the banner advertising cost. In addition, by using the banner advertising that can easy got a lot of larger audiences.

Last but not least, with the banner advertising, we can share the information at anywhere and in any times. It is because the internet is links worldwide. So, everyone can access to the Internet 24 hours daily . Besides that, publisher also update the product and service information release products and services as well as promotion instantly.

Disadvantages of Banner Advertising

There are few disadvantages of banner advertising. Firstly, there is no assurance of the audience responses. It is because banner only assures that the banner advertising maybe will just be viewed by people and is no guarantee that people will click on the banner advertising.

Secondly, the publisher must make sure that the banner advertising is attractive and innovative. It is because if the banner advertising is not attracted by the reader, then nobody would click into the banner advertising and deliver the message of the advertising . It is waste time and cost because maybe the business or firm need to hire the professional for creating a unique banner in order to compete with the competitors.

The speed will also the banner advertising. It is because many graphics, moving image or video will take more time to load and waiting the image appears. This and the idea that designer create will become mess, it will be discourage some viewers and readers.

Finally, the publisher can only know about the number of views of the banner advertising but unable to estimate the effective of the advertising. It is because banner ads may be unreliable on the revenue. Furthermore, there are too many incidents of cheating in Internet, viewers will have a thought before clicking into any ads because viewer will to afraid the fraud cases and the viruses spread. This eventually brings negative effect on the banner advertising who advertises through online.


Banners adv is most popular for the marketers. But in the recently years, the prices of the banner advertising are drop and also not so attracted by the people. So, the designer must use the bright color for the advertising. It is because bright color can easy attract the reader’s attraction. Besides that, the slogan for the advertisement needs to be improved. The slogan must be short and clear that can let the readers understanding the contents of the advertising.

Besides that, the best way to advertise the banner advertising is using animate. Comparing the static advertising and animated advertising, animated advertising can attract more the readers. All the animation effect can be more easily to express the meaning of advertising.

On the other hand, if the banner advertising want increase viewer, the advertising picture must load quickly. It is because most all the viewers do not have so much patience, it is not suitable for the viewer waiting so long. So, we must let our advertising loading faster.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is born on year 2004. It is created by three Harvard university students, the purpose they launched this website is to put students in touch with one another and share their photos and meet new friends. Firstly, the name of the website is known as “thefacebook.com”. After a year, the website becomes extremely popular on the Harvard campus and students in 800 colleges across the United States are joining the network. In August of that year, its membership grew to more than 5 million, and the site’s name changed to Facebook. Facebook was originally launched for college students, but today anyone can join the network.

Facebook purpose is giving people a way to share information in an easy and entertaining way. So facebook advertising is nowadays popular in every level of people. Advantage of facebook advertising is clearly proved in recent year. Now, let me explain about the advantage of facebook advertising. It can be classified and change from existing advertising to one by one type of signal transduction by knowing the facebook user’s interests, their areas of work, the brand they concern and the way they interacting with friends. As we know, nowadays many people took facebook as a part of their lives, so this is the where you can find your audience who interested to your product.

There is a real case about the efficiency of facebook adverting. Facebook give ability to CM Photographic Company to target their consumer group, which are the women between 24-30 years old and their relationship status on Facebook indicated that they were engaged. Over the 12 month, the CM Photographic Company put in $600 advertising investment on facebook and they already generated nearly $40,000 profit.

Recently, aready have 11,977 facebook users like CM Photographic company, they not only effective consumer, they have indicated a wish to obtain more information.

This is the example of the facebook advertising. The advertisement always appears on the right side, and if you want to know the information clearly, you can click the title of the advertisement to get more information on its front page.

Advantages of facebook advertising are numerous. It can easily reach your target consumers. You can link with 500 million customers that who are potential. Moreover, you can choose your audience by interest, age, location and gender. You can random use simple image or text-based adverts to view your product.

Facebook advertising can deep strengthening the relationship between seller and buyer. It can promote your facebook front page and website, facebook user can use use the “like” button to increase your adverts influence. It also can found a community around your business.

The most important thing when we want to create the adverts is budget. Facebook advertising provide a system that are low-cost and easily to control your budget. You can Set the daily budget you are adapt and regulate your daily budget at any time. Other than that, you can also select to pay only when people click (CPC) or see your advert (CPM).

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The disadvantages of facebook adveritising are the credibility is very small. The person who see the advertisement have to reflect on the advertisement whether it is true or not. This is because nowadays many cheater. Another disadvantages is the promotion that published on the facebook advertising, some of it are cheat. The seller just wants to attract the facebook user to look at the advertisement.

Other than that, the field of people level are not balance. Normally, the facebook user are young or middle-aged people, but less of old aged people. So that, not everything can advert on facebook. Besides that, there are something cannot sell online. This is because you do not know whether there is suitable for u to use or not.

There are some improvement can make for facebook advertising. The most important is get reliance form the user. Facebook can survey the information of the advertisement before published on facebook. Other than that, also can distributed an authenticate for the real information advert.


Normal advertising is a method of promoting product by using 100% offline and physical product such as newspapers, magazines, flyers and others. It is the form of advertisement that easily spread any message to the reader. By using online advertising, the reader internet just can only know the product and services. The online advertising and offline advertising both have their different usefulness. But, both advertisement must include the name of the product and services, it can easily let the reader can understand at a glance. Besides that, the advertisement also must include the benefits of the product and services that can easily persuade the reader from buying the product and services and can increase the sales and profit. Internet also become the main and efficient medium for advertising and it has be predicted that the online advertising and marketing is going to replace the normal advertising through the traditional media such as television, radio, newspaper and magazines.


The online advertising is more efficiently compared with the normal advertising such as television. It is because the online advertising can immediately send the information to the reader. So, the reader can quickly up-to- date with all kind of information. On the other way, the old method of advertising such as newspaper would take at least 1 day to produce the advertisements. So, the reader cannot immediately know all the information.

The normal advertisement such as television or newspaper that can be obtained by copyright, takes a lot of time. Unlike the online advertising, we do not need to waste the time to obtain the copyright. That’s why online advertising is faster and save the publisher’s time.

Besides that, if we want to publish the advertising through the traditional advertising such as newspaper, it may charge a higher advertising fee. But for the online advertising, we directly post our advertising through the website. It can be free or just charge a little of the cost fees. Besides that, the online advertising also can post the product pictures that can let the reader convenient to choose the product. Thus, some of the websites provide 24 hours service a day, so the reader can choose the product or services at anytime.

For the traditional method, only the readers who are willing and able to buy the newspapers able to view the advertisement. The online advertising is for the reader who can access the internet only can view the advertisement. So, it is considered as global advertising. But if the advertising were to be done through the newspaper, the advertisement can only be used in one country.

There are few advantages of online advertising compared to the traditional online advertising that give the company ads more wider coverage and the global wider coverage that will help to make the advertisement more popular among people which could help to get better result though online advertising campaign. Online advertising is faster compared to the offline advertising in sending out the ads to the audience in advertising the campaign.

However, there are also some disadvantages involved in online advetistment. Disadvantages of advertising online include measurement problems, audience characteristics, potential for deception, costs, limited production quality, poor reach and lack of Intrusiveness.

For normal advertising, it can be said that it is more effective and powerful in promoting a particular product or service. The advantages that are derived through online advertising such as right from cost, availability, wider consumer markets, and the potential to increased profit margins, internet advertising has the upper hand.

For the traditional print methods and distributions have the trends of the internet surpass at each level of the marketing process. Traditional print advertising is composed of common marketing collateral. Internet advertising is the conglomeration of electronics such as computer, or server, and the marketing collateral is on a professionally designed website, which also known as an electronic storefront.

In evaluating costs in traditional print publication, heavy expenses are incurred through the design for each campaign or promotion, printing fees, and storage facilities to store the containers and bundles of material. Furthermore, there is the distribution cost that needs to be considered such as the costs of labour, transportation and the postage itself.

Talking about the error rectification, the traditionally printed promotion may incur at the costs that be paid. In contrast, the advantages of Internet-based advertising, the error modification incur a little cost in repairing typographical errors and wrong promotion dates. It’s much easier to fix an oversight instantly, and only takes a moment.

To throw light on the availability of a business, traditional print promotions are time-centered. The hours of a business or service are limited to the hours, hence potential sales to consumers during the non working hours are limited. The promotion is also possible for only a set tenure, and when the session gets completed, the whole process is repeated with additional cost.

In analyzing the advantages of internet versus traditional print methods, the consumer market potential is extremely limited in the traditional advertising with geographical restrictions in most media being available only to the local viewing area. The businesses are rarely in small-mid-size in approaching the sales on a national or global level. By comparison, the internet marketing is more advantages since it caters to the global market and has no physical or geographical limitations.

In this day and age, the website is readily available to any consumer with a computer includes the majority of consumers throughout the world. There are no additional costs in reaching the expanded global markets since internet advertising extends to the global audience. The chances of potential customers are more and hence the profit margin is also on the higher side. In other words, the advantages of internet advertising is much more than the traditional print forerunner, in lessened costs, availability, expanded consumer markets, and largely in the overall profit margin .


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