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The Most Common Stereotypes Media Essay

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The thought or idea relating to the group that is negative and not purposefully true. The characteristics that might be present in only few members of the group but the whole group are then seen with that eye are called stereotyping. Mostly the remarks about the race, sex and gender of the group are common types of stereotypes. It the generalizations and assumptions of the characteristics of group without any prove or evidence. The assumptions just based on the image of that group mostly. Basically it is a belief that is common and most public will know it as true so the other people will also accept the idea.

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Usually when there is a problem or tension between two groups both think negatively about each other and create an image as the other group is aggressive, deceitful, cruel etc and the second group may also think lots of negative assumptions about the first group and because of this image they never will talk to each other, thus in return making the situation worse.

The most common stereotypes includes the African Americans about whom this is famous that they are good sports man but it can’t be true for each and every African American group member as most of them cannot be athletes so it is a stereotype.

Also one of the most common stereotypes is the stereotyping of men and women. Such as the thoughts and ideas are that men are strong and decision makers while women are emotional and sensitive. These characteristics can be true for every male and every female in this world so it is also a type of stereotyping.

The stereotypes relating to the cast and creed and race are the common ones. The stereotypes also exists in case of cultures of different types such as all the Asians are good at math’s is a stereotyping as not every single member of Asian cast can be a person who is good at math’s. Also some other views regarding this includes that all Mexicans are lazy and arrive at America to earn money easily. This is also a stereotyping as not all Mexicans can b lazy. Furthermore it has also been said that the Irish people are always drunk a like to eat potatoes. This characteristic cannot be true for every Irish member thus causing stereotyping.

Sexual stereotypes can be of types as people think all the men who are sensitive and weak looking are gay and all the females who look strong and have a masculine structure may think of as lesbian but this phenomena is entirely and causing certain disturbance in society as this is a worst type of stereotyping.


Media has now a day’s become a central part of the people’s life. And media has portrayed itself as people set their daily schedules according to their favorite programs to consider their favorite characters as their role models. Also living their lives and planned it according the television programs. When this increases to a greater level creates confusion in the minds of audience as how to conceive those characters and how to live in real life.

Mass media has greatly become a culture in a society and also it plays a major role in transferring the beliefs and values regarding the race, cast and gender stereotypes and no one are doing anything to stop it. Even though thousands of efforts were made to reduce the effects of the race cast creed stereotypes but because of the media we are at this modern age are receiving so many negative and discriminatory images that is exploiting our minds with such negative thoughts.

In previous time only the schools, families and religions were the institutions who were flooding the thoughts of individuals and creating stereotypes and transferring into their minds but in the modern age this role is effectively played by the media.

Basically what we see in dramas TV shows and movies, songs and different programs do affect our minds and every program when come on air claimed that it is unique although there is nothing unique in these programs. All these dramas and shows are targeting the actual life

stages of people and presenting different classes which itself creates stereotypes. Because the programs and shows must be made that reflects some part of human life in order for general public to like the programs and it reflects their parts of life. So in order to do that media transfer a lot of negative beliefs and values to them.


Feminism is the biggest and most common type of stereotyping in the media section. It means that women are used in advertising to make it attractive and create demand for the product that the company wants to sell. Females are part of every ad and dramas even though most of the dramas main focus is the female and their part in society which creates adverse effects on society.

Also one type of stereotyping is done when in movies and TV shows the women is treated as she always depend on a man and can’t survive or having no central role without men. And there is a male character to be needed who leads the female character to reach the success. Such as in one movie the girl who loves basket ball will fall in love with the guy who is definitely important and because of the love and emotional attachment with him she do everything and played basket ball and win.

The male has portrayed as strong and powerful in the media and women are portrayed as sensitive and coward and emotional always. This creates big gender stereo type problems as women are degraded and discriminated in society because of such communication in their minds and creates a bad effect on society.


One type of gender stereotyping in media is that the women or girls when see the fit and perfect looking models on TV so they feel bad about their own bodies and feel complexes that only TV heroines and models can have the beautiful bodies and faces and they themselves can never be like them. Also they lose confidence on them and think and feel bad for them as well.

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The celebrities having perfect bodies bring the women and girls in society into complex and create a sense of competition among them as every girl who is thin with perfect hair and stylish cloths is the perfect girl of 21st century and the girls who are fat do not fit into the system and also it creates the social problems of obesity.

So it is creating stereotypes in the minds of the ladies and even they belief that the way their husbands watch those girls on TV with desirability they don’t look at their wives in the same manner and this in turn also creates thousands of the problems in society mostly the conflicts among the husband and wives and even causes divorces.

And because of this thousand and millions of women are following strict diets in order to be like those models and have those perfect looking bodies. Moreover so many women are also going for different types of surgeries in order to look beautiful which can be painful or even dangerous but their minds are exploited that’s why they are doing such things. Also lots of girls and women in America got eating disorders find out by the survey.

The problems created by such stereotype issue are great and there affects on society are adverse. On the other hand women and girls spending lots of money on diet programs and different types of surgeries to just look like those celebrities who have desirable bodies.


Racial profiling is the most renowned and problematic issue in our society which is greatly enhanced by the local media in this modern era and it is creating biases in the society among different races and cultures.

The issue is this that people who are watching the TV shows and movies with such stereotyping issues miscommunication it and don’t understand that the movie is showing about only few people from that cast or race and this is not applied to every member of that race. They think that these images and facts are representing the entire group which creates problems and also feelings of hatred in the hearts of those who watch it.

The media communication thus greatly affecting our minds in regards to the societal interactions and social relationships with different culture people. For example the American media has divided the race as African Americans and other.

They communicate through their media that African Americans are lazy and drug dealers and gangsters but it is obviously not true for all the African Americans. But with the help of the TV and Media everyone is portraying the blacks in the same way. It is the biggest example of stereo typing. The media is playing a role of not just creating a bias but it is also involved in diving the world into classes and the elite class is reaping all the profits from the other class.

This means that the elite class is making sure that media plays such a role in society as it has increased their wealth and bring them economic stability. So they won’t in any case let the stereotyping stop and want it to continue to grow.


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