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The Growing Advancements In The Technology Media Essay

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Wordcount: 2221 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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With the growing advancements in the technology the mode of communication is being utilized in every field is becoming popular these days. Science and technology have been making continuous advancements in every field like, computer science, medical science, mechanical science, telecommunications, media, etc. science and technology are now having its first step in the technological advancements throughout the globe.

Since the discovery of fire, to the innovation of the calculator, pendulum, thermometer, clock, medicines, telephone, television, small gadgets, camera etc. are all great achievements of science. The technological advancements are making the dreams come true and giving relief to the coming generation. Just like food and water, technological advancements are the essential part of one’s life in this growing area.

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Media is one field which is now completely dependent on the technological advancements. Just think, if there were no cameras, no technology to broadcast, no printing press technologies, no computers, no satellite channels, and no other such advancements, then would it be possible for everyone to know about the happenings in the world. Media is in itself a complete encyclopedia of the events that occurred and that are occurring in the world.

The most helpful advancement in the media industry is the innovative technology of the computers, and broadcasting. Media is the controlling hub for the technological advancements like internet, television, mobile devices and the newspapers and magazines (Diamond, 2010). Media has been emerging now as the most powerful agency that controls the dynamics of information system (Chan, 2004).

This paper discusses the advancements of communication technology involving the use of internet, newspapers and telecommunication services. Media works on the principle of the fundamental rights stated in the constitution, that is, freedom of speech, which can be done either in verbal sense or in writing. The countries that do not allow people to have freedom of speech, remain in the last position in knowing the world facts and governments of such countries may not be aware of the needs of the citizens because they are not able to express their feelings and can not demand for anything (Chan, 2004).

The internet is being widely used in all over the countries across globe. With the increasing use of the internet, media is also stretching its arms to grab maximum opportunities in every field. The development of any new technology is the outcome of the requirements in various fields which is searched and identified by using surveys and polls all around the world. Any new development is also a result of solving the errors that occurred in the previous versions.

The new developments may or may not be good for the society. In this developing world, where everyone is running too fast to achieve milestones internet is really proving to be a better source of all hidden knowledge and one can easily find all the links on a certain topic easily using a particular set of keywords. The various search engines provide valuable knowledge to the person searching for different purposes (Sen, 2009).

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Review of literature

There are many articles that tell about the importance of communication technology in the media. This technology involves the use of internet, telephonic communication, newspapers, etc. the most important way of communication involves the use of the internet which brings people from distances come together and share their views about any ongoing topic or any kind of discussion about the political, cultural, and social behavior of a particular region. From many papers, some research are discussed below that shows the importance of internet in the media communications(Aelst et.al, 2002).

According to Peter Van Aelst, and Stefaan Walgrave, the social behavior of the people and their collective action to protest has taken a common area for the activity and in the democratic world that it gives less surprises to the public and media. The media keeps waiting for such events to occur which make the public go mad and so make the moment as historical and people just want to take part in such activities without any reason except they become a part of the historical movement. However, for the anti-globalization protests, the situation was not like for the many others. People will not come for protests as expected from the other countries too. Only some countries expressed their protests which were from Seattle, Washington, Prague and Genoa, showing an unexpected mixture of the movements from different Nations. Media is so intelligent to broadcast all the movements in all areas of the world and is able to make them come together to protest for the same cause(Aelst et.al, 2002). Media is thus playing a very crucial role in organizing the historical movements and share them with the other parts of the world. The article by Peter Van Aelst, and Stefaan walgrave, gives a glimpse of the movements which were in progress and analyze the websites of many protesting organizations with the help of internet. This article presents the contribution of the sites that have contributed a lot to start the formation of the movements. It also presents the studies on the collective participation of the countries, and the mobilization of a network of organizations. This research truly gives an idea of the role of internet in media and tells that the internet plays a very crucial role in helping out media to gather information from various sites about the ongoing movements and the organizations taking part in the movements to encourage public about the ongoing protest. This article also helps to prove that the use of internet by various organizations is also an indicator to the integration of different Nations and the various agencies. Though the use of technology like the internet and other communication gadgets and services is increasing day by day, but it is difficult to give a static explanation and analysis that up to what extent this technology will show the miracles in the media industry (Aelst et.al, 2002).

Zheng Xiang and Ulrike Gretzel present a paper study on the role of social media as an information source for travelers. Social media are playing an increasingly important role as information sources for travelers(Xiang et.al, 2002). The aim of the study is to know the extent to which the internet is able to show better results in the search of travel related websites in the various search engines. For the study, a research design was created to motivate the traveler to search about the site. The traveler is asked to plan the travel according to a given set of keywords in accordance to the nine United States tourist destinations. The analysis by the user shows after checking the search results, that the social media, that is internet plays a pivotal role in the search results and planning a tour for a particular destination. It also showed that the search engine directs the travelers to the chosen destination without any delay. This study rightly concludes that the use of internet in media services like the advertisement of the travel tour planning has its roots in it. It also proves to be an important part in the online media generation. It also shows clear evidence for obstacles faced by traditional service providers like a guide or face to face information collected for travel-related guidance (Xiang et.al, 2002).


The use of search engines on the internet and the use of mobile devices to communicate long distances, are the basic innovations done so far that has their maximum use in the media industry. The use of internet has a profound effect on the people working in the media industry. People are now dependent on the internet for getting help from several resources. In communication technology, telephone and use of mobile devices have a lot of research for many years. The discovery of the telephone and the use of printing technology for communication have their roots in the early years of the history. Though the devices and gadgets used at that time were heavy and are with some limitations, but advancements have gone since then with the use of the technology. The devices have been made small in size and efficiency in their working (Sen, 2009).

Internet communication has also been under research for many years. For the first time, the internet has been only for the use of businessmen and entrepreneurs. As the time is running ahead in a fast speed, the use of internet has been increased. It has been widely used by all levels of users. Students, employees, businessmen, politicians, and all other people are using internet for their works. There are many applications to be used on the internet which serves many different purposes. The main area of research on the internet is the use of the data with certain privacy (Fulk, 1993).

In the media industry, the internet serves many purposes like the editing, getting ideas for script writing of the previously written articles, being creative in the presentation and the overall knowledge about the new topics.

The communication technology can be further studied for its relevance and the reliability for the public. It seems that as the use of communication technology is increasing, the privacy of a person is decreasing day by day. The privacy of the government organizations and other private organizations is getting disturbed due to the use of the internet (Ungerleider,1991).

Research Question

It is a question of great concern about the misuse of the internet in the media. The internet has been used as a technology for illegal activity to open up some scams in the big organizations which is just similar to the sting operation and so communicated through the internet to the various other organizations. Recently, the rise of Wikileaks and the whistle-blowing activities were in the news which we’re using internet applications as an illegal agent of the technology.

Innovation and Its Importance:

Whistle-blowers are the persons who provide the details of any illegal activity in the country or outside the country that occurs in the government department or the private companies to the public. These activities can be related to the corrupt activities, any scam, fraud, violations of the fundamental duties by the governmental officials, etc. These people then provide such kind of information to the other organizations and then reach to media for broadcast. When such illegal activities to reach the public, the public from all parts of the world come together to protest against any crime and which leads to a mass movement throughout the globe (Essienubong et.al., 2010).

Many website hackers are able to hack the system of some government agencies also that have much confidential information which is not being shared with the public. Like the role of whistle-blowing technology has changed over time, the technology of the use of the internet by the media and the overall media system has changed.

This change in the technologies used by the media to communicate with the other sources throughout the world has to come in front of the public. There are many whistle-blowers that are linked with many organizations and these organizations are linked to many media channels which forms a network and so any information can be exchanged from one corner of the world to the other corner of the world (Fulk,1993).

The main area of concern and the study topic chosen is the changing trends in the internet services to the media and the technology related to the whistle-blowers over time. The modern technique involved in the whistle-blowing is the use of internet by which the information can be sent in seconds.


The prediction in the use of technology is that due to increase in the use of internet technology and the media services, the information leakage has been increased by the time. This leakage has to be stopped before it goes into the wrong hands like the terrorist groups who can misuse the information for their own purposes (Diamond, et.al., 2010).

In every country, the terrorist activities can be seen within less time period which indicates that they have such kind of technology with them like the media and other communicating channels, through which they are able to gather the information in less time and efficiently. The research can also be continued to explore the areas which can be harmful if the information reach to wrong hands. Such areas can only be explored by the help of internet services and the media networks all around the globe.

For all the research, the help of the media organizations and the use of internet services and various applications will be required that brings the truth of the increasing activity of the internet in the media and other services provided by the internet to media. If the media personals remain in their limit and broadcast only those matters which are of great concern to the public then we can see a peaceful world without any mislead groups in the society.


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