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Television Is A Type Of Communication System Media Essay

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Wordcount: 837 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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A unbridgabale gap has come in human and TV . There are so many channels to enjoy.It has presented or telecasted of every door to door customs and traditional as well as international events .Television helps us get updates what happened around the world.we are able to see all small movement happened around us.It presents a small view of our society.On this we can watch live events like cricket ,functional etc.It has great deals now -a -days with mass and media .It has been proved through TV that mass need every update at every movement of their life.It has been a grand source of mass communication.TV what we think it has been a most common source of information and entertainment for people and it has knocked out every source of information.

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Moreover ,television is a great source of getting jobs, as a carrier maker,personality,enhanchment and much more.TV is known as an idiot box by some people but it not an idiot box .If we use it through a knowledge of science, discovery ,arts ,history and some related channel. It depends on the person how he use it and to what extent he is using it.Without TV we can not imagine our life because it provides us information at every moment of life and every a single movement of our society.TV is a great source of mass media .Media is a great powerful source of public and it can fulfill peoples needs .Now-a-days so many TV Channels are providing their expeditions to all,The socities or groups of society members .They try to catch videos of people and broadcast to all over the world to approach their demands to the governing bodies.As a result we see everday on television govt.come to take some implements on some matters through these sort of news or spicy matters.

Without TV we are unable to get updates about what happening around the world.Through television companies are advertising their product .It avoids kids from doing social things they don’t spend much time playing outdoor games rather they just spend time seeing them on TV .well and the most important ,if u sit in front of TV the whole day you’ll definitely get fat .it’s a fact.Today the kids are mostly interested in watching cartoons which involve so much actions and violence .It imprints a bad impact on childrens.If we see our present we think on programs that made for childrens .programs or serials that designed for children’s more often contain violence than adult TV. we always heard the thoughts of our parents ,neighbourhood ,many people that children are always infront of television watching game,cartoon,TV serials ,cricket match ,geographical channel etc. Childrens ,students they properly do not focus toward their studies .they always dis-obeying their parents.the problem is that they only watch cartoons ,movie ,songs and so on.The don’t watch TV news which more useful for them to increase their general knowledge. Childrens spend max. time infront of television.Television can be a very useful academics.The television programmes are used to develop listening skills,learning skills.Now Lets talk about merits and de-merits of television ??


TV provides :

Knowledge of outside world

Good programs of science ,medicine & arts

Entertainment to the old

Language practice for non-native speakers.


People watch TV for 6hrs.a day

Children watch TV more than studying & sleeping

TV’s can influence negative sense


Children’s studies suffer

Makes people dissatisfied ; Life becomes boring

Becomes more real than reality.


Children watch:

Murders on TV

Violence & fights

People get excited


Most negative effect of TV-

People get addicted

Powerful need to watch TV

TV’s addication is like drug addiction.

.so many people have have fallen into the trap of believing tv is the best entertainment there is, but for a little extra you get loads more out of books.And it all comes down to imagination.somedays books are so so much better than tv,you can really get engrossed in them and there’s such as lot to gain from them.Before a child is fourteen years old,he or she views eleven thousand murders on the tube.He or she beings to belive that there is nothing strange about fights ,killings and other kinds of violence .Many studies show that people more violent after certain programmes.They may even do things that they saw in a violent show.The most negative effect of the “boob-tube “might be people’ addication to it .People often feel a strange and powerful need to watch television even when thy don’t enjoy it .Addication to a television screen is similar to drug or alcohol addiction.People almost never belive they are addicted


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