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Styles, Persuasion, and Bias in the Media, News and Journalism

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The two articles provided, as well as the text discussed the styles and way in which the media and news outlets report things and events. Throughout the history of media and journalism, reporters have and still are modifying, creating and distorting the news that they present. Media plays a very large and significant role in our everyday lives. In many ways it develops one’s personality. The news media enriches and heightens our knowledge by the means of providing all kinds of different and useful (sometimes useless) information. News outlets hold a very strong and impeccable power in framing their audiences’ cultural guidelines and in molding/shaping their political disquisition. Therefore; it should be vital that the media and news institutions stay unbiased. Today, however, we see that the media reports news in a particularly bias way. Some news stations persistently emphasize a certain view (right or left wing).

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For example, if one turns on their television, he/she can clearly see that CNN are indistinguishably connected and bounds to the Democratic party just as Fox News is bound to the Republican party. In terms of style and timing, the news has not changed at all throughout time. In the text, as well as the articles, we see that news media has been stuck in a “limited time” and superficial age. Campbell talks about how the news is often reported similarly to a melodrama, in which the negative/bad things have more coverage in a “city” setting. The stories and narratives covered in the news are often short and seek to draw in the audience (especially with crime/crisis related incidents). Visually, we see that most anchormen/women are pretty, stylish and develop a sort of character for themselves.


Foxification and bias are seen in the news media very often in today’s day and age. The fine line that separated the news from entertainment has become more and more blurred throughout the years. Journalism, which once primarily and almost solely reported hard and factual news stories through the means of an objective and conventional way; has now begun reporting in an informal, entertaining, and sensational manner that is more market driven. Foxification refers to a more global, non-conventional and melodramatic (sensational) way of reporting news. Through Foxification we see three styles of news coverage which include: a more aggressive take on news reporting, a sexualized or “sex appeal” style, and a more informal and casual reporting style. Cushion and Lewis state the ways in which the news channels Fox and Sky report the news. The article goes into depth about the effects and signs of Foxification. In their findings that state that there were many “moments when sensationalism can create misunderstanding and style trumps substance.” (Cushion & Lewis, 2009) The authors report that their results show that Sky would not be the British version of Fox. I believe that it is in part due to the heavier reliance of factual and “informational-rich sources” that “run counter to ‘Foxification’.” (Cushion & Lewis, 2009)

A more entertaining and sensational reporting is seen in the case study presented in the text in many ways. For example, the narratives and story telling’s have become more melodramatic in the news today. We also see this “sex appeal” in news media through the anchormen and women that speak. Campbell states, “modern newscasts still limit reporters’ stories to two minutes or less and promote stylish male–female anchor teams, a sport “guy,” and a certified meteorologist as personalities, usually leading with a dramatic local crime story and teasing viewers to stay tuned for possible weather disasters.” (Campbell, 2017) Bias in the news media is also very abundant. The coverage that audiences’ see whether it be on Fox or any other form of news channel tends to lean towards a particular viewpoint or objective. We see this in the case study when the author states that, “try to make something significant out of the obviously trivial, voyeuristic, or narrowly relevant—like stories about troubled celebrities, attention-seeking politicians, or decontextualized stock-market numbers.” (Campbell, 2017) Fox news is a clear example that shows bias and persuasion in the news that it covers. According to the article titled, Bias in Cable News:  Persuasion and Polarization, it is estimated that, “Fox News increases Republican vote shares by 0.3 points among viewers induced into watching 2.5 additional minutes per week.” (Martin & Yurukoglu, 2017) This shows that since Fox is bounded to the Republican party, they promote and cover stories that are in favor and bias to the Republican party.


Through these articles and the text, we see that news coverage has not changed dramatically throughout history. The narratives and stories told are more melodramatic today. News outlets use sex appeal, Foxification, and persuasion/bias to promote and “sell” their stories. Today news reporting and news media is more like a market driven economy in which the audience is considered the “consumer” and the news is the “product.”  Campbell states that news media/outlets see their “viewers not primarily as citizens and members of communities but as news consumers who build the TV ratings that determine the ad rates for local stations and the national networks.” (Campbell, 2017) We see that bias and persuasion is inevitable within the news media. However, this has to do in part with the “persuasive effect of cable news and the existence of tastes for like-minded news.” (Martin & Yurukoglu, 2017) Bias is very powerful in terms of politics and culture. What people see in the media, can have a significant impact on their view of people and the world in which they live in. According to many studies, we see that Fox News and CNN have prominent effects on presidential elections. (Martin & Yurukoglu, 2017) Today we see that money controls the media and journalism. Thus, it results in biases and inaccurate information.

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In reference to our discussion about quality and trash television, news coverage and media associated with new could fall under either the quality or trash section. I believe that news outlets such as Fox News and CNN may fall under the trash section. My reasoning for this, is because these news channels tend to report only the information that is in favor of their viewpoints. News channels should present facts just as they are, without omitting or exaggerating any piece of evidence. These news stations tend to be bias and do just that. They are subjective and seek to persuade their audience subconsciously into believing and thinking a certain way. However, some news outlets such as The Associated Press and BBC are more objective, and fact driven. Some sources have proven to be very reliable when it comes to obtaining real and hard information. 

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