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Social Professional And Ethical Issues Media Essay

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Wordcount: 1754 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Video games have become a very popular activity for people among all ages. Most of them are use computers for entertainment purpose. In entertainment these computer are given different ways to enjoy. Such as Music, Movies, games are some of them. In entertainment computer games are one of the most popular software’s of the young generation in the world. These computer games are used by teenagers, kids and most of the people are addicted to computer gaming. Sometime all family members are used to play when their leisure time. The video games have become very modern and realistic. Day by day computer game developing companies are releasing different types of computer games to the market word widely. Adventure games, shooting games, fighting games, knowledge games and simulation games are some of them. This computer games can be categorized in to two main parts such as Single player computer games and multiplayer computer games. This both game category have ethics, social issues, professional issues and legal issues such as,

Action games (killing the people and animals)

abuse drugs and using alcohol

Stories of Criminal behavior

Sexual photograph / videos and violence toward women

In the new technology and high speed internet connections are very popular for multiplayer online games. When we are playing the online game we have to register with our personal information and financial information’s. Ones the game has been updated the personal and financial information’s such as credit card information, e-mail address and photos. This information’s can be hacked and use for harmful things.

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What are the ethical issues in playing video games extensively for entertainment and recreation, as well as they can act as a catalyst in reducing tension? Due to the advancement of technology, video games evolved and grown to become a great empire affect those in this area. And thus are bringing many of the ethical issues to our attention because of this development.

As a result, we must recognize how the new video games affect to the moral of the people who play them. Ethical issues for video games that affect many people as follows: violence, appreciation, education, and community profiling against women and addiction. Eventually, associated with each topic on violence participate in video games. Studies have shown most of the children who are playing violent video games are not fear to the horror of violence because their mind accustomed to the violence behaviors. Some children solve the problem using the experience gain from violent video games. Children continue playing realistic violence game arise the impact on children. Children and adolescents participate overly so obsessed with video games. They are spending more time for playing these games so in future make problems such as:

Poor social skills

No time to spend with family

Less school homework and hobbies

Less exercising and becoming overweight

Less reading ability

In education aspect some video games are ethical and some of them are not ethical.

When we are talk about the social issues paying video games. The games who are playing in online, game servers are automatically registering the player creating profile on it. It is a one of the risk to the game player who is playing on line computer games. Such as talking, chatting and instant, massage to the players. The game players have to register online to play the games. During the game the player has opportunity to communicate with the player who is playing on line at the same time. Then the other player can get details such as email address and personal information etcetera. During the game the computer hackers can hack player’s profile such as face book, credit card information, e-mail address. The hackers use the player’s information for the illegal activities such as hackers can send virus, spy wares, Trojan houses and worms, porn site or terrorism purpose and much more bad things.

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Games are popular among not only young ones and adults but also children. During the game inappropriate sexual pictures and movie clips are appeared on the screen can be harmful to the gamer. GTA game is one of the examples. Try to experience these inappropriate things make social, legal, ethical and educational problems, These are some of the titles that could cause maybe a bad influence on children, preparing for war, Call of Duty is one of the most popular in the second liens out there today, then there is games that take things zombie feature to far, from, Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Dead Space, Bio-shock, can be vital shock also very troublesome for young people.

When we are consider on video games which can be drag person to bad situation. The violence video game can improve harmful thoughts and unusual behavior in a person attitude in society and also in laboratory setting. Some video games are more harmful than TV programs and movies including violence activities, because of interactive nature of games. The person who plays violent video games can learn and practice aggressive ideas in a short period. On the other hand for a long period of aggressive behavior leads the player to practice new aggression using new technology that can be accessed over for use when real situations of conflict appear life.

Fig 1: Some longitudinal factors for youth violence

Fig 2: The comparative effect sizes of violent video game effects and other well-known phenomena

As video games have become increasingly realistic, and includes a subset of games. The violence and gore, antisocial behavior anxiety among parents, teachers and children advocates, medical professionals, and policy makers compared with the television video game. However, while more research is necessary to obtain accurate information and early results should be taken showed a video game help to create serious violence in mind. P. Willenz. (2000), D. Walsh., (2001)

Games have taught both adults and children many things, some useful, others believes that it is immoral. Some players and developers say that video games are the best in teaching logic and problem solving skills of many school curricula. Although other says that video games impress violent thought in people mind. In order to determine whether video games are good or bad in terms of education, we need to evaluate positive and negative results.

While we may have noticed that there are so many different kinds of video games like a game for children, Problem solving, fighting games, Action Games, Strategy Games, games and intended for adults only. It also explains each individual various games with the provisions of its own the players can have the same kind of skills from some types of games. For example the players have to use their logical skill to continue adventure game such as puzzle game helps to improve problem solving skills, ability to analyze the problems to solve various puzzle. Anderson, C.A. Bushman. B.J. (2001)

However, there are some important questions to think about. How affect these benefits against addiction to video games? How is violence and addiction Interlinked with each other? What kind of effects the video games are done to our society? Or, how many video games obstruct people’s commitment or daily works?

A computer games are also affected to the professional field. Some of the employer’s adduct to the games cause to neglect and delay the duties of the company. This situation is also affect to the professional progress of the employers, because they don’t perform these duties well and also they are suffering from stress when the duties are loaded. When the employers don’t accomplish their duties on time cause to make bad view of the employer’s and company in the society. This will badly affect to the progress of the company and also object of the company.

People who are addicted to video game need to continue video game, if it over they suffer from loneliness and also spend solitary life. Moreover, there are serious consequences for those who are connected to unnecessary video games, as they can adversely affect the community as a whole, not just the people around them. They are more likely to resolve hostile situations with aggressive solutions, such as acts of violence, when these situations arise. The science of behavior through threats and violence and to engage in video games that involving others in the community.

Through violence, and there are many games that involve violence, as well as other relevant content violence. This may lead to a lot of people to think that these types of playing video games can causes a person to be more aggressive. By guest games, it helps parent’s young and children to choose appropriate game for their children. However, others fear that this classification system doesn’t prevent people from access to video games that are inappropriate for their age. Through the education point of view, and there are different things games can be taught us, and some are positive and others negative. Through stereotypes, and video game industry focus towards more men than women, so many people think stereotype is against women. Finally, through addiction and community, and participate in an enormous amount of time playing a video game caused people addicted to it. As a result, they lose the value of time in their communities and miss opportunities of other activities that can be more useful for them. Some of them declare video games are for entertainment not creating any ethical problem. Although we emphasize video game players and developers need ethical awareness about video games. Thus they can aware more about the issue and take prompt action to concern of violent video games.

The video games which include violence may be minimizing cause the strength of any person can becoming more aggressive and to take action to prevent them. To minimize ethical problem need to activate policies and regulations. Write suggestions to the ESRB to create assessments of their effectiveness rate the content of each video and take action to aware retailers to locked up highest rated games and educate the parents to be more concern about the games which are the children playing. These are the action should be change the situation is need to be activated.


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