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Problems of Social Media and Strategies to Develop Safety

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Wordcount: 2030 words Published: 18th May 2020

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The internet has many positive uses, however, there is growing trend of it to be exploited negatively. Discuss some of the problems associated with internet and social media usage and how it can be made safer, especially for young people.


Technology have been increased significantly. The young people use these technologies like mobile phones, laptops and personal computers (PC) to make their life easier and quicker. With the modern advancements continuously increased incite generational freeze nowadays. There are range of definition for internet and social media, but in this essay ‘Internet’ is a network that connects people into the digital world. Social media are those websites or mobile applications that allows people to interaction and communication. These applications such as Facebook and twitter are most vital part of today’s young people. Social media and the internet are being used by all age of people in the world. Some makes its usage useful or in a positive way else adopts a negative way of surfing the internet. Social media is also a part of youngsters and elders as well. This essay will examine the positive aspects and the uses of internet, in addition this essay will also focus on negative aspects of internet and social media. The essay is structured as follows. The first section presents the situational problems, focusing on problems associated with internet and social media. The second section presents some of possible solution to tackle the friction, and the final section consider the implication of the result.

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Using the internet has become a risk for the young generation. It is more often risky than their thoughts. The internet world opens the entry-door for trusting youthful individuals to connected with virtual outsiders’ individuals they would usually cross the road to prevent in genuine life. Furthermore, the internet has become an essential part of young people’s lives. over the previous two years, the internet has become difficult to overlock. Even the people who do not own a personal computer (PC) and do not have the chance to “surf the net” could not have missed the internet news stories, many of which speculate about to their effects on the over-increasing number people online.

The mostly dangers drop into the various categories such as: cyberbullying, online harassment, and sexting. Moreover, young people need to understand the importance of online protection issues. In the internet, cyberbullying takes various forms, the cyberbullying involves sending derisive messages or even that sending death threats to youngsters. Similarly spreading lies approximately among them online, making terrible comments on their internet profiles even though making an online website to bash people’s reputation or looks. Although “online harassment “is regularly utilized operated with term “cyberbullying”. It is a distinct entity. Cutting the edge data to the endorse that online harassment is not always as not unusual as offline harassment, and involvement in social networking sites does not put most adults at risk of staying online harassment. On the contrary side, cyber bullying is very common, it could be happening to any youthful individuals online, and may motive profound psychosocial effects together with depression, anxiety, extreme segregation, and appallingly suicide (Lenhart A. 2007).

In addition, transmitting (sending and receiving) sexually explicit messages such as photos or pictures through mobile phones and computers is the sexting.it is thought to be negative thing but, Additionally, incorporate college suspension for culprits and passionate trouble with associated mental health circumstances. However, the sexting incident is not shared in many circumstances beyond a little peer group or a few and is not found to troubling at all (Lenhart A. 2009).

The internet promotes electronic transactions, each day for millions of individuals and companies and orchestrates their financial work through the net. The foremost common trick is the strategy of Phishing. It arises from combining the words password (code) and fishing (fishing). Typically a especially keen procedure for financial misdirection through uncovering both the individual information and in specific data concerning monetary exchanges. Misleading unsuspecting clients may uncover individual data to a fake shape on the web. Double-crossed evidence of the fake victim is used to gain access to private information. As a matter of reality, navigation on websites that includes transactions ought to be performed with extraordinary caution and with certainty that they have been taken into consideration and the compulsory transaction about private information have been taken into consideration (Jøsang. A, et.al. 2007). Finally, some ways where young people can make safer their lives. Individuals should never share their e-mail, internet accounts and password to anyone. Similarly, if youngers tried to be harassed or bullied through messengers, those should be “blocked”. It is advised to youthful individuals not to post a full name, address and phone number and other information that seems to help a stranger to discover them.

There are the range of definitions of social media and internet, but in this essay social media are in the categories of such social participations and social-generated content websites. These sites included like Facebook and LinkedIn as well. Young people are most often use these social sites in their spare time as well as in daily routine life. Over the last five years, the number of preadolescents and young people using of such sites has increased significantly. Since of their restricted capacity for self-regulation and vulnerability to peer weight, children and young people are at a few hazards as they explore and explore with social media. According to a recent poll, “22% of teenagers log on to their favourite social media site more than 10 time a day, and more than half of adolescents log on to a social media site more than once a day” (Common Sense Media 2007).” seventy five percent of teenagers now own cell phone, and 25% use for social media, 54% use them for texting and 24% use them for instant messaging.” (Hinduja S, and Patchin J.2007).

Fake characters are a tremendous issue that individuals witness each single day on social media. The individuals on social media are creating false or wrong identities. These identities are seeming to be real, but unfortunately are not. They are not simply confined to only on Facebook and dating apps like ‘Tinder’ and ‘Muzmatch ‘. People will utilize fake pictures to form themselves see superior, making a untrue representation of who they are. It can assist with an individual’s self-esteem on a social media location, but it’ll do nothing for them in real life, and it will not assist to the others. The sufferers subject to fake identities are ones who assume that they are talking to their desired person who they want, after-words which found it’s far an entire lie.

Today’s youngsters most common activities are using digital (social) media and the internet. The website that enables social interaction ‘is regarded as social media for instance, counting social organizing destinations such as Facebook, Myspace and twitter. Gaming locals’ virtual universes for example club penguin, Moment life, and the Grand theft Auto (GTA).as the time spent of these types of games and social platforms the youngsters do not want to spent their time with parents and in real social life. It locks indifferent shapes of social media might be a scheduled movement that investigate has appeared to benefit young people by upgrading communication, social association and indeed a specialized talent. Facebook and snapchat offers numerous day-by-day openings for interfacing with companions, class fellows and individuals with a shared interest Researchers have proposed a modern phenomenona called “Facebook depression.” It is known as discouragement that creates when adolescents and preteenagers surf their time on social world, like Facebook and other, and after-words commence to represents the discouragement. (Davila J, Stroud CB, Starr LR, et.al.). in addition, according to a recent survey revealed that 20% of teens have sent or posted nude or seminude photograph or videos of themselves (O’Keeffe, G. and Clarke-Pearson, K. 2011). At the end people who are the major part of fake characters or make bad comments of someone’s profile are warned from the social media platforms. Parents focuses on to build the high and good model character and behavior as well.

In conclusion, it has been discussed about the negatively exploitation of internet and social media in the young generation. It is suggested to make some rules and regulation behind network. In this essay it has been noticed the main problem that are associated with internet and social media such as cyberbullying and sexting, and the way where or which parents of adolescent and govt should adopt to make individuals life safer. Some major suggestions are advised in the essay that are necessary for all age of people. Youngsters should engage in the healthy activities or encourage them to make strong circle of socializing in the real world. Fake character should be spotted and should be in the jail, so the rate of farad will be decreased automatically. The organizations of social platform must restrict for people who violate the rules of society. Govt should not allow the unwanted advertisements of social interactive or dating sites on social platform, these are only to use for sharing informative knowledge and success stories that inspired or motivate the young generations. Instead of spreading hate speeches of social media through internet.Excessive use of anything is bad.



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