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Power of internet

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Question 3: ‘… the Internet is the technological basis for the organizational form of the Information Age: the network’ (Castells, extracted in Bissell, 2006: 39 [Module Reading Pack, week 11]).

Drawing on Manuel Castells and other academic work, make an argument regarding the extent to which you feel technology determines the shape and nature of society.?

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Internet is a massive power and new technology which spread really quickly around the world, within the network people can communicate , find answers , got information’s ,socialise, entertain and much more. It’s a new technology which will change and determines the shape of our society. On this essay will presented and examined some arguments about the technology and network, how technology affects on individuals and how is changing the society also does network create the new world of the future?

The expand of technology was happened in massive way on the last decades of the twentieth century and now on the twenty-first century it cover almost all the things of our life’s. For example technology comes along with science, with medical, in engineering, manufacture, transportation, communications, on services and almost everything is working with technology.

Technology has made our world easier, well-organized and safer. People can perform better in their jobs, technology also make as more efficient in anything we do. Through the network people can access to different resources, to be inform about new things, to learn helpful information’s and communicate with other people around the world. through the network people can do many things , order food , do their banking transactions, buy and sell things, arrange their holidays, pay their bills, work, communicate , even find a partner online.

On the other hand does technology make us lazier? for example a new technology is Network, the availability of the network started to make people loose their life’s with the outside world, for every problem they are people facing they try to find answer though the internet. they don’t even trying to think about something or find the solutions on their own , if something is not on Google its just not exist. Many people argue does Google making us more stupid, for everything that bothers as we are Google it we try to find answers for everything through a search machine on the network. “Network are appropriate instruments for a capitalist economy based on innovation, globalization and decentralized concentration for work, workers and firms based on flexibility and adaptability, for culture of endless deconstruction and reconstruction, for a polity geared toward the instant processing of new values and public moods, and for a social organization aiming at the supersession of space and the annihilation of time.” (Castells, 2009, p.502)

Does technology create always a new world, now is the world of network? Which everything is available; a new life has been constructed through network a new life for our children’s? Does really network make our life easier does technology gave us once again the solution and the right of entry to un straightforward and simple way to dealing with our existence. Do we need really such a life, do our society need internet in order to survive; do we loose our identity and freedom?

As we can see from other media technologies such as television, television had a big influence on the way some people are thinking, television have the power to create a huge story or silence a story on the way that suits them and obviously television and other media have a massive effect on public sphere and opinion. Internet is the new media we cone see some effects and influence on society but still we don’t know what the future of this medium will be, “The Internet will have an effect. But we won’t know what it is for a few more years. Will the Internet strengthen civil life, community and democracy, or will it weaken them?”(Gauntlett, 2000)

Going back to the network which is continuously expanding and changing in order to cover all the tastes of their users, Social networking sites are very popular to people an example is the facebook which estimates around 500million active users, those numbers can show the way which new technologies and network influence people, the need of people to communicate within network is high. Network offers the ability for someone joining those sites and easily communicates with other people. my personal idea is that through new technologies and Network is easier for people trying to do things online or communicate with each other online because the life that most of people are so busy and full of anxiety, so after a difficult day people need to have some time of relaxation and need to communicate with others so through Network people can very easy find information’s, entertain and socialise free and simple. According to Manuel Castells (1996) because more and more young people are using Network and its social advance, Universities in order to become familiar with the new ways of thinking and communicating of young people are trying to following and understand every new trends.

According to Raymond (Raymond, extracted in Bissell ,2006 p.14) New technologies are exposed by a fundamentally inside process of investigation and development and then puts the circumstances for progress and social change.

Technology basically creates new ways of life or new resources for new behaviour of life, society is created through technology because new conditions, new resources, new materials are invented through technologies as this essay examines before the network is a new technology which affects rapidly and changing the way that society acts in everyday life (e.g easy availability of services), also According to Raymond (Raymond, extracted in Bissell ,2006 p.13) Television was a new technology which invented through a technological and scientific research but after because of its supremacy as a medium of social communications, that it changed the way and forms of social retaliations. In addition Raymonds (Raymond, extracted in Bissell ,2006 p.13) argues that television has developed later as a medium for news and for the enjoyment of people but unfortunately had a bad consequences not only on other media which had lost their popularity and viability but also had a bad influence on family culture and social life in general.

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Technology is inventing new things all the time and because we are using technology in order to make our life better and easier , necessary the society need to follow those changes (trends) and change, the ways that we act are changing so obvious the behaviour that a society act are changing too. Like for example every new invention in the history had changed society too, the car, the airplanes, the telegraph, radio, television, nuclear weapons, mobile phones, computers and iPods. All those inventions in one way or another had affects society too, either in cultural way otherwise in modern way, in a bad way or in a good way. This is technology the usage of tools, systems and methods in order to answer a problem. If technology solves those problems then the world will change and move one step forward.

We currently live in the Information age, as it was “stone age” or the “ice age”. On the information age more and more individuals are using the internet (network) to research specific problems and find solutions, form the easiest to the hardest problem for everything you can find at least one answer .the past decade a search machine on the internet called Google has been developed considerably and it become a phenomenon, some people are call it their best friend. On Google there is everything you may searching for you can find answers results and videos on any topic you like, all the problems you have could be solve in some seconds the only thing you really need to do is to type it and Google it. This means that we live in a time when information is very important and easy to find. But because of all this information’s, some information’s and answers may not be the best and accurate results, so people still need to pay attention and try to find the best possible solutions’ more carefully.

Finally on this essay I tried to present the way that technology determines our life and to what extend technology affects society and our lives as individuals. Internet is the new technology which provides you all the kind of services and information’s. trough the expand of technology the new information age has created , technology always had an effect on society and always will have , if we like it or not as long as technology is evolving the society will changing. Television has been discover with the power of technology, and the effects that this creation call television have on individuals is very powerful , now the new technological creation is the Internet which continuously growing bigger and bigger sites like Facebook, Google and YouTube have change the way that people communicate and acting. And all this things have been created to help people and evolved society to something good or unfortunately to something bad, we don’t know yet and we could not be sure but in future will get the answer for sure.


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