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Myspace Is A Social Networking Music Media Essay

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Wordcount: 2829 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In 2003, MySpace began. It was created by a small group of programmers who already had work in eUniverse, MySpace has grown by leaps and bounds. MySpace soon became one of the largest online companies. It was all due to the dream of Thomas Anderson and some of his friend who was members of Friendster and already had everything they needed to get started and create MySpace.

In July 2005, MySpace was bought out by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. They changed the company’s name to Intermix Media. News Corp is owned by Fox Broadcasting. Later, in 2006, Fox launched a UK version of MySpace. They successful attempt at adding the UK music scene to MySpace. Later they also release MySpace in other country.

Currently, MySpace head office is in California. They are in the same building as Fox Interactive Media. They only have 300 people working for them, but they have gain over 200,000 new users everyday and have over 100 million users worldwide.

Nowadays, MySpace is considered as a social networking website that provides us a highly personalized experience in entertainment. Besides that, MySpace also helps to connect music, celebrities, TV, movies and the game that we love.

MySpace is easy and convenient for every user. It is similar to Friendster which allows their users to pick or build their favorite theme themselves. Furthermore, MySpace also allows users to upload their video, music, photo and other else that they want to share with other MySpace users. Games are also provided for users. There are many different kinds of games in MySpace.

Some of the MySpace users expand their social network through MySpace. Some of them also use MySpace to connect with their long-distance friends.

In short, MySpace is a social networking website that is very convenient to us. We can play game, watch video, hear music and do other things in MySpace.

2.0 MySpace Music

Music is MySpace’s territory. There have huge of artist and band pages. Some artists have millions of “friends” and the pages allow streaming music, artist control over the look and feel of the site and etc. MySpace also have music streaming, playlists, downloads, merchandise sales, ring tones and other features. (Facebook v. MySpace in the U.S. Market: The Music Factor, Michael Arrington, Aug 22, 2008)

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MySpace Music is allowed users to search their favourite music by city. Besides that, MySpace users are allow to download music, link to news articles, and concert information and musician advertisement on MySpace Music website. MySpace creator, Anderson, makes no distinctions about talent level. He allowed anyone with music that can be downloaded can post on MySpace Music. (Website looks to get the word out about Pittsburgh musicians, By Rege Behe, PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

Friday, February 25, 2011)


Artist is a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination. They have their own official profile in MySpace. Their official profile is allowing MySpace users to know their recently situation.

3.1 How To Search The Favorite Artist

Step 1: For those who already had their MySpace account, go into MySpace website (www.myspace.com) and login with your account.

For those who don’t have their MySpace account, go into MySpace and press sign-up.

Step 2: No matter you are login or sign-up, you will enter your homepage. After that, you will see a bar on your top page, find the “Music” word, and click into it.

Step 3: You will see a search box on your right hand side, type your favorite artist inside the box and press search.

Step 4: Waiting your result come out.

3.2 The Results That I Searched

Based on the topic, I had chosen the artist that I loved. I chose Britney Spears in this time. Britney Spears is my favorite artists all the time. She is an American recording artist and entertainer.

I have followed the steps above to search the artists that I love. I found that is showing 3517 result for Britney Spears. In 3517 results, there were including artists, albums, songs and music videos results. For artists, there were 1000 results about Britney Spears. And the song, there were also 1000 results. Besides that, it had 526 results for the album and 1000 results for the music videos. The results just like the picture show on above.

For artists’ part, I pressed the “Most Relevant” beside the artist results; I saw that had some related results about Britney Spears, but it was some only. I saw the Britney Spears official MySpace profile on the first and other was just a normal profile named Britney Spears.

For songs’ part, I chose the “Most Popular” to find out what is the most popular Britney Spears song. As the results, I found that Britney Spears popular song was “Womanizer”, “Circus”, “If You Seek Amy” and other. The ranking was based on how many times does the song plays. Other side, I also chose “Most Recent” to find out what is the most recent song. The most recent song was based on the latest Britney Spears album. I found that had “Circus”, “Lucky” and etc.

For the albums’ part, I chose “Most Popular” and “Most Recent”, but after I click in, I realize some of the album was not about Britney Spears. After that, I chose “Most Relevant” to find out Britney Spears album. There had “Britney”, “Circus”, “Blackout” and other albums. There had a “Buy Album” button under the all of the albums. We can download the album songs from MySpace to iTunes or Amazon MP3 and it cost $7.99 per album.

For the music videos’ part, I click “Most Popular” to find out what is the most popular video. I found that some of the video was not about Britney Spears MV and some was some people recorded and posted the video that they sang. After that, I chose “Most Recent”. I found the result almost not Britney Spears MV. Therefore, I chose “Most Relevant”, I can see that most of the Britney Spears MV was found. There were “Hold It against Me”, “Gimme More” and etc.

3.3 Visit Britney Spears Profile

I visited Britney Spears official MySpace profile, and I saw above of the profile, there had Britney Spears status. It will update what does Britney Spears done recently and let all MySpace users know her situation. Besides that, I found Britney Spears has 706989 friends on MySpace. She had so many friends because when we add her as a friend, the system will approve us automatically. But compare to some top artists, such like Eminem, Britney Spears not much more than him. I also found there were 925 people like this profile on Facebook. It might be used for promote Britney Spears MySpace page on Facebook. On the general info there, there had some details such as last login, profile views, records label, type of label and etc. It is give some general information to those who visited her profile.

After that, I followed the step as the picture on my left. I went into the “Music” page and click “Featured”. I saw that had some songs on the playlist such as “Till the World End”, “Hold It against Me”, “3” and etc. Those songs put on featured playlist were the recommended songs.

The songs those in featured playlist were recommended by Britney Spears. It might be some songs took from her albums as a theme song to promote her albums. For example, the “Hold It against Me” album, Britney Spears chose the song named “Hold It against Me” as her album theme song.

But some of the songs in featured playlist are not exactly the theme song of the album. It might be the nice songs in her album.

After searching the songs, I search the featured video. I followed the step in the picture on my left, click “Videos”. I found that already had a featured video when I came inside the page.

The featured video is “Hold It against me”. This music video just came out recently. It was Britney Spears new album music video. Britney Spears had recommended her new album music video to all users of MySpace.

Besides that, we can follow the video. When you follow the video, it is mean that you already like the video. The result of how many people like this video will show under the video. Other, you also can share this video on Facebook by click to all Facebook users.


Playlist is a collection of songs from a music library created by users. MySpace also allow all users of MySpace to create their own playlist.

4.1 How To Create Playlist

It might have some ways to create playlist. The proper way had shown as below:

Step 1: Login into MySpace. After that, click “My Stuff”.

Step 2: You will see “Create Playlist”. Click it. Follow the picture on above

Step 3: Click the “Add New Playlist”, type your playlist name and press “OK”.

Step 4: Your playlist have been done.

The other way to create playlist is find the song that you want. You will see a “+” button, click it. After that, a box will come out. If you want to create a playlist and add the song into the new playlist, click “Create a playlist”, and type your playlist name inside. Then, click “Add”. Your playlist have been created.

4.2 Add Song To Playlist

It is so easy to add song into the playlist. It might have some ways. The easier way was after you create a playlist, just searched the song that you want on the search box. Your results will be shown. After that, drag or drop the song that you want into the playlist.

The other way to add songs into the playlist was you just saw the song that you want, click the song. You will see a “+” button, press it. After that, an “Add to playlist” box will come out. Choose the album that you want add into, then click “Add”. Beside these two ways, it also might have other ways to add song into playlist.

Add song to playlist, it will let MySpace users easier to find the songs to hear that already save in playlist.

4.3 Edit Playlist

After you created a music playlist on MySpace, you might need to edit it some times. Up to your playlist, it might have somethings can change. For example, you can change your playlist name through press the name of playlist, then edit it.Besides that, you also might add some description on the playlist to dsicribe the playlist that you created.

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There were also have three buttons named “Share Playlist”, “Buy Playlist” and “Make Private” to let you choose. “Share Playlist” can let you share your playlist to MySpace itself, Facebook, Twitter and Digg. The “Buy Playlist” was allow us to buy playlist which created by ourself. The prices were depends on how many songs we add into our playlist. Last, there was a button named “Make Private”. After you click that button, you will not share your playlist to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or Digg. The playlist just can play by your own MySpace account.

In additional, you will also can delete songs which you don’t want in the playlist. It was so easy to delete. You just need to click a “x” button behine the song name. Then the song will delete. You can just see the picture as below.


MySpace is a lifestyle social networking that contain over millions of peoples. All of the users in MySpace include you and me are playing a very important role in keeping the community safe. “Safety Tips” is a webpage in MySpace that helping us to know how all MySpace users can keep safe while playing social networking like MySpace.

On this page, you will find some safety information, tips and some resources to navigate online communities. MySpace promise that to keep MySpace users safe online through unique safety features and technology, partnerships with safety organizations and law enforcement, and our support of new laws that will nurture the growth of online safety tools, education and research.

5.1 For Parents and Educators

Millions of people are using MySpace. Some of them are teenagers. They have their own personal MySpace profile. As a parent or educator, you may worry about what do teenagers do with MySpace. Do they safety while playing MySpace? There are a lots of question might be come out from parents and educators.

For parents and educators, MySpace have already set some rules and regulations for teenagers. For those teenagers who want to register a MySpace account, must be at least 13 years old. Those teenagers are below 13 years old are not permitted to register. MySpace provide this rule because those teenagers are below 13 years old is not mature. They don’t have analysis skill to analyse what can learn and what they can’t learn.

In additional, MySpace also will automatically assign a Private Profile for those users are below 18 years old. Private Profile means that only account users will know their last name or email address can contact them or view their profile. This information will not show to other MySpace users. MySpace needs to protect some teenagers are below 18 years old. It is because their personal details might be stealing and contact with them.

No matter how many rules and regulations that MySpace had set, parents and educators must keep looking on their child. It is because rules and regulations just have little helps. The most important is parents and educators must always communicate with their children. They need to talk with them always and ask what they doing with MySpace.

5.2 For Teenagers

MySpace is a public space. It might have some stranger add you as friend. For teenagers, you might not put your contact number, house address and something easy to contact you in MySpace. It will let stranger easier to find you. Besides that, you also not take some harmful picture and those pictures with your uniform. It can cause stranger go your school to find you.

Furthermore, teenagers might protect your privacy. Remember set your profile to private which lets only your friends can view your profile. Teenagers also might only accept friend invitations from people you know and trust.

Moreover, if teenagers see those inappropriate contents, they should tell their parents or adults report these kinds of thing to MySpace. Inappropriate contents such as violence picture, sexual picture and etc. These will affect the thinking of teenagers.

“Think before you post”. Teenagers must think before what you have post on MySpace. When you uploaded something on MySpace, it can downloaded by someone else. Hence, teenagers might not post anything that they don’t want show to other.


MySpace is a social networking that provide us highly entertainment such as music, video, games and else. There had huge of people become MySpace members. MySpace created in 2003 until present. MySpace is similar with Friendster. Both of them also can let users design layout themselves.

The most famous application in MySpace is MySpace Music. MySpace Music can let us search the artist that we loved and add the artists’ song into our playlist. We also can buy artists songs and artists album through MySpace. MySpace Music will also have “Top Artists”, “Top Albums” and “Top Videos” in MySpace.

Before I do this assignment, I don’t know what MySpace is. According to my opinion, MySpace just is a social networking. But, after I do my assignment, I feel that I was wrong. MySpace is not only a social networking. It is also a place that helps us connect with our favourite artists. We can know what our favourite artists do recently in MySpace.

Through doing this assignment, I also know we can create a playlist that we want in MySpace. Besides create playlist, I know how to add songs into playlist and edit playlist. Furthermore, I also know how to find the artists result that I want.

I found that MySpace really have many benefit for those who like music. Music is a part of our life. We can search the artist latest songs on our artists’ MySpace profile. MySpace really is a good website to us. I will introduce this website to all of my friends to share the benefit.


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