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Is The Internet Destroying Tv Media Essay

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Wordcount: 2602 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Is the Internet demolishes the television industry or not? Internet is a way of communication betwixt the people belong from one or different countries of the world. It is a universal system betwixt the computers connected with eachother. Whereas television is also a source of communication but it is somewhat restricted as compare to internet in many aspects, but there are some pros and some cons of these restrictions discussed later on in the paper. Television is a device on which we see the videos that are transmitted in the form of signals through television stations.

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Critics said that the television industry is now at verge where five years earlier newspaper industry was standing, and now newspaper industry lose its market because people prefer to catch all the information on the internet. But for newspaper people have to pay some price but if they read the news on the internet then they do not have to pay extra price because they already have the internet connection. But there is much difference betwixt the television and the newspaper industry, news can be read on the internet, no doubt the fashion shows, dramas, films are all available on the internet but to see all that on the television, has its own charm.

It is depicted that television industry is not taking the issue seriously, just like the affected newspaper industry, they bragged on the basis of their revenues and earnings. Now before proceeding further, there comes a question across the mind that either the television industry cannot perceive that challenge or they want to close their eyes. Basically there are brain barriers and because of these barriers we cannot judge the right path and if judge then we cannot follow that path, we can quote the example of Motorola and Nokia in this regard. Again comes to the point that what is the ground behind this topic. Everyone looks for ease and for its wellbeing, so he/she always prefer, who becomes able to take care and fulfill his/her demands.

Business models on which television industry works from its existence is that there must be no other option for the people besides the television for entertainment purposes. Now as the videos and documentaries are the basis on the base of which television industry makes business, so they ever never wants that these contents must be available from some other source. There must be no alternative other than television for employers to advertize their products. Cable operators are allowed to transmit their programs. Besides this all television companies made check points in the path of cables and they spend a lot of money in order to make it sure that either all the restrictions are followed at that check points or not.

Now look at the other side a lot of new options are available for the people for entertainment and creativity purposes on the internet. As on the internet mini games are available and besides this many social sites are present on the internet and on these sites you become interconnect with a lot of people belonging from all the regions, cultures and religions of the world. On these social sites you share your views and ideas with your friends and with the other people and have a lot more fun than just seeing the programs on the television. Because here you receives a sudden response of your thoughts and the questions raised in your minds from the people you care for. Beside this a lot more things are available on these sites for passing time and making fun, these sites are like Facebook, Tagged, Orkut etc.

All the programs dramas and television shows are now available on the internet on the sites like YouTube, Googlevideo, Hulu, Netflix etc. On television there is restriction that everyone has to watch the program on its time and if time passed then you cannot watch that particular episode of that drama. But on the internet there is no time scheduling, whenever you have some time free and you want to have some entertainment then sit in front of your computer system and log onto the desired site and see the episode that you want or whatever other you want to see. Besides this many other videos like movies and shows are uploaded on the internet and if not bragging then whatever you want is available on the internet.

If we come from entertainment side to education side then also there is no competitor that provides more help to the students. All type of books, scholarly articles, research papers and software are present on the internet. It can be said that someone using internet finds all he/she wants from education point of view to entertainment point of view, there’s no need to go here and there. If simply said then there is no need to run behind the useless options. Keeping in view all these factors television industry responds to this situation by taking some turns, like the viewers should have choice and their views gets importance that which program they want to see and which not. Time schedule of the admired shows are changed so that they will be played on that time on which most of the viewer ship is available. Television industry owners start a plan that every program that runs on the television set is made available for downloading and available up to 24 hours. Educational programs are started that also constitute video libraries and scholar’s guidance online. But besides this, who wants to pay such high licensing fees for television sets, whereas they do not have to see all the programs, in the Finland the licensing fee is betwixt 224.30 to 232.20 euro per month.

Because of Satellite technology internet is available all over the world. Therefore, why someone restrict his/herself to see only 5, 10 or 50 channels? Now no matter where you are, either you are in home or you are travelling, you can see millions of television channels on your mobile set. It cannot be said that the producers or fun creators are demolished, because if they have talent and capabilities then they can post their creations to YouTube and make money, and many of the people do that. NO doubt that television remains as a decoration piece for the bed rooms, guest rooms and it considers as a symbol that provides a time in which all the members of a family sit together and watch the program but now internet gradually makes television existence unnecessary in the homes.

One of the main reasons that why people love internet or give internet priority over the television is because of time. Somehow it is discussed earlier that internet can be used according to the time schedule that you made but television cannot be watched according to your time schedule. You should have to change your time table according to the programs you want to watch on the television. This is a big reason, we live in the age of machines and to exist in this world everyone have to behave like a machine otherwise someone other push him aside and takes his/her place. So in this busy schedule no one have enough time to spare in order to watch the television program and feel free. But besides this incase of internet, whenever he/she found some extra or spare time he/she sit in front of personal computer and log onto his/her desired site and watch what he/she wants to see or read newspapers, journals, blogs, play games and many other things to do.

On these sites like hulu, every episode of every show that runs on the television is present. Recording shows present on these sites unlike on the television in which many commercials are present that makes the mood off, includes some commercials not with more than thirty second play time. According to a common observation YouTube is considered better among the people or viewers as compares to the television. Now, why it is better? It is better because just on one site everyone can find, whatever he/she wants. On this site every type of video include music programs, recorded and live programs of every singer, dramas and fashion shows in short all that, someone can thinks of is in front of him/her. Then who goes and sit in front of television to see the program. Every program that runs on television, after sometime usually less than one and a half day is posted and can be seen on the YouTube.

Internet no doubt adversely affects the television industry, because televisions programs are present on their sites, on some sites you can see live television channels. Now when something is available all the time on the internet and everyone is sure about this, then who view that program on the television. So television industries acclaim their rights. On television most of the programs are telecasted two or three times for the viewers that who cannot see the program one time can see it again. But now if that program is found on the internet sites before it’s repeat telecast on the television then who see that episode. Now when the advertising companies, who give their adds to the television industries for the advertisement comes to know that this television has no viewership then they take their ads back from them and give to others. So it is a matter to worry about because no ads means no money to the television companies from this side and they cannot survive on the license fees.

Internet is becoming a platform for the international businesses today and millions of ads are present on the internet on various sites. On the internet illegal or corrupt businesses is on its peak. There are lots of techniques available to cheat the people on the internet, because on internet you are not face to face with the people, whom you in contact and you can easily deceive the other person. The u torrents and bit torrents sites from which people download movies are illegal sites that cause damage to the film and television industry in millions of dollars. Because earlier when movies are released then people watched that movie in the cinema, on television and after that they purchased compact discs and digital video discs to see the movie. But now majority of the people do not go cinema and wait that when it is available on the internet. Similarly television sites available on the internet basically steal the data from televisions and illegally posted it on the internet. So television industries want that there must be restrict copyright laws and no one can dare to forbid those laws.

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Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme is established and television industry invested a lot of money on this but no gain. This scheme restricts downloads from the illegal television sites but in spite of all this television industry squander billions of dollars because of piracy. Besides all this if television industry has to survive, then they should build their own site on which one can see the live programs. And all the programs that are being played, their saved copies must be present on the site, so that if someone misses that particular episode then they can watch it on some other time. Advertisements should be less and of short duration during the drama or show because it takes away all the charm. Advertisements must be creative that gains the attention of everyone and no one get bored. The dramas and shows must be consists of less episodes, and the time and routine of programs must be arranged by the people who go into the communities and perceive ideas from the viewers that on which time which program should be telecasted. In order to protect their selves, owners of television industries must have to take all matters seriously and be keen to sort out solution for these problems otherwise this mighty flood of internet sweep away all of them.

In last it is concluded that, internet destroying the television. Internet offers so much diversity that no one can leave it. Internet becomes the need of time; everyone who wants to succeed in this life must have solid know how about internet. Internet gains the attention of people from all walks of life just because of its diversity. A student gets notes, books, research papers and a lot more knowledge regarding his/her particular subject on the internet. A businessman can found a lot of skills, techniques and paths to improve his/her business. Nowadays online business moves forward to wrap the whole world. Similarly musicians, and for those who just login to entertain their selves, internet equips all what they need. So in short it can be said that oneself sit in front of his/her personal computer and open the internet interface then he/she explore whole new world, in which he/she can visit wherever he/she wants.

Now there is so much charm present in it that you lost yourself when you use internet. More precisely it can be said that people become ‘internet worms’. Whereas in case of television, it cannot be said that television has no popularity but its popularity is decreasing day by day and might be the reason is that people gets the alternative path. Because this is the nature of human beings that wherever they see some more lightening they go there. Similar is the case here, as discussed above that television has no such type of options, as offered by the internet. So people use internet because whatever they see on the television is now available on the internet, but the videos, information and options available on the internet is not in television. So automatically the side of internet becomes heavy. And gradually internet took away the business of television industries.

But internet is just like a sea in which all sort of information, and all type of videos either they are good or not present. Now it is on the users that how much he/she is mature. For example internet offers option of chat and various sites allowed this as MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Tagged and soft-wares like Skype and many more. But it depends on a particular person that he/she used these benefits in the positive way or not, like he/she interacts with his/her colleagues or classmates for discussing something relating to business or education, or he/she only chitchat with others or make others fool.

This is behind approach to discuss pros and cons of internet in this paper, but just to make it clear that no doubt television industry is destroyed by the internet, but everything can be seen from two perspectives, and after seeing both sides one must have to decide that either this is wrong or not. Television industry besides some disadvantages has the advantage that all the programs telecasted on it are watchable with family members and as no one can change their schedule therefore habit to manage time is developed. And as no one can proceed forward or backward the program according to his/her will, so a sense is developed that it is impossible that everything in the life is according to our will so we have to control ourselves. But whatever the results, circumstances and facts told that the future is of internet, no television, no radio, no newspaper can compete with the internet technology.


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