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Is Globalisation All About Technological Development Media Essay

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Globalization can be defined as the removing of borders and barriers to facilitate easy exchange of ideas, resources and knowledge between countries. Globalization describes the process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication, transportation, and trade.

People around the globe are more connected to each other today than ever before in the history of mankind. Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is more frequent. International communication is usual. This phenomenon has been titled ‘Globalization.’

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It may be said that globalization is not a new phenomenon. It has been taking place for hundreds of years. The Romans used monetary systems, road infrastructure and a system of rules and order to maintain control over a widely dispersed empire. It is only the speed and extent of globalization has increased significantly over the past 15 years largely as a result of several developments: technological developments, better transport facility, which have led to a diminished importance of distance in trade. Income and technology have converged globally, particularly as China and India have experienced substantial economic growth resulting in reductions in poverty levels and rising incomes. Production processes have been relocated globally through off shoring and outsourcing of production. Trade and capital market integration has accelerated.

It has helped countries to build a global market where they share new technologies and innovations. It has therefore created a global free market for goods and services. Since companies have moved overseas, goods and services are easily available and at affordable prices. It has been observed that countries are becoming dependent on each other for various resources. Even the dependence on cheap and new technologies is increasing all over the world. The integration of all major economies and major populations of the world, levels of dispersion of production processes around the world, development of more sophisticated financial markets and greater trade and investment flows than previously, have lead to an unprecedented pace of global economic integration.

Production processes are also becoming increasing geographically fragmented. Historically, manufacturing plants were located in one place. For example, the earliest car manufacturing plants had all of their production processes located in one place, making it possible to observe basic raw materials being transformed into a car. Today, firms are breaking down the production chains into smaller discrete tasks that can be performed in different locations which allows them to achieve a competitive advantage (such as to minimize the costs, and to gain access to skills and knowledge or better access to markets). It is becoming an increasingly common feature in many large companies to locate their research and development in one country and their manufacturing plants in other countries.

Usually, U.S., or China are talked about when we look forward for technical assistance. When it comes to production of electronics in particular, we can always quote that the world is dependent on China and Japan. The maximum goods are produced in China because of its cheap labor and advance technology assistance. The only question to be raised is that has globalization led to technological dependence or technological assistance. If we talk about technological assistance then we should not forget the concept of INTERNET. This has helped to define globalization as a path of creating connectivity between people of different culture across the world. Today we can communicate easily with people sitting across the globe. In fact we can easily acquire information and details on various products on internet. Even education can be provided through the net facility, whereby a student can have access to his teacher with the help of internet facility. More over companies like Educomp is providing facility of smart class teaching whereby students can study in monitor the practical aspect of what he was earlier just learning in theory.

Apart from technological benefits, globalization has also removed the barrier of place and time i.e., geographical barrier which has directly benefited the society at a large. The availability to various international products at every corner of the world is like a gift to society. Its not only about availability but availability at affordable prices. Earlier if people had to purchase some product of some international brand say Apple, they use to think of USA. But now if one wants to buy the latest product they can just visit nearby store to fulfill their desire.

Further facilities like cold storage has helped people to store various goods over a longer period of time at a cost which is tolerable. Earlier there use to be wastage of excess production of foods and vegetable due to absence of market. About 40% of food produced use to get wasted because of lack of cold storage. These days it is easily possible to store these products and are therefore available in off seasons also which leads to proper and optimal utilization of resources. There are even readymade food products available in the market which makes the life simpler for working people and also helps in saving their time. Moreover with the help proper storage of excess productions goods can be exported and imported easily. For instance, Mango a seasonal fruit usually is grown in large quantity in India. But cold storage facility and easy transportation has made it easy to export them in countries where the demand is high but supply is less.

If we talk about commodities, high levels of demand in countries such as China are also impacting on the prices of commodities, particularly metals. These metal price rises are highly advantageous to countries that have high reserves of various metals such as Australia and Chile (copper). Countries that have a comparative advantage in commodities such as metals and other energy products can obtain significant benefits from globalization, particularly as other countries’ economies grow. As production expands in countries where there are relatively low levels of raw materials and energy supplies relative to exports of manufactured products, such as China, there will be increasing demand for the raw material and energy inputs for the goods produced.

It is because of the globalisation that the gap between cultural behavior and thought is reducing. Earlier every country had their own castes and culture, whereby people generally communicated in their national language and it was very difficult for a foreign person to understand and communicate with locals. But globalization has helped to remove this disparity also by making a standard language for people to communicate in. Since people all over the world are familiar with English it has become easy to communicate for everyone. In fact in India where there is more than one culture, it has made easy for the people to interact very fluently. Even a change in dressing sense of people is seen as a remarkable change because of globalization. People generally have a common dress code of jeans, trouser, shirt, t-shirt. Whereas earlier every culture had their own dress code. It is just because of globalization that has created a demand for like products across the world. Hence now it is all about commonness between common and like people.

The Olympics is another landmark which has contributed to society by giving a common platform for various countries to compete in terms of their sports. It is seen as an event where without any cultural and racial discrimination people show a sense of togetherness. We show a sign of respect for each other, which help us to make earth a better place to live in. To conclude can we say that globalization has lead to liberalization. To be precise it seems more about modernization rather than liberalization. Today almost all the developed and even some developing countries are trying to adapt the western culture and hence becoming modern people by giving up their social norms and responsibilities.

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Today we have become so technologically oriented that we will feel paralyzed without it. From morning to evening we take assistance of technology to live a comfortable life. All the credit goes to globalization which has made it so easy for us, that everything is available at our door step. It seems really difficult to vision a life without technology. A simple device as mobile has become a necessity for every individual. Earlier it was just telephone which was sufficient but those days with simple lives are long gone. In fact now it is used just in fax machine, for data transfer instead of its primary use of medium of communication. The change of idea and usage of product is so variable and vast that it’s just not a gift to society but a blessing to mankind.

“Guy Brainbant: says that the process of globalization not only includes opening up of world trade, development of advanced means of communication, internationalization of financial markets, growing importance of MNC’s, population migrations and more generally increased mobility of persons, goods, capital, data and ideas but also infections, diseases and pollution.”(www.wikipedia.com)

Today our society is more driven by the concept of efficiency, latest innovation. We are often attracted towards goods and services which are newly launched. There might not be a very urgent need but it creates a place for itself in the market. We seem to be forgetting the difference between our needs and comfort. Whatever is comfortable is becoming a need for us. What we require today is more of comfortable life than a standard life and in this race we are leaving our culture and ethics far behind. Generations have survived without such comfort, then how difficult should it be for us? What has made us to be so dependent that we have lost the importance of all our being? The answer is Globalization, an infection, a disease.

proposals put forward by some groups internationally. One of the main causes of projected growth in CO2 emissions is rising energy consumption. Among high consumers of energy China is one country where use of energy and CO2 levels are expected to rise significantly. China also has a high level of reliance on coal for energy supplies relative to other countries.

Globalization has contributed a lot to society but has in return taken away the real value of our lives. Earlier people used to stay under one roof and had a feeling of respect towards elders. Even today we have respect but the respect is for money and monetary value. We have started valuing things over life. Is that the reason why it’s so difficult for people to stay under one roof. It seems we have become human mechanics which is hardly left with any emotions. Had so not been the scenario then there would have not been the need for old age homes.

The question lies is what has made our life so fast and furious that we leave behind those dear ones to suffer when they need us the most. Is the thirst of staying ahead or a desire to win a race which never existed few years ago. Once again its globalization that has created such a competitive environment that everyone wants to outperform the other. It has rather become so important to perform that we forget about the people who helps us to form our life. What is the need of old age home if someone still has a son or a daughter who should be taking care of them.

It is proven fact that some people are leaving theirs morals behind. But thanks to few people that even in today’s world humanity exists. It is all about being there for people when they need support of people. “A small act of guiding one voluntarily when someone is going wrong reflects humanity.”

The very concept of nuclear family is exchange of human thoughts from the Eastern countries to rest of the world. People today in race of being independent are forgetting the importance of togetherness. People like to shift to developed countries to make their career and lifestyles better. What they leave behind is their near and dear ones. At times it becomes difficult for parents to fight for their survival. In most of the modern countries like Singapore the major problem is that people are becoming too career-oriented and technology oriented. Hence they have lack of time for interaction and socializing with the people around them. They not only refuse to socialize with people around them but also their dear ones. The research has proved that most of the old people in these kinds of countries spend a very lonely and depressed old age hood. They don’t have anyone to look after them. At this juncture they look forward to old age homes where they spend their time in some comfort because somewhere they feel the absence of their dear ones. The very concept of Old age home is to give support to elderly people who are in need of great help. One can say it to be a place for the most needed people, where they don’t need anything else. Hence, globalization can play a major role in helping such groups of people instead of improving the lifestyles for the people who already have good lifestyles. For instance globalization helps in improving the standard of living of rich people but does not help the poor people at all, who are the majority in the society. Therefore, it can be concluded that globalization has better role to play for the society in the other ways and not only by improving the pattern of life style by introducing new technologies everyday.


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