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Internet Technology: The End Of Printed Newspaper

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Wordcount: 1171 words Published: 24th Apr 2017

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Competition between print and online News and Information Media. According to research the growing usage of internet technology has intensified competitions and now publishers are facing more threats from online marketing leading to decline in readership of printed newspaper. Printed newspaper is finding it hard to attract young readers to replace the old ones amounting to drop in revenue on intermedia advertising market.(Richard van der wurff,2005.Gazette Vol No .1, pg 107)

The internet exacerbates these threats by enabling the entry of new competitors

With new online products on the internet news market.

Publishers are now faced with increasing competition from foreign newspapers and other media organisation; some of these competitions offers online news for free and also use internet technology to create electronic markets and job sites that compete with the printed newspaper in the classified and job advertising markets. Printed newspaper therefore facing threats from their core business and the sales of news and sales of access to audience. .(Richard van der wurff,2005.Gazette Vol No .1., pg 107)

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At the same time internet technology empowers newspaper publisher to innovate their product and to target new audience by using the internet as a marketing channel to reach young potential customers, who do not read the printed newspaper, publisher can also use the internet to serve foreign customers with online electronic editions of the news that before was expensive ,they can also use the internet to strengthen relationship with existing readers by offering new services like breaking news and classified ad sites collecting readers information establishing a two way communication with readers.

According to van der wurff in his contribution in the Gazette he suggested that publishers

Make better use of these opportunities when they face stronger competition from online

competitors. Provided they have the financial means to do so. At the beginning of the 21st

century few print media has delved into online market creating their own brand like

the economy and financial magazine the agriculture magazine can access online but

still keep the valuable part to prints subscribers. Print newspaper publishers are now facing

problems from ISPs and other information providers.(Richard van der wurff,2005.Gazette

Vol No. 1, pg 108)

The mediatisation of the net and internetization of Traditional Media

Newspaper publishers are now required to change their business model as gate keepers of information and embrace the media logic of interractiveness, personalization, immediacy and multimedia. Their new role would be to facilitate communications between readers and between readers and journalists. Readers rather than journalists would decide what news readers would receive, and readers would become important originators of content, too. Online editions would make this content available in real-time, and text would be sexed up with moving images and sound.(Richard van der wurff,2005.Gazette Vol No. 1, pg 108)

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Other contribution by o’sullivan observes that traditional media including newspaper publisher, dominate the online news environment in his case in Ireland. Traditional media have the largest supply of online news, and in addition syndicate their content to other online providers. He also shows that websites of newspaper publishers in Ireland tend to look like transmission sites. They offer little interactivity and multimedia, and mainly provide the same news as their printed counterparts. This does not imply that editors do not see that internet, in principle, offers them opportunities to improve the print format, and to provide greater depth and diversity. Yet, online editors operate in the same political-economic environment and face at least the same problems and time constraint as their printed counterparts. It is therefore as difficult for them as for editors of printed newspapers to give minority views an equal voice. The standard in online journalism is threatened by publishers who attempt to reduce costs by employing inexperienced journalist on low pay, and by tight deadlines. According to editors, maintain high journalistic skills is imperative-but costs money, as does offering interactivity and communication between journalists and readers.o’sullivan concludes that online news, when distributed for free, cannot escape the norms of broadcasting media.

In Search for Newspaper Role Online

The combined developments of the mediatisation of the internet and the internetization of traditional media do not resolve the competitive challenge that news publishers face. Increasing competition between old and new news media forces newspaper publishers to find an appropriate position or niche for online newspapers in the newspaper market, next to other news media and in particular next to printed newspapers. The publisher needs to differentiate their online news from the printed newspaper to prevent market cannibalization. Differentiation can be realized by emphasizing internet-specific features (e.g. interactivity), by offering different content (e.g. local community information), or both. Differentiaition, however, brings additional cost for publishers. Has argued by o’sullivan.

Salaverria suggested whether and how newspapers have informative and critical role to play in emergency situations. He analysis how Spanish international online newspapers reported in real-time on events of the 11 September 2001.he argued that the internet has become a global information medium on its own. A multitude of people used the net directly after the event to be informed. This create technical problems(congestions, long download times), which suggests that the internet has not yet reached maturity as a technological medium. Publisher addressed the issue by trimming down the home page size. Another problem was to that the pressure to keep up with the events led online newspapers to make mistakes. More troublesome is that newspapers did not formally rectify their mistakes, but simply removed the wrong statement from the web.

The debate still continues over where news rooms need to take their content. Online content has been offered free in most cases to readers for years. Will online readers be willing to pay for content in the future?

For decades, there was never any doubt that printing had a future-the printing industry became the synonym for a sector with uninterrupted growth. Paper consumption and press output was the yardstick of wealth, civilization and economic power. Today, the increasing trend towards digitization and computerization of the media, coupled with the explosion of the Internet, has prompted many players in the printing industry to wonder whether print still has a future. The answer is a resounding yes. However, great changes are afoot…


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