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Internet Addiction Especially For Young People Media Essay

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Wordcount: 1973 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Today, surfing the web has become a hobby such like going to bars, shopping the malls or watching movies. As the internet has become a major part of mainstream of life, some of the mental health professionals have marked that there is a percentage of people using the internet in a compulsive and out-of-control behavior. In Japan (April 2010), a 30-year-old man who is addicted to internet killed his father and his 1 year-old niece because his father terminated the contract of internet broadband. He then set up a fire and burnt his house. In this case, 2 people died and 3 people injured. This phenomenon of obsessive of internet usage has been termed “Internet Addiction” based on its resemblance to common addictions such as drinking, smoking, and gambling. “Internet Addiction” has even been the best as a concrete disorder, notably by some psychologists. Since the internet is used by all of us as a regular part of their job or education, it is difficult to separate those excessive from normal use and which cannot use simple measures. Most fundamental in distinguishing normal from problem internet user is the occurrence of compulsion to use the internet. For normal users, even how heavy is their usage of the internet, they would not neglect their occupation and their relationships with their family and friends to get online.

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Mental health professionals are break as to whether “Internet addiction” is true existing or not. No one argues that some people use the internet in an obsessive behavior even to a point where it interferes their working performance and social relationships. What doubtful is whether people becomes addicted to the internet itself, or the inspiration and information that the website provides. The argument circumfluence the “Internet Addiction” is accurately whether people addicted to the internet itself, or to the inspiration via the net, such as online gambling, sex sites or even communication with friends via chat and blogs. Some psychologists do not regard in addiction to the internet itself, but rather in addiction to inspiration that the internet provides. They propose that new internet users often show an initial fascination with the innovation of the web, but eventually lose interest and reduce their time spent online back to a normal, healthy amount. Those abuser who do go on to show obsessive internet utilization, for the most parts become compulsive only with considering to particular types of information got online, such as online gambling, facebook-ing, writing blogs, chat room or shopping sites. This is not an addiction to the internet itself, but rather risk-taking, sex, socializing or shopping. In real meaning, the main addictive characteristic of the internet is its capability to enable instant and relatively social stimulation. It is true that the internet has made it easier and more convenient for someone to develop such a compulsion. However “Addicted” Internet users are addicted to a preferred kind of social inspiration and not to the internet itself.

The youngster nowadays can easily become addicted to the internet, they are often compelled to face their poor background growth; dysfunctional caring and lack of positive parenting skills. Its effects can easily be seen to those youngsters who are suffering from the above. Internet addicts can hardly lead to a normal life. In recent years, an increasing number of internet addicts are opened to voluntary treatment. Yet, many others are less able to resist temptation. Internet addicts are deprived of a happy life, some youth who grow up in poor family and lack of caring will seek for alternative to fulfill their psychological needs and desires; it is kind of a compensation or a replacement to them. The level of compensation depends on the individual factors, such as their ability of self control, as well as their capability of problem solving and anxiety management. Eventually such a harsh life often results in stress and strains. Some young people use internet for fun, while others take it in order to escape from the reality which cause them easily indulge with the internet.

Internet addicts usually have no self-confidence and self-respect, as their personal identity; autonomy; and relationships with peers may not be satisfied through interactive activities, they may then try to shed social inhibitions, which leads to one of the indulgence, Internet addiction. If they are not pleasure with their free time, they may tend to seek for excitement from cyberspace and therefore, their addiction is undoubtfully increased. We can not deny that the encouragement of society and the common use of Internet activities (e.g. school education) have raised the level of Internet addiction not only in Hong Kong but all over the world. The Government; teachers and parents should do their best to uproot the vice of internet addiction; to educate the young people to avoid insidious attraction which will soon become physically and psychologically dependent on the computer and internet services. The government may provide more education and recreation centres; promote more ‘a proper use’ of internet publicity campaigns for the young people to develop a healthier lifestyle. Teachers should educate their students by implying positive attitudes towards their indulgence of internet. Internet addiction can brings immeasurable harm to youngsters and the consequences are far-reaching, once addicted, they will find it very difficult to abstain from using the internet even though they know they may have a lot of necessary tasks to complete in their lives. This may result another problem, their outbreaks of tempers are very common among internet addicts, this causes a break down in their family relationships, and therefore, parents should pay more attention to their children in order to know their needs and discomfort in daily life.

Internet addiction is not classified as a formal mental health disorder. However, mental health professionals who have written about the subject note symptoms or behaviors that, if sufficient numbers has shown, it may indicate problematic use of internet. These include: Obsession with the Internet which user often thinks about the Internet while they are not on the line. Loss of control; addicted users feel unable or unwilling to stay away from the computer. They can be just sitting down to check e-mails or look for certain information, which can be finished in an hour, however, they can end up staying online for hours. They lose the ability to resist temptation. Inexplicable sadness or moodiness when not online; Dependence on any stuff often causes mood-changing side effects when the addicts is separated from the stuff on which he or she depends on. Distraction is one common symptom of many Internet addicts which it is the compulsion to cheer one’s self up by associating themselves on the Web. Besides, addicts may end up lying to family members about how long they spend online, or find other ways not to disclose the depth of their involvement with the Internet. Furthermore, it will lead to a loss of a treasurable relationship due to internet use that when users over spend time on the internet, as they often ignore their personal relationships. Time over time, those relationships may fail as friends and family members refuse to be treated badly and tend to wanting to break off the relations with the addicted individuals.

Compulsive Internet use is a serious problem for certain people, and there are some methods that can be helpful in easing the problem. Internet addiction is a problem of compulsive inspiration, much like drug addiction. Because of this resemblance, compulsory treatment and rehabilitation programmes known to be useful to help drug addicts on recovery are suitable to use on Internet addicts when the need wakes. ‘Cognitive-behavioral’ therapy is a well known technique which is drawn from a popular school of therapy. These forms of therapy are well studied and very helpful when applied to different behavioral and mental difficulties. They are functional and concentrate on decreasing out of control ‘addict’ behaviors, and preventing slip back.

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In curing drug addiction, usually the goal of therapy is abstinence but it doesn’t really make sense for Internet addition. The Internet has become a basic part of modern business. It could become a serious burden if we ask people not to use the internet. In place of abstinence, a better aim for Internet addiction therapy is reduce the total amount of time of using the internet. Since Internet addicts literally will have difficulty in controlling themselves from the Internet, therapy techniques can be more motivated to reduce the temptation, and becoming more conscious of the possible grim drawbacks of over-using the Internet. Therapists will also gradually help the addicts to recognize ‘triggers’ that lead to over-used of the Internet. Some ignorant addicts simply believe that their indulgence is kind of “just happen” and that they have no responsibilities or no role on the matter. Therapists will often discuss in details on the indulgence with addicts so that they have the consciousness of their triggers and can choose to act in a substitute way when they next become defenseless.

To divide identifying triggers, is to help addicts not to over-hooked up to the internet. At times, internet is necessary to in line with the educational purpose, but restriction is vital at home, some sensitive disseminate information should be blocked by the parents. Therapists set realistic and measurable goals for their internet usage with their parents. Patients are asked to count their total time of using the Internet in a log which is for the therapy to use on the track progress. To ensure this goal is achieved, users can count on timers or alarms, so as to count how long did they spent online. We all understand it is never easy to achieving our goals and self-discipline ourselves. Therapists help addicts to keep up this disciplined work by giving weekly progress reports and set up rewards for them when goals have been met. Sharing with a therapist, or with a family member in the programme can help motivation to decrease the Internet surfing time.

Scientific invention has caused a great change in the mode of life of most people in the world, people’s lifestyle have greatly improved, and influences our daily life in many ways and has far-reaching consequences in all walks of life. It cannot be denied that technological advance has brought us a much better and easier life than we had ever dreamt of, and greatly raise our standard of living and bring us material enjoyment. Internet saves us a lot of trouble and time; it also provides different kinds of amusement, enjoyment and luxury. The increasing use of computers and the constantly improved electronic data processing techniques have brought revolutionary changes to our daily life. At the same time, it can also destroy our lives without our consciousness; we may find ourselves in a state of constant oppression both in mind and body. In fact, living in an era of science, we are far from a natural placid life. As a result, some people may suffer from mental illness or a nervous breakdown; interpersonal relationships have not been given the attention they deserve. When we weight up the situation, however, we find that science technologies has more advantages than disadvantages. If progress in science is being used to serve good purposes, it can indeed be a great blessing to human kind.


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