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Impact Of Mass Media On The Society Media Essay

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Media relationships with policymakers showed different shapes of dealings with informations since long ago. In the past it was understood that the medias impact on policy happened in a direct approach, mostly when journalists were detached from the leading decisions. Media inquiries introduced by common public feelings usually help in spreading the public view, individuals act together in order to force the government to reform public policies according to the general public requirements. For example in France, during the presidential election many French citizens were against most laws concerning retirement benefits. Massive protestations forced the government to change some laws. Another example is that, linear concept has been lately labelled by the “Mobilisation Model” instead of being labelled “Popular Mobilisation”. This concept suggests that peoples play major roles in policymaking practices; other political scientists’ views were different, some propose that exceptional interest groups and further influential political leaders control the policymaking progressions but not the citizens. Protess, Curtin, Gordon, Leff, and Miller (19) share the same point of view and state that policymaking reforms frequently take place regardless the public opinion. They involved some ethnographic investigations of reporters and policymakers to demonstrate how prepublication cooperation published by journalism and policymakers may influence policy outlines and decisions, not the common public impression.

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For example the website of the “Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Carl Bernstein” posted a sample of the cooperation between the “CIA and the Media” stating that, “Joseph Alsop”, known as one of the American famous columnist working with a specific association, proceeded to the Philippines in 1953 to report news concerning the election. He wasn’t asked to attend the event by his association however the journal concerned to post his column. Reasonably, he was there due to the CIA demand. During the past two decades over four hundred American journalists operated secretly for the sake of CIA “Central Intelligence Agency”, as some tasks were directly assigned by the center of operations at the CIA. They were attending as some detectives used to go in most Communist countries.

Journalists serviced their assistance to the (CIA) during a long period of time as a matter of fact; copyreaders and reporters shared their works with CIA members. In several cases, CIA papers indicate that reporters were involved to achieve duties for the CIA with the permission and agreement of the administrations of America’s leading newscast establishments (Bernstein).

Such relationships were realized to have a major consequence on policy establishment. Sometimes they use it for what can be called policy opportunities. By getting or constructing all the information in advance, they are more able to control their media reportage to exploit and defused positive advertising for their policies.

In this way, they could be viewed as part of the solution even if they initially created the problem “Protess, Curtin, Gordon, Leff, and Miller 166-185”. This interdependent relationship, involving dynamic cooperation between presses and policymakers to govern policymaking outlines has been called as “coalition journalism.”

Moltosh, Protess, and Gordon would totally stand against this way of being a journalist.

The influence of policymakers in the cinema industry is also relevant according to The Guardian “One of the UK’s leading newspapers” in 2012-08-29. The conservative right-hand transparency group, “Judicial Watch”, expressed in August 2012 a new bunch of papers presenting how president Obama management showed evidence and data to “Hollywood film-makers” concerning for example Bin Laden attack. To be politically supportive, Obama administrators intended to allow the creation of a pre-election film regarding that “heroic” assassination. Although at the same time, many attorneys and also lobbyist asserted to media channels that no revelation was allowed because the attack was classified.

This illustrates how policymakers could influence film-makers to produce intended films that control the flow of the public opinion and govern their own policies “Guardian”.

The impact of the CNN effect is also very obvious in the foreign policymaking. A lot of revisions have determined that the media has a crucial role in affecting some countries foreign policymaking procedures done by the concept of “CNN effect, Gilboa 27-44”. Not related only to the CNN effect on policymaking, but relatively on the influence of global media systems to govern political progressions through a specific way of reporting matters and information.

This is mainly significant, as lots of people depend on the media to more about foreign news “Brown, and Vincent 65-79”.

Robinson in year 2000 developed the “policy-media interaction model”, using the structure of “press-state relations”. This theory was developed by Hallin in 1986 and Bennett around1990. It was used for some of US humanitarian involvements, in the year 1990. The outcomes indicated that serious reportage by the media with a powerful personal point of view on the subject had a significant impact on the public opinion. History shows that, policymakers were inexact sometimes regarding their deeds. For example, most of these interferences caused the US to defend Bosnian, especially Gorazde (1995) but to make alliances with their enemies in Kosovo in (1999). Consequently, the impact of the CNN effect would look to be different relying on the presence of unified policies concerning foreign policy issues “Robinson 613-633”.

On the social level, currently, the media is far and wide wherever the society fits, this century experienced a huge increase in communication gadgets.

Within a blink of an eye, individuals can know what their contacts are doing on Facebook, or what they writing on Twitter. Technology has offered publics tools to have access to the whole world “The Telegraph”.

The facility to continually recognize what is fashionable and stylish with superstars, how they act, what they eat, how they look, and what are their concerns, influences dramatically the whole society. Adolescents and teens always make the buzz around for them-self, uniqueness, and a sense of worth with a cool image. The supremacy of the media is a mechanism that powerfully controlled teens. According to “Gauna” most of them will end up with negative impacts.

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Teens spending times on Facebook and further social media channels are five times more expected to smoke and tree times more expected to drink alcohol than others not using social links according to “CASA”. However a number of investigators interrogated whether accessible practices on the net could essentially and possibly exposed teens to drug use. They assumed that there is no linkage between the two. A survey was held questioning about five hundred parents and two thousands of teens. The result indicated by “CASA” was that approximately seventy (70%) of the teens use social networks and about fifty (50%) of those seventy (70%) view photos of drunken teens and those who use drugs. Teens who do not utilize social networks can still view such photos but are less expected to be influenced. According to “CASA” only about 14% will be affected by what they see on internet.

Actually, social media was expected to make life easier, but it seems not convince the majority of people. Now everyone feels more relaxed when talking to others behind the screens and less comfortable to communicate personally in front of each other. Older generations maybe different and are more able to make distinctions between the social network environment and the true social world, but current generations won’t be able to realize it. When they are grown, they will have a confusing opinion about the true social communication. In worst cases, their minds will create a wrong figure of socialism and they will not be able to differentiate between the true world and the social network life. New generations should definitely be concerned by their futures. Most teenagers have difficulty to understand fundamentals that guide social media principles.

On the other hand, Dependence on social media has diminished the interactions between students and instructors as a result of emails’ communication. Just a message without any emotions or even voice tones would certainly create an interesting link. “Dr. Kelley Crowley”, an instructor of public relations states that students have become restrained and uncomfortable to talk to her in class. Relatively, they prefer and feel more relaxed to contact her via emails, behind a monitor which is detached and does not have any perspective.

To concludes, I think I said the same thing earlier in my thesis statement, and I wrote that before I read any of this research information’s. Crowley, as well adds that ducking personal communications damages the capability of younger generation. Lack of eye contact in talks and conferences in addition to poor grammar practices influences negatively their professionalism. Most students have to reduce usage of social networks and be obliged in a way or another to interact with their professors in person, with colleagues and friends through school events, clubs or trips “Meagan”.


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