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How Globalization Affects Culture Media Essay

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Culture is imperceptible influence for the world and it can spread by any way. After the World Wars, the globalization make the developed country and developing country a platform that can share their culture with other country. Couple with globalization, local culture like language, diet, movie, festival and health, it cannot only spread around the world which let culture become heterogeneous and complicated, but also the different cultures fuse with each other, it makes some cultures lose their newness and distinctiveness.


Globalization affects the language

  Globalization strengthens the communication between the world people, it leads to the language dissemination that not limited to use own language. For China, after the war broken down the increasingly isolationist of foreign policy of the Ming Dynasty. Chinese was compelled to learn the different language from intruder. For example, Shanghai Star (2002) mention that, “The first school teaching foreign languages in Shanghai was Guang Fangyan guan, established in 1863.” And in 1872, 30 people from Shanghai to the United States began to study abroad. In a short time, they overcame the language barrier and even became some of the best students in their schools. It’s a important step to achieve globalization at the history of China. At the moment, neighboring countries of China has influence by Chinese. Japanese language and Chinese language have deep relationship. Kibi no makibi, an overseas student study at Tang Dynasty, utilization of the Chinese characters component created Japanese — katakana phonetic text. Later, Kukai (dharma), one of overseas students, using Chinese characters Xingshu body creating Japanese kana script — hiragana. So, as everyone saw, Japanese include many Chinese character component.

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Globalization make the language heterogeneous and complicated, however, some smaller language was disappear cause globalization. According to Colls (n.d), “In 1992 a prominent US linguist stunned the academic world by predicting that by the year 2100, 90% of the world’s languages would have ceased to exist.” With the developed of globalization, people can communicate with the different people around the world. That makes the large language developed, like English, Chinese, French and so on.

In some countries, the second language even more used than first language. Alaska Native Language Center (n.d) found, “Alaska is home to at least 20 Native languages belonging to four distinct language families.” Futhermore, Ostler (2000) mentions, “Out of twenty native Alaskan languages, only two are still being learned by children.” Of these twenty languages, one disappeared because in 2008, the last person that spoke this language died. These languages, Eskimo-Aleut and Athabascan-Eyak-Tlingit, are big parts of Alaskan culture. In the American language environment, people use English to talk with other people. It led to the disappearance of 20 native languages quickly at Alaska. Ostler (2000) adds that, “Many linguists predict that at least half of the world’s 6,000 or so languages will be dead or dying by the year 2050. Languages are becoming extinct at twice the rate of endangered mammals and four times the rate of endangered birds. If this trend continues, the world of the future could be dominated by a dozen or fewer languages.” conclution

Globalization affects the diet

As everyone knows, different food’s origin are differents, they were spread to all over the world because globalization. Japanese is a sea island, and it’s make the seafood, such like fish, shrimp, shellfish that contains nutritions is good for people’s health, is necessary material for their diet. And they keep the nutritional value of seafood by eaten hot or cold , raw or cooked seafood. The unique food is Sushi at Japan. According to Alex Renton (2006), “Sushi’s migration and the process of its globalisation started in the large expat Japanese communities all round the Pacific rim – in western and southern America, Australia and Brazil.” Now, the Japanese sushi restaurant located around the world. And sometimes, people always saw some simple sushi shop on the street side that more people queue up to buy it. So that the world people can eat delicious and nutritive seafood by globalization. But, ten years ago, sushi is costly for the world people without Japanese. And there just were two or three Japanese restaurants located.

As everyone knows, curry’s origin is India. But now, curries of Thailand, curries of Japan and curries of China is also famous at the world. In especially, Thailand curry is popular that as Thailand’s unique food in the world. The Thailand local climate is tropical and characterized by monsoons, it makes the Thai food live on sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. In Thailand food, the most famous is the Thai curry. It’s different with India curry. In Indian cooking, ghee — a milky clarified butter — is a key constituent of their spicy curries. An overview and brief history of Thai food (n.d) adds that, “While the Thai people didn’t have as much access to or knowledge of dairy products, they successfully substituted coconut milk for this creamy ingredient in their own dishes.” So, it become popular around the world. And by globalization make more and more Thai restaurant was set up at many countries.

French diet represents polite, rigorous and romantic diet around the world. As everyone knows, French dining atmosphere that have dim lights, candles, soft music, a set table and a nice bottle of wine is the most suitable for lovers. It’s not only guide the romantic trend around the world, but also guide a lifestyle. Life elegant, enjoy every minute. To enjoy life of French, becoming the mainstream of the world.

And on the other hand, the globalization makes the diet culture spread around the world, but the unhealthy diet also was spread with globalization. In especially, French diet be changed by globalization. According to the Michael, Stefan and Dana (2003) that, “The taste for American fast-food products like McDonald’s hamburgers and Coca-Cola has long been fashionable. Urbanization is leading to more sedentary lifestyles in French. And more and more, even traditional foods are being prepared from processed flour and other ingredients that yield more calories and less healthy roughage.” conclude

Globalization affects the festival

Each country have own traditional festival. For example, Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world. The Spring Festival shows traditional culture festival. The Spring Festival is review and incentives on the peace, friendship and kinship, and is blessings and prayers for future life. And Christmas is the most important religion festival for the western people. And people exchange gifts, send Christmas cards, which are to make Christmas as a celebration time for people. Globalization make these featival spread around the world. World people can enjoy different featival culture. But, with the development of globalization, foreign culture has received more attention than the local culture.

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In recent years, more and more Chinese young people that make Christmas has become popular increasingly, they was pay close attention more for Christmas than Chinese own festival. It makes Dragon Boat Festival and other Chinese traditional festivals are classified as other country’s heritage. When Christmas coming, Chinese streets will be full of Christmas atmosphere. Roadside trees was decorative by colorful lighting; many businesses will sell Christmas items during Christmas day, like Christmas tree, santa hat. Most of young people will take party or singing song to celebration. On the contrary, young people will stay at home or play with friends like normal day at Spring Festival.

quote The young people has not strong sence for the traditional featival, and they are more likely to be novel featival to attract. The traditional festival has traditional rules that making young peopel feel bound. The Weatern Festival was spread to make them take more attention to festival that can release them emotions, such as Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day. Anxiously, along with the globalization development, some traditional festivals will be forgotten, and replaced by foreign festival.

Globalization affects the movie

Talking about movie, American film or Hollywood film is representative of the movie. Sometimes, Hollywood film leads to the world film. Action movie that have one or more heroes is thrust into a series of challenges that require physical feats, extended fights and frenetic chases is the most famous film types in the Hollywood. It attract to many people cause real behavior, great scene. In Inna Ignatovich (n.d.) opinion, “Because of the economic domination of the U.S.A. in the world and serious political and economical problems in my country, the movie theaters in our cities are filled with Hollywood action movies. The low financing available to our movie directors doesn’t give them the possibility of creating high quality art, so the movie theaters are swamped with low cost American films-violent action films. This type of dominance creates a negative effect on the young generation and can increase crime. In this situation, we see not just the spread of culture to another country, but also the spread of the problems of that culture.” Action movie set up the people’s heroes, at the same time it also praised the violence.

Globalization affects the health

Topic Kelley (2004) adds that “for high-income countries, the debate surrounding globalisation and health tends to focus on the perceived threat, from low- and middle-income countries, of acquiring certain acute and epidemic infections, such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, plague and, more recently, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). 6 Richer countries also fear the potential financial burden of unhealthy populations migrating from the developing world.” Globalization is making the world people can go to the different countries to developed. Most people would like to stay at city or country that have more opportunity to work or have a higher salary. This phenomenon increase the country or city economy. At the same time, it’s also brings certain pressure for the environment of this area, and makes the environment has harm on people’s health.

And then, Kelley (2004) mentions that, “Cognitive changes brought about by advertising and marketing Western consumer goods have facilitated the global spread of so-called “lifestyle” diseases (eg, obesity) in certain populations within low- and middle-income countries.” In especially, France’s growing fat problem cause fast food style. Fast food is features of American diet. Globalization make more and more fast-food brand spread around the world, such as McDonald’s hamburgers and Coca-Cola. Fast food guide to fast lifestyle replace the French original strict diet culture. Sedentary lifestyles has been fashionable at urban. And then, people take many unhealthy food and do less sports than before, the fat problems has become more and more serious than before. According to the Michael, Stefan and Dana (2003) ” Traditional foods are being prepared from processed flour and other ingredients that yield more calories and less healthy roughage.” conclude


Developing with globalization, different culture can spread around the world. Culture combine with local culture become a new culture, but it makes some small culture like language was disappeared. Following this further, how to reduce to loss of culture is big problem for the world’s people.


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