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Freedom of Speech in Saudi Arabia

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Twitter is one of those social media that has revolutionized the way of sending thoughts to the whole of the world. It has rapidly changed the way of communicating with the people living at any place of the world. Its importance cannot be denied in any case. There are billions of people that are well aware from this medium. They have maintained their accounts in it to get the latest happenings in the country and in the outside world.

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This medium has become the reason for awareness in the Kingdom Saudi Arab. People are attached to it to get the information they need. They are not in exception and are making full of this facility. In the recent years, the amount of accounts prepared by the people living in the kingdom has been increased. People have started recognizing its importance. There are many reports issued by independent research institutions of the world that are supporting this fact.

People in KSA are now well aware of its benefits and are recognizing that it is the best source to connect them with the world. It is not only the reason of creating a contact with the people, but they can also express their views with the world.

The world has changed, due to this sort of medium. The awareness of the issues has been spread about in the world. People are now able to discuss these issues and provide their suggestions on them. Openly and bluntly speaking, the revolutions in the recent years, in the Arab countries are brought because of Twitter.

In Saudi Arabia people can come up to one stage to share their thought. They know what else is better than this. While being at home, using twitter on their computers and mobiles, they are promoting freedom of speech. It was considered that there was lesser freedom to talk and express one’s views in KSA, but this is not the case anymore. People have got the environment that is performing its duty very well for them.

Statement of purpose

It is significant to know what is happening in the world. If you are not aware of all, this means, you are losing something important. Twitter is about knowing whether the people are concerning themselves with the innovative ways of chatting and expressing thoughts with others or not. This medium has created awareness among the people in KSA, and how you can raise your voice while being there.

It has become the best platform for spending time on reading and discussing the news. This platform is not only limited to the news of the world that sometimes bore a person, but the entertainment stuff also exists in it. People in the Saudi Arabia are also having fun while reading funny and entertainment tweets. People were unable to criticize the policies of the government before this, and the local media were always talking about the qualities of the kingdom.

Now the people are well aware and have a platform that will make sure that their voices and thoughts will be conveyed to the relevant authorities and the issues will be solved. One of the important things is that you can promote the things that you are doing. The persons living in the society come near to each other and they become able to convey their thoughts to a huge amount of people. it was not possible in the recent past.

Importance or relevance of the project

This project is very crucial for everybody to know about. People spend their whole of the lives searching for something that will make them able to show their beliefs to the world. There are still many people who do not think that it has become simpler than the past to convey their suggestions and views to the rest of the people. The reason for this might be that they are not having opportunities to do so; it is the responsibilities of the people living nearby them to make them aware of any such change and to provide them facilities. KSA is a place where the people have started recognizing its importance.

The world has been changed and the processes of doing things have also been modernized to a large extent. The people should be told to use this medium to convey their problems and views to the whole of the world. The time has been changed and the importance of Twitter has been increased all around the world. Now the public gathering is held due to the help of these like media, that are very easy to access by everybody and are less expensive or sometimes, they cost nothing to the users for connecting themselves with the world.

This creates social awareness among the masses especially in the countries like KSA where the kingdom prevails and it is difficult to convey the opinions and the views over any issue, like the criticism on the government for a project that did not suitably solve the issues of the people. Now the people are capable to show their concerns to the relevant authorities of the country.

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The rules and regulations and the ethics should not be exploited in the wake of freedom of expressions. Sharing views and making a tweet means you have to be in a limit that should not be crossed by hook or by crook. If the people are being provoked to destroy the system of a country, their minds are being agitated with the hatred by using a social medium.

Relevance to communication theory

Twitter also understands to fulfill the requirements of the communication theory. This theory is very vast and covers all the factors that occur in the social media including the face to face, chats, and likewise sort of communication. People in Saudi Arabia are able to follow to their desired personalities as in it the “following system” prevails. You get tweets in which, the persons to whom you are following, share their thoughts.

It is the communication software that is being used widely by the people of the world. They are getting most of it by connecting themselves by following the people they like. Twitter is evolving with the passage of time. More and more features are being included into it so that the people could make full of this media. Various sorts of companies with their twitter accounts attract the employees from all around the world. This is known as innovation, which was never thought in the past.

When there are many benefits of it, there are many factors that are becoming the reason of its misuse. Some people are negatively using it and are becoming the reason of many problems. They are making the environment unsafe, which is not policy of any social media. Still, there are a lot to do to make it safer place to be at. The management of the Twitter is not able to have check and balance on all the tweets of the people. It is the people’s social responsibility to make sure that they use it for the positive works.

Communication has become very easy and comfortable with the invention of this medium in the KSA. It is least expensive and affects the huge amount of people. Their number is being increased in the Saudi Arabia. They are concerned about this media and provide their feedback when needed and when they think it is suitable to take participation in the issues being discussed.

Just an account is what you need to get your message spread all around the world. The multi-national, educational, charity and governmental organizations in KSA are using this medium and making full of this facility. They share their message in the shape of tweets and call for the opinions of the people. They are not required to spend huge sum of money on the advertisements whereby the feedbacks of the people is difficult to take and provide them the solution at spot, if they have any problem.

The other pitfall of them is that the message of only one side comes into scene and the other party waits for the right time to get in contact with the first one, to tell him, what the issue was with his message. This might be creating barriers in the way of all freedom of speech. People of the Saudi Arabia are well known with all these kinds of factors. They know attracting a huge amount of people has become very easy now.

Communication theory is all about transferring the information from one person to another. It should be conveyed effectively and this is what is provided by Twitter. The feedback is taken from the audience, whether desired or not, they are not bound to provide or not to provide the reply to a certain situation.

Nobody is there to halt their ways in this regard. Feedback is very crucial without it; the process of communication is not completed. When the people are able to provide their feedback with ease, there is no issue with the freedom of speech in the society. It is what the society of the KSA has started recognizing.


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