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Evolution of Electronic Games

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From today’s point of view, first video games would be completely uninteresting to today’s users. First video game stimulation appeared in 1952 and then in 1958 called Tennis for Two. In 1970’ s, only few people owed computers but the future for video games were visible. In 1972, the first video game console begin to sell and the home computer market started to grow. In that period of time, people like Steve Jobs, Apple founder, were making computers with hands and were selling them to start their own business.

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In 1984, a first game home console was produced by Nintendo in Japan. In the few following years few thousands games were made for that system. During the 1980- s, personal computer sale grew and with that online games started to develop. Trough the 1990′ s and with the Internet development, a true influence and video games development started to be felt. But commputer games started to be mainstream with appearance of the shooter genre. Online games were gaining more and more popularity with the rise of the Internet as a media. Even portable game systems with inchargable catridges advanced the technological improvement.

What indicated the first video games invention? How did the evolution of video games developed? What is a home console?

What to discuss: Vocational teacher should encourage learners to develop a class based discussion about the rise of the first computer games.

21st-Century Computer Gaming as a Niche Market

What to say: From the 2000’ s, personal computer games put the focus on producing specialized computers made only for gaming, but those were highly expensive. But nevertheless, much cheaper game consoles continued to develop. In 2003, Nokia made N-Gage, a gadget which should sublimate mobile phones and video games but it didn’t have a huge success. No Apple is dominant in the industry which made it a part of our every day’s lives. Although, traditional portable gaming is evolving as well. Nintendo plans to improve gaming platforms by adding the 3 D graphics with the hope that it will be profitable for the gaming market. Today, video games market is increasing and online games continue to develop. Console game market involves the same three companies which were current in the past ten years, like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony.

What to ask: What does your own experiences tell you about the history of video games? Did you feel the effects of marketing campaigns directed at you or those around you? What games do you find appealing and why?

Influential Contemporary Games

Video games are evolving constantly and the line between art and video games became blur. There are also people who are more focused on developing virtual realities than real life skills. Video games also gained economical success and made a huge impact on culture.

Playing computer game has numerous possibilities like doing repetitive tasks or making a real world living. To some of the players, the goal might be to improve the character and for others making profit or role playing. But other side of the coin sais that video games are filled with violence, sex and brutality which are impacting the society and culture. Some people are just playing and others are living the imaginary world of video games.

What to ask: Which video gae that you know can have an impact on social, technological or cultural sphere? Which new games changed the video games as a media? What effect do the video games have on culture?

Video Games influence on Culture

What to say: As they developed, video games as a powerful media started to influence culture trough education, films, music and other forms of media. But in order to really understand the video games phenomenon, it is needed to understand its developing process. From 1980’ s until now, children are spending more and more time playing video games and often identifying themselves with the characters associated with the games. Some video games characters became cultural icons because of that kind of popularity. It is a fact that the impact of video games is present in almost all social layers and one of it is called geek-sub culture. Geeks are often young people who aren’t fitting the idea of being fashionable so they choose virtual world over the real one. But since the culture became more geek, the geeks became more trendy. Vocational teacher should explain to the learners numerous ways that video games are affecting culture and other media.

What to ask: Can you describe gaming culture? Try to analyze the ways video games have reflect on other forms of media. Do you know that video games can be used in educational purposes?

What to discuss: Do you think that the impact of video games on culture is positive or negative? Explain your answer.

Video Games and Other Medias

What to say: At first video games used other medias as film, books and television shows for inspiration and gaining publicity, but ever since the 80’ s, the tables turned. Even now, cartoons, comics, films and other medias are using video games as a part of their programme.

Video games adaptation level rises and investors are following the new trend by investing large amount of money in a video games. But video games includes some elements of films now, such as music, actors, game designers and directors.

At first, music which accompanied video games were made out of computer beeps put in some rhythm, but Nintendo and Sony used sample audio recordings in their video games. That was a huge benefit for the music industry. Not much after, many musician were asked to allow their famous songs to become a part of a video games. They were pay for it and it was mutually beneficial because wide range of people would hear their music. Other phenomena are bands (Japanese) who are making music only for video games. But the link between video games and other media got stronger so new things like machinima were born out of it. That is a new form of media which uses characters which are not animated inside the games.

Vocational teacher should explain to the learners the impact that video games are having on other medias and the various ways of their cooperation’s.

What to discuss: Discuss the different ways of mutual beneficence of video games and other medias.

What to ask:

Video Games and Education I Video Games as Art– dva u jednom naslov ramotriti

What to say: A sure sign that video games became mainstream is that they are used more and more for educational purposes. Even in the 80’ s, specific video games were formed to improve children grammar and mathematics skills. It is a fact that children are learning more easily trough game and the goal was and still is to help them develop analytical skills. Military accepted video games as well in order to train soldiers. Now days, video games as a part of educational system are validated by educational institutions and there are many sites including British Council who are using it as a part of an educational platform. But there still are some scepticism where some aren’t agree on that but the time will give the right answer on it.

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Other thing is that some are debating are video games art or not. Although many designers are working on them, and technological development improves it. Vocational teacher should explain to the learners benefits of using video games as a part of educational programme and its characteristics. Vocational teacher should also explain why video games are considered to be an art form.

What to ask: How video games became a part of educational system? Are video games art? Explain your opinion.

What to discuss: Vocational teacher should encourage the learners to develop a class discussion about pros and contras on the question: How are video games useful in education? Are video games a new form of art?

Violence and Video Games Addiction

What to say: Technological development opened the door for making more plastic design for video games. Graphic capabilities and realistic design are drawing players to identify themselves more to a fictional character from a video game. The wave of crime scenes, violence and other adult themes are inevitable part of most of the video games content which weren’t made for children but which are easily accessible. Studies are showing the connection between the crime rate and video games, and other are defending the attitude that most of the people who commit crime are already mentally ill and that video game was only a trigger like any other can be. The fact is that relation exists. Other thing is that video games are creating addiction and games overuse. That is mainly related to online games and role play games, but also with one player game. There are many departments around the globe which are treating this disorder.

Vocational teacher should give full explanation to the learners about the consequences of misusing the video games. Violence and addiction are very serious problems and many are struggling to fight with it. All the reasons for inspiring the violence and getting addiction problems should be explained.

What to ask: What are the controversial related to the contemporary design of video games? Do you think that video games are encouraging violence? What is your opinion about the video games addiction? Explain it.

What to discuss: Discuss the video games addiction problem within the class with a support and guidance of your vocational teacher.

Video Games the way of communication

What to say: Video games has developed a new way of communication engaging the skills and principles within a creation of a social space. Virtual world of video games is created as a social platform with new ways of making communication between the players possible. Video games are also a part of social networks where people can communicate with each other while playing a game.

Vocational teacher should explain to the learners how the video games are making and allowing new ways of communication.

What to ask: How can you relate video games with and new way of communication? Have you ever communicate to some other player while playing a video game? Describe the impression, its pros and contras (if any).

What to discuss: Discuss the phenomenon of new communication system within the video games.


What to say: Vocational teacher should explain how video games allow previously marginalized groups to enjoy new social status, how video games helped better learning, the importance of the rise of Internet in video games technology, latest trends in video games development, aesthetic values of video games, and addiction and violence problem.

What to ask: Which first companies helped developing video games and when? What are the three innovations which brought into the video games in order to attract new audience? When do you think video game use becomes an addiction? Give an example of the ways in which virtual worlds can be used in education.

What to discuss: Explain how the video games expanded as a form of media and how it affected the culture. Discuss it on a class based discussion with the assistance of the vocational teacher. Pick a type of media, such as film or books, and analyze the ways that video games have affected it.


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