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Ensure The Intended Audience Receive Right Message Media Essay

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Human beings are the social animals live with others. From the moment we are born until the last moment of our life, our whole life is a process of socialization. We are living with other people in the various kind of things related. Personal chat with the neighbors, teaching someone or learning something forms others, showing the opinions to others so on. All those kind of activities are communication. So, all the human societies involve the communication and the communication takes an important place in the human societies.

What is communication? The communication can be defined as a processing of transferring the information by several methods between the sender and receiver. How is the communication made and how do the people ensure the audiences have received the right massage in their communication? Let’s discuss about the communication process and the right ways of communication.

2.0 Communication process

The purpose of communication is getting the right message across to others clearly. The communication only can succeed when the both parties (the sender and the receiver) understand the same information as a result of the communication. So, how can we make effective communication? A Communication Process is usually used when a sender wishes to communicate formally within an organization. By using the Communication Process, the sender could be ensured that there are no miscommunications to be occurred.

Figure 도표.jpg

In the figure 1, the sender is the encoder, the message is verbal massage or written message, the channel is one of the medium which to transmit the message, the receiver is the decoder, feedback is a response of the message, and the noise is any kind of interruption which can disturb the communication. And each of the essential elements is playing the important role in making the effective communication.

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Sender (encoder): A sender is the one who initiate the communication. Anyone who starts the conversation can be a sender. An effective communication is depending on the sender’s communication skill, level of his knowledge, attitude or how much the sender desires to affect the receiver. The person who uses the appropriate words, sentences, gestures, tone and so on might be a good communicator. The sender has to be well prepared the knowledge for the particular topic before he starts conversation. Also, the sender has to respect the person whom he communicates.

Encoding: Encoding is formulating the message. That is not only translating the sender’s mind (ideas, thinking, information, opinion or etc) into a message but also deciding what kind of medium to use for the communication. Speaking, writing, gesturing, signaling etc can be a kind of encoding. Before, the sender choose the medium, he has to think about the receiver’s abilities of understanding. For example, if there are an illiterate receiver and the sender sends the written message to him, the receiver will fail to understand the message but the receiver can understand if the sender talks to him orally. The purpose of communication is the sender want to influence the receiver and get the responses. So, how the sender encode the message is the most important in the communication.

Channel: A channel is the medium for carrying the message from the sender to the receiver. There are many types of channel for the communication. The channel can be verbal (voice), non verbal (written words), or mass media (television, radio, newspaper, magazine, book and etc). Choosing the right channel is very important to make the receiver to understand the message clearly. Especially for the marketing of the organization, choosing the right channel is very important because it can affect the accomplishment of the project directly.

Decoding: Decoding is the interpretation of the message by the receiver. Reading of the written message, listening and understanding of verbal message, and watching the media (television, or film) can be a decoding. The receiver also has to try to understand the meaning of the message form sender. Then can make a effective communication.

Feedback: the feedback is the response of the receiver to the sender’s message. The feedback provides the opportunities of improving the conversation and more effective. It is also giving the chance of evaluating mistakes or right things in the particular conversation. And it helps to regulate the conversation between the sender and the receiver.

Noise: The noise is interruptions in communication. It interrupts the communication process and to make the communication ineffective. The Environment is one of the major causes of noises. Anything interrupts the communication can be a noise. For example, the television or radio sound, noise of the children, noise of roadside, bad condition of phone line etc. All those kind of thing can be a noise of communication. Therefore for effective communication, it is necessary to reduce the noise as possible as they can.

3.0 The ways to ensure the intended audience to receive right message

The communication skill is attached great important to all the people in these days. The good communication skill helps the people to avoid misunderstanding and argument. It also can help someone to get opportunities in certain circumstances. In the communication, not all the audiences understand the sender’s message clearly. So, how can sender ensure that the intended audience has received the right message? There are some skills the sender should consider for his communication.

Control the voice(volume, tone, and the speed)

It is the well known fact that the audiences usually understand the speaker’s message from the other things a lot more than actual words he uses. Especially, the speaker’s voice affect the audience understands so much. If the speaker speaks too fast, the audience cannot catch up what the speaker wants to say and if the speaker speaks too slowly, the audience might lose their concentration and cannot receive right message. As same meaning, the speaker needs to control and change his volume, tone and the speed to attract the audience to concentrate in the conversation.

Using suitable word and pronunciation

To ensure the audience has received the right message, the speaker must use the suitable word. The word cannot be very difficult or too easy to lose the audience’s interest. Also, the speaker’s pronunciation is very important in verbal communication to make the audience to understand .If the speaker speaks the dialect or mispronounces the audience is hard to understand the message. Therefore, the speaker should use the standard language.

Using some body language

As it mentioned above, the audience more understand the message not from the speaker’s word. If the speaker uses some body language during the conversation, it will help the audience to understand the meaning of the message. But the speaker needs to be careful to use some body languages because some of the body language has different meaning in different cultures.

Reducing the noise

Any kind of noises in the communication interrupt the audience to concentrate in the conversation. Only reducing the noises, the speaker can make more effective communication. Sometimes reducing the noise is difficult because some of the noise we cannot control.

Well preparation

Before the communication, the speaker should prepare himself fist. He should know what the purpose of communication is, and how he is going to talk to the audiences. He also should prepare structure of message and it will help him not to talk about out of point. With well-prepared message, the speaker can get more confident to talk. An d the smooth presenting helps the audience to understand the speaker’s message clearly.

Analyzing the audience before the communication

There is a phrase in Korea ‘If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win every battle.’ As this phrase if the speaker knows about the audiences, he can attract the audience better and make them to concentrate on the conversation. For example, different types of people have different knowledge level, if the speaker knows the audiences’ knowledge or education level, he might choose right word to present the message and it will help the audiences to receive right message form speaker.

Right time, Right place

Although the speaker has very great communication skill, if he chooses wrong time or wrong place, the audiences cannot receive the right message. Speech during the lunch time, the audiences cannot concentrate on the speech. Also if the speaker talks in very noise place, the audiences cannot hear what the speaker wants to say.

Asking the question to the audiences

To ensure the audiences understand the message, the speaker can ask the questions to the audiences during the speech. The speaker can know whether the audiences understand or receive the right message or not immediately. At the same time by asking the question, the speaker can get back the audiences’ attention too.

Controlling the speech time

Long speech time can make the audiences to lose their concentration. The speaker might give the audiences short break. It will help the audiences to refresh themselves and they can pay attention in the speech.

Using auditory visual effect

People decode the message by not only hearing but also seeing, feeling etc. Using the auditory visual effects, the speaker can stimulate the audiences’ decode abilities. And it will help the audiences to understand the message easier.

Providing hand-out

If the speaker provides the hand-out to the audiences, it also helps the audience to get right message because the audiences can refer the important point although they miss during the speech.

Emphasizing the important point

When the speaker speeches, he should emphasize the important point. At the important point, he might speak louder or repeat the point two or three times to let the audiences to know that is the main point of the speech. Especially before the speaker ends the speech, summarize the main point to make sure that the audiences get the right message.

Dress code

Before the speech starts, the audiences judge the message from the speaker’s dress code even though it is not related to the message. The speaker should attract the audiences with his dress code, he might be able to attract with the message too. If the speaker shows his neat and tidy visual, the audiences will open their heart to listen to the speech.

Using positive words

All the people like to listen to the positive words rather than the negative words. So, the speaker might attract the audiences with the positive words to make them to concentrate in the speech.

4.0 Conclusion (Q2)

As a person who lives in this world, every day, every hour, even every minutes, we need to communicate with others in different ways. A man plays the different role in different situation. He might be a presenter, a writer, or an audience too. In the communication, the most important part is not only sender but also a receiver. If the both parties do not play their role well it cannot be an effective communication. The sender has to send the message clearly and choose right medium, right time and right place. The audience has to concentrate on the sender’s message. People cannot live without communication. Therefore they should learn communication skill to avoid any miscommunication.

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5.0 Introduction Q2

The well-built communication is one of the competitiveness of the organization. It helps to motivate the employees by sharing the mission and vision for achieving firm’s goals. Especially how well the firm communicates with consumers affects the firm’s brand image and revenue. The most common communication medium is an advertisement. And choosing the right medium for the advertisement helps to make impressive communication to the target audiences.

The Taste of Korea Snd Bhd is going to introduce the new menu called Bibimbab.

Bibimbab is a popular Korean traditional dish. The word literally means “Mixed rice”. Namul(seasoned vegetables), sliced meat(usually beef), fried egg with Korean traditional chili pepper paste are served on top of the warm white rice.

Now the product manager of The Taste of Korea Snd Bhd is looking for the methods, the mediums and the vehicles to use for the communication with target audience. Let’s look at their advertisement project.

6.0 Advertising Mediums

The advertising medium can described as the method which brings out or carries the advertiser’s message to the audiences. And the advertising medium makes the connection between the firm which manufactures the products or offers the services and the consumers who are interesting in the products. The media is commonly described as channels of mass communication such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine and so on. The advertising media can be classified major three part; print, electronic, and moving.

Print media: The term ‘print media’ is any printed medium which are commercially published. For example, newspapers, magazine, flyer, brochure and bill-board are kinds of print media. It is the most easy and effective way of spreading the information to the masses. However, the advertisement through the print media has short shelf life because the most of print media advertisement are read once and discarded. Also increasing the popularity internet becomes one of disadvantages of print media advertisement because a lot of people prefer to read online version rather than reading printed version.

Electronic media: The electronic media is the medium which uses the electronic energy to access the content for the audience. For example, television, radio, cinema, electronic bill-board are kinds of electronic media. It is the easiest the way to reach the large number of the audiences in a short period of time. And it provides more creativeness for the advertising. However it has some disadvantages. It is limited communication because the length of exposes is limited. Normally the most of advertisements through electronic media are allowed to be exposed around thirty seconds only.

Transit media: The transit media is also called as out-door media. The transit media is the medium which uses the vehicles to a platform of advertising. For example, bus, train, monorail are kinds of moving media. It is important to reach audiences of all the ages. It is an advertisement which following the consumer. So, no matter the audiences wants or not he can see the advertising. This point can help to maximise the advertisement effect. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. Transit media advertisements are easy to damage compare with other mediums because the advertisement is exposed in open environment. Also, it is not appropriate to show all the detailed services of the products.

7.0 Bibimbab advertisement in The Star newspaper

Advertising in newspaper has many advantages to the small business owner. It takes lower cost but high effectiveness.

7.1 The advantages of newspaper advertisement are as follow:

Cost effective advertisement

Through newspaper advertisement, the firm can enjoy lower cost but high effectiveness. The cost of newspaper advertisement is cheaper compare with other mediums such as television, radio, bill-board advertisement. Also it does not need to spend much budget for the high technology artwork. Because the newspaper’s print quality is not very good. So, simple artwork also should not be a problem for the newspaper advertisement. The newspapers are distributed in large areas. The firm can advertises the product in locally target area through the newspaper distribution. It also helps to save the cost for the firm.

Large variety of advertisement size

In newspaper advertisement, there are more choices for the size. Depend on the firm’s budget, purpose, or design, the firm can choose different sizes in different pages. The firm also can choose black and white advertisement or full color advertisement.

Physical advertisement

The newspaper advertisement is printed advertisement. So it can contain more details such as price list, company details, coupon etc. other medias are hard to contain detail information especially electronic media because it is not physical advertisement so, it is hard to show the detail information. However, the newspaper advertisement can contain more detail information.

7.2 Bibimbab advertisement


This is very simple Bibimbab advertisement. The Taste of Korea Snd Bhd made this advertisement in The Star newspaper. Because according to Audit Bureau of Circulations, as an English language newspaper, The Star has largest daily circulation in Malaysia. Especially in Kuala Lumpur area, The Star newspaper is No.1distributed English language newspaper. This fact helps The Taste of Korea Snd Bhd to reach the target audiences effectively.

The main point in this advertisement is the colourful ingredients of Bibimbab. The Main ingredients of Bibimbab are vegetables and the different colours of vegetable makes the harmonies on the Bibimbab. And the colourful dish can attract the consumer in their first sight.

The bowl which contains the Bibimbab is a brass bowl and it shows the Korean traditional custom. The brass bowl was commonly used in the every family for keep the food warm and fresh. The brass bowl is most suitable for Bibimbab as a public dish.

The garish back ground colour is enough to emphasise the Bibimbab. Next to the Bibimbab dish, there are a set of spoon and chopstick. It shows Korean traditional food culture as well.

Under the Bibimbab picture, there is wording ‘How about BIBIMBAB for lunch today?’ Bibimbab might be not very familiar name to many people. To write Bibimbab in capital letter and make the font size bigger than others, let the audiences to recognize that this advertisement talks about Bibimbab. And as a word for lunch, the consumer might able to know Bibimbab is a kind of dishes. Asking the readers ‘How about Bibimbab for lunch today?’ makes the readers more curious about Bibimbab. Every lunch time, people think what to have for lunch today. And the people who see this advertisement might think that ‘what is Bibimbab? Is it delicious? Let’s try it for lunch today.’

At the top of the advertisement, there is a simple explanation of Bibimbab. To use small font to show it is extra explanation only. And at the right bottom there are company details which are company name, telephone number, and the address. If the readers want to get more information, they can make a call to ask directly.

All the wordings in this advertisement are white because the background colour is dark gray. So if the wording is dark colour the reader cannot read. If the wordings are too colourful, it interrupts the focus on the colourful Bibimbab picture. White letters can make the harmony with the Bibimbab picture and the background.

8.0 Conclusion

In mass communication anyone can be a receiver. Person who watch television, person who read the newspaper or magazine, even the person who waiting for the bus at bus station etc all of them can be a receiver because the mass communication is usually in one way. And it has many kinds of mediums to reach the target audiences. There are three mediums which are commonly used print media, electronic media and transit media. Each media has their own advantages and disadvantages. To analyse communication mediums helps the firm to reach the target consumers at right time, right place, and right methods.

The most important thing in mass communication is it must be able to deliver the right message of sender to the audiences very clearly and persuade them. Therefore, when the firm makes the advertisement, it has to consider the use of all the elements of advertisement such as wording font size, theme font, colour, picture, size, background and even structures of it. All those simple elements can affect the success rate of advertisement.


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