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Impact of Globalization on Media

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Globalization is a process by which various cultures, societies and economies through a global network of trade and communication become integrated in all respects. It basically marks the paradigm shift in economic thinking. During Hellenistic period commercialized urban centers were focused around the Greek culture which stretched from India to Spain. Trade was a very important aspect during that time and for the first time the thought of cosmopolitan culture emerged. The effects of globalization are diverse, affecting the various aspects of the world so as to bring changes for the better .Its effects not just influence the financial conditions of the country but also affects the industrial sector and the culture of the countries involved. Globalization widens the access to a range of foreign supplies for the consumption of a large number of consumers, owing to the market planning and policies adopted by different corporations.

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Media refers to the different means of communication like radio, television, internet etc. It plays a very important role in shaping human mind. Mass media is a section of the media determined to reach a greater audience. Most globalization theorists believe that media has played an important role in acceleration of globalization. With the increase in the importance of economic, cultural and technological integration between countries, it has a great impact on our society’s personal lives. It is because of globalization that today there is an increased access to a broad range of media. (Impact of Globalization on Media)

Globalization has a great influence on the media and further its impact on us. The most visible effect of globalization is wide spread communication. The introduction of newspapers, magazine, internet and TV has immensely helped to spread information and has helped people to come together from all over the world. However this impact has its own disadvantages, its advantages are much more..

In my opinion the impact of globalization on media has its own advantages and disadvantages but however the advantages are much more than the disadvantages. As mentioned above one can see that the process of globalization has led to opening up of people mind towards not just the walls within which they stay but also be aware of what’s happening around the world. Ever since mass media came into existence companies have used this as a means to communicate to let a large no. of people aware about their products. On the other hand even the people watching it or reading about it are in a position to gain maximum benefit as with the help of media they will be able to decipher between good or bad as per their requirements. With the years passing by and increasing globalization there is sophistication of advertising methods and advancement in the techniques adopted. Globalization in media, not just restricted to advertisement in other fields in fact in every field has opened up broader communication lines bringing the various companies, economy and more importantly the countries together.

role of internet in the media globalization

The internet has done a revolution to the impact of globalization in the media. The contribution of internet in the role of media has changed over the past few years and has increased distinctively. In the society the digital media is intensely transforming the consumer behavior and traditional media business models. On one hand it is creating new opportunities but its troublesome pressure is being accelerated by the global recession. Today with the ease of internet access a large number of people are consuming more media in entirely different ways and a lot of the time not paying for it. Internet is one of the easiest ways to associate oneself with the media in today’s fast paced world. Moreover with the ease of accessibility of the internet even the younger generation has started adopting this to keep themselves aware of what’s happening around them. Media also uses internet in their favor to publicize and distribute what they want to highlight. . Asia contributing to 56%of the population of the world has 42% of the world’s internet users.[7]

Be it at school or work or home everybody has an access to the internet these days. People especially students are heavily active on social networks like facebook and LinkedIn. In fact these social networks sometimes bring integrity and helps people stay connected. It acts as a platform to the society for better connectivity and hence being aware or updating themselves regarding what is happening around them. For instance in Asia almost 10% of the Asians are on facebook. The number of facebook users in Asia is 93,584,580 and the internet users in Asia is 828,930,856.[7]

In political field internet serves as a medium to connect the media and the viewers. A lot of people are unable to go through the newspapers everyday because of either very busy schedule or ignorance or because of travelling. However most people in today’s generation are connected with internet. Therefore people read about the elections about the various political issues through the internet. Even the media updates all its news at every instant on the internet and get a lot of responses from all its viewers which helps them get feedbacks to make amendments.

The role of internet has a lot to contribute to the economical aspect or impact of the media. With the share market and the online trading and banking facilities people have started shifting from the conventional ways of doing things to this modern easier and hustle-free method. The term globalization in economics is about the different aspects of cross-border transactions, free international capital flows, portfolio investments, diverse and rapid blending of technology. The theory of globalization states that it enhances prosperity in terms of the economic development of the country and leads to proficient allocation of resources, which in return leads to more employment higher standards of living, more outputs and lower prices. The internet facility provided by the media channels help the users (viewers) to be able to update themselves from wherever they are. The news provided through the internet is mostly updated at every instance and is more precise and easier to find than other sources of the media. There are options of commenting on the news updates and the best part is that one can indulge themselves in a discussion and hence connect the social and economic aspects of the issues. Of the total of 4600 news and information sites the top 7 sites ,they collect about 80% of the online traffic.[9]

The role of internet in the cultural and traditional aspect is quite prominent. Globalization has an immense effect on the cultures of the different countries. It has always had a very deep impact on the cultural identity. The free flow of information, speedy progress in the field of technology, transportation and communication has converted this world into a “global village”. The reductions in costs and better facilities and variety of choices have changed the tastes of individual and societies leading to a stronger integration. The use of internet through the media provides an inter mix and exchange of ideas and thoughts between countries. The media provide the news about not just within the country but also around the globe. Along with the general news about one’s nation, media also highlights the cultural and traditional aspects of the country. With the help of globalization and internet being a source of it there is an exchange of these cultural and traditional aspects leading to an amalgamation of culture. The extent of this amalgamation differs from country to country or place to place depending on the amount of exposure people have to the internet or the media. Falkland islands has the highest internet penetration rate of 100% as its population is equivalent to the number of internet users in the country which means that all the citizens of this country use internet.[Internet world stats] This cultural diffusion opens up the mindset of the people and lets them know the world in a much matured way.

Role of television in the media globalization

The television acts as an eye opener to the viewers. The role of television in the media globalization has made a remarkable impact on the society. There are both sides to it negative as well as positive. However it is the positive effect of television which is way more than the negative and hence the impact is progressive on the society. In today’s world almost every house has an access to television and over the years the accessibility has increased immensely. United Kingdom tops the list with an average television rate of 28 hours per person per week.[9]

When the press media had not come into picture, people used to communicate by writing letters and sending them through direct mails .The beginning of press media came as an information revolution. This press media has become a source for promoting, projecting and supporting the process of providing information. It assists the journalists in networking and the globalization has led to revolution of news circulation, printing, editing and reportage. It is because of globalization that the spread and exchange of news becomes possible which leads to people of one country knowing not just about the news within their own country but aware about international news as well. Therefore globalization has led to the timely processing and distribution of information. (Jan, 2009) Therefore international print media can be read and understood on the domestic grounds. The role of the press media is diverse and it focuses on all the issues concerning out daily lives and well being. It plays role in educating the people on political parties, international happenings, entertainment glamorous celebrity gossip and sport events .After the press media there was the discovery of radio and television. This lead to a different kind of revolution as press media restricted one to just read but radio and television appealed to another sense as it had both visual and audio sense.A recent poll states that about 59% of America’s population obtain the world news on television out of which 37% is through cable and 22%through broadcast.[9]

According to researcher George Gerbner the most popular television programs are no longer the ones made for the national consumption but are the ones made for international distribution. With further research he came to the conclusion that this was in order to increase the marketability of international television program distribution. (Media and Internet, 2009) A political economist and media historian named Robert Mc Chesney criticizes the multinational corporations for using the media as a platform to serve their own interests only. These companies create content and own the publishing companies and hence use them to distribute their own product. Another opinion which a lot of researchers have is regarding the impact of globalization on media with respect to local culture. They feel that the World Trade organization is threatening the local culture by encouraging foreign investment in local media.

Firstly, the younger generations watch television regularly and there are points in the year when they watch it more than the average. This is because of the seasonal shows which they watch for a certain number of weeks and then may not watch for next couple of days after one season of the show is over. These programs on television depict the various cultures all around the world. The media through television can reach to the mass people. The television serves to a larger number of people than the internet at one time.

In terms of political aspects the television has a lot to add to. The viewers can be made aware of the political issues sensitive topics concerning the nation. The television can provide its viewers with important facts and information concerning the democracy and the political system which can help us make better decisions. At the same time it gives us the overall picture of what is happening in the rest of the world. A lot can be understood and adopted through movies as well. Movies depict the various issues of the society and politics and it greatly influences the viewers and a lot of the time leaves them thinking about the social and political issues and acts as an eye-opener.

The economical aspect is highlighted by the television through advertisements and the news channels giving updates on the share market, brokers and stocks. The advertisement in a way makes us consumers and helps to make us aware of all the suitable options available for us in the market. This is not just restricted to advertisements of clothing or grocery but at the same time about pension plans and banks. In fact with television one needn’t always go to the stock markets or keep waiting for the newspaper for the stock conditions but can keep oneself updated with the television news channels.

The Cultural and traditional issues are focused by the television through movies, serials , reality shows and advertisements.

Role of radio in the media globalization

Radio is one of the easiest and cheapest media source. It is easily available in most part of the country. The biggest advantage of the radio as a means of media globalization is that it can be understood by even an illiterate person and can cater to a larger number of people. Moreover it has a greater impact on the rural as they are able to connect to the radio easily. Therefore the importance of radio in the society is indispensable.

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Television and radio catered to illiterate people as well. Moreover the advertising industry has used this as a medium to expose global products daily to the audience. The radio was one of the oldest means of spreading information amongst the people. Be it a cricket match or songs or elections people’s ears used to be stuck to the radio to keep themselves aware of things around them.

Most people in today’s generation are not regular listeners to the radio unless they listen to it for music on their way to work. The use of radio amongst them is now restricted only to music and that has also reduced remarkably because of technological advancements like I pods and music phones.

In the political and economic aspects the role of radio is slow and steady. However in the rural areas it has a great impact. The rural people are greatly influenced by the news and information shared by the media through radio. In fact this helps them to understand the political system and the advertisements make them aware about the various products. Radio also highlights the social issues and helps eradicate and revolt against those issues in the best possible way.

Radio in today’s world is a platform for advertisement. In fact it generates a lot of income and adds to the economy of the media. It provides the listeners with enumerable options available in the market but at the same time highlights the ill issues of the societies and methods to eradicate them.

Radio also provides a platform for the cultural and traditional exchange. For example, the radio channels provide music of different parts of the world and hence this leads to one nation understanding the music of the other. Music reflects the culture and the tradition of the area to a large extent.


Globalization reflects our identity and connects us to the rest of the world. The science and technology makes the world globalized and in turn reflects the theory of convergence and promotes cultural identity.

Globalization is a very debatable topic as with a lot of positive aspects there are quite a lot of limitations or negative impact of globalization on the countries. Where it has benefited a lot of countries on one hand, on the other it has also generated significant international oppositions over all the issues that has increased inequality and environmental degradation The limitations are as follows:

  • Economic liberalization
  • Effect on income disparity
  • Effect on disease(health)
  • Effect on the environmental degradation

Globalization is definitely bringing the world together in order to create “one global world” but however one must understand its limitations and make the best use for the betterment of the nation and oneself by adopting the best of every nation’s culture.

Media has always played a very important role in our society and for a long time it remained one of the methods of controlling people and their recreational time. (The Role of Media in the Society) The media hence provides different types of information in different ways in the form of newspaper, internet, television, magazine, radio etc. In fact it’s a very essential and simplified way to inform or simply to entertain the audience.

As the process of globalization becomes more prominent the role of media and advertisement and consumerism also increases considerably. Therefore globalization is not just integrating trade, investment and financial markets but also integrating the consumer markets. At the same time the consumer receives an overflow of information through commercial advertising. However with the years progressing the methods and techniques of advertising have become sophisticated creating a better and much aware world and hence turning luxuries into necessities. (Shah, 2006)

Just by sitting at home one can get the entire news of the world by any medium like radio, tv or internet, this is possible only because of globalization. Globalization in media has also made us aware about the economical and political conditions of a particular country but also provides us with entertainment of all sorts.

Globalization in the media has definitely got some negative aspects to it but however the advantages are way more and therefore there is a remarkable progress in development in all economic, social, political, cultural and traditional aspects


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