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Does The Freedom Of Press Affect Our Daily Life?

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Wordcount: 839 words Published: 9th May 2017

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The first amendment gives us the right to express our feelings without any restrictions. “Freedom of the press is usually defined as the right to communicate ideas, opinions, and information without government restraint” (Dennis and Merill 5) The newspaper was one our main source of communication. Newspapers were mainly just for “News”. Now you could access to any type of information in the different sections that a newspaper have. Newspapers have sections that talk about Finance, Sports and even real estate.

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The internet has taken a lot of the audience that were served by the newspaper. The internet is more accessible than the newspaper. It is easier to search and access information. Many of us don’t even have the time to stop and get the newspaper. The internet makes it easier to access the information of our interest and not those sections in the newspaper that we tend to skip.

Cellphones and Portable devices lets us access the media on the “Go”. Many television channels and newspapers give access to certain shows or news that could be transferred to our portable players.

The media is now more customized. There are several types of news that focus in different interests and targeted to different markets. There are Financial newspapers, Sports, Entertainment, Local news, International news and even in other languages. The news is less conservative now. We could have access to different news that could be access for free that won’t be available in certain newspapers.

It is easier for us to access the information online. It is easier to target this audience via internet. Most of us spend more time in front of a computer students use more internet sources for school projects.

The online version is already replacing the “Original “print version of the newspaper because it is more accessible. In this fast paced world we do not like to wait. We like everything at out fingertips. Online we even have access to archives news; some sites require subscriptions to access the full content of the articles.

The internet is slowly replacing newspaper, television and radio. We could have access our favorite channels and watch videos that were originally broadcasted on T.V. Just like we could have access to certain articles that were originally printed in the newspaper. And last but not least download songs that we usually just listen to on the radio. There will always be that small group that does not have access to the internet that will still get their newspaper in the morning and also watch T.V at 6pm. This is a slow transition that that is affecting our everyday life.

The popularity of the internet as a resource of news raises questions about the future of traditional news media. Is the internet likely to become an addition to newspapers and television news, or a replacement used for these media? Along with the people who have access to television, the internet and newspapers some prefer to use the Web as a resource of news, while others prefer conventional news media.

We access the news that we are interested in a video online. MTV, ESPN and other sites give us the option to subscribe to their newsletter and customize the information that we would like to receive. It also gives us the option to receive automatic updates of news.

The ability of us being able to customize the information that we receive is great. We are able to just read the information that we are interested in. Rather than what happened to Angelina Jolie in Africa. Yes it is information that is good to know but not as important as knowing about local news or news that is that is affecting us directly. It is easier to filter the information that we want to read rather that standing in front of the T.V watching celebrity News.

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The internet and independent newspapers has helped journalist to be more original about what they write. There are certain articles that you will find in the web that will not be printed in the NY Times. The interment gives everyone the real meaning of the first amendment. We could basically write and post anything we want. The internet is not about ratings is about getting the information out to the public. Ratings is what T.V stations are looking for and that’s why the advertise celebrity news because that is what people would like to see. But many of us want to know what is really going on in the real world and what is going on in our local areas and the war in Iraq.

Journalism has changed ever since we made the transition from the radio to the television. We could access any kind of information if our portable devices and even our cell phones. I do not believe that the newspaper will disappear but I do believe that there will be more information available in the web that in the printed version. Some news channels give us the information of where to go if we want to find out more about a certain news or article.


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