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Cosmetic Surgery: A Blessing Or Curse?

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The trend of Cosmetic Surgery is experienced throughout the world and this is because of the availability of advanced technology, affordable cost and speed at which these processes are carried out. This advanced technology has impacted the lives of many both positively & negatively. The patient interested in undergoing surgery must endure physical & mental strain to gain high level of confidence. Sometimes this can be risky causing loss of life but gives physically deformed people a chance to fit within the society. This research paper could actually showcase the full extent of cosmetic surgery and it’s after effects on the people and society.

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Cosmetic Surgery is a surgical process to improve the physical abnormalities or to enhance the beauty and the look of a specific part of the body. Generally people wish to alter their appearances when they are dissatisfied by their body or their external appearances. Such people generally will have low confidence level and lower self esteems. Cosmetic surgery not only changes physical aspects but the changes are psychological. For such people this will definitely help to build up emotionally and psychologically as this has a great effect on self esteem and confidence. Patients can effectively treated using other therapy but they usually get convinced that cosmetic surgery is the only option

There are two categories of surgeries i.e. reconstructive cosmetic surgery and Cosmetic surgery. There are many types of reconstructive cosmetic surgery and Cosmetic surgery like

Liposuction: This cosmetic surgery vacuums extra fat from the patient’s body (Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures).

Nose reshaping: This process is also known as Rhinoplasty. This includes changing the appearance of nose like narrowing or reducing the size or reducing irregularities (Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures) .

Breast Surgery: This process is also known as Augmentation. This includes breast implants or reducing the sagginess of breast or enlarging the size etc (Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures).

Tummy tuck: By using this cosmetic surgery excessive fat & muscles can be removed from the abdomen (Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures).

Eyelid lift: This process of cosmetic surgery is also called as blepharoplasty. This is used to get rid of the sagging skin around the upper & lower eyelids (Eyelid lift).

Face lift: This is a common cosmetic surgery which tightens the skin & reduces wrinkles and dropping skin. This requires lot of insertions on the face (Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures).

I agree to the fact that it has got lot of benefits but at the same time it has got lots of disadvantages as well. Some of the benefits of cosmetic surgery are that it can correct any flaws, better results with a short time, fewer side effects, people are satisfied by the improved self image etc.

The adverse affects of cosmetic surgery varies from person to person. The most common disease noted is cancer. Some surgeries can even lead to death.

Health effects:

Some of the ill effects are that the surgeries are very expensive, anaesthesia used during the surgery can bring complications, surgeons can go wrong making patients look totally different, drop in blood pressure during surgery can lead to heart attack, infections after surgery is less but if it shows up it can also lead to complications, loose stitches after surgery can lead to internal bleeding (Risks of Cosmetic Surgery), some surgeries may sometimes result in allergies or other skin related issues. Some of the other positive & negative effects are as follows:

Psychological effect:

Successful surgery can lead to boost in confidence level. This will also help them to reduce self consciousness. But the psychological effects have to a lot with the patient’s expectations. Not every surgery is successful. Sometimes cosmetic surgery can be heartbreaking and can cause serious injuries to patient’s temporarily or for the rest of the life.

Professional and social:

Studies have proved that attractive people get more attention & are considered as perfect. This also affects one’s professional career. Attractive people get more consideration everywhere. They also get more opportunities for personal relationship which affects persons emotionally. These factors affect social life. So surgeries can help people to improve their social life.

Economical Aspect:

Such surgeries are very costly. It depends on the type of cosmetic surgery one wants to undergo. Generally this is seen in the rich society.

There is an adverse effect of media on people body as they showcase celebrities which has got a negative effect on boys and girls and they engage themselves in to wrong eating habits to get the body and look similar to a celebrity

The rates of such procedures are increasing year by year. It has crossed more than 50% since 1992 (Dodd, 1999). Percentages of women opting for cosmetic surgery are more as compared to men. Men are interested in cosmetic surgery but the ratio is very less. Cosmetic surgery has entered into the lives of every individual especially teenagers who want to be more perfect in beauty & structure. The highest numbers of surgeries are seen on teenagers.

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Purpose Statement:

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery can be considered as better as it gives new life and hope to people who are victims of accidents, burns or birth relates physical abnormalities. Cosmetic surgery is a trend followed mainly by the rich society for altering their appearances to be more pleasing. They may end up going several times to the surgeon which may lead to psychological disorder as well. The purpose of this thesis is to make people aware of their moral responsibilities towards the society to stop the misuse of this extremely important technology.

A statement of Qualification:

I can bring real hands on experience to this study report. I used internet to capture information about the people who underwent cosmetic surgery and the life they had after the surgery. I can share my own experience as I have undergone laser treatment for acne problems in the past. Laser skin treatment is a new trend in cosmetic surgery to treat skin related issues where the doctor uses laser to remove the upper layer of the skin so that new skin reforms. But the results are very slow and the cost per session is very high.

Initially the doctors claim to resolve the skin related issues within few sessions but once they start it’s a never ending process. It’s a good technique which helps to boost our self esteem but if the results are not positive its leads you to depression. I stopped the session and carried on with natural treatments.

Review of the literature:

Number of research works has been done in the field of cosmetic surgery but the resources available are very few which focuses on the negative aspects of cosmetic surgery. My literature review consists of books and articles. Sorin Eremia describes various techniques and new procedures in cosmetic surgery. Flaws and reconstructive surgery by Samir Mardini describes the use of flaps to reconstruct various body parts. Grabb & Smiths plastic surgery discusses the aesthetic procedures of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery the psychiatric prospective an article by Anderson Thomson, Norman, Milton describes that the increased use of cosmetic surgery has lead to concern among psychiatrics

Description of the research methods:

This research will examine the effects of cosmetic surgery on the society. The method adopted will be qualitative by capturing original facts about people who underwent cosmetic surgery. The subject section will include analysis of famous celebrities who adopted cosmetic surgery and the life they had after it. The people have seen only the exterior life style of celebrities this will put a light on their internal life. The procedure section will have the process details of how people choose cosmetic surgery as an option for getting rid of the unwanted abnormalities of one’s body. This will also include why reconstruction cosmetic surgery can be considered than pure cosmetic surgery.

This case study provides the ill effects of cosmetic surgery. The discussion will showcase the mental and the psychological effect on men and women.


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