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Alone In The Dark Media Essay

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Wordcount: 899 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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People sometimes find themselves alone in the cold, cruel, unforgiving darkness with nothing around them. Suddenly, they see a flickering flashlight in the distance. Running, they quickly come to the flashlight, but just as their fingertips brush against the comforting plastic the flashlight disappears. It is scary to think about, isn’t it? For many college students this becomes a reality when their dreams, ambitions, and hope flicker out like a dying flashlight battery and disappear into a world of darkness due to poor preparation for exams.

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Many college students may take tons of notes during the semester in preparation for midterms and final exams. Unfortunately, they fall into pulling All-Nighters or other educational pit holes even with adequate notes. When facing the threat of failing a midterm or final, college students should have two goals in mind. The first goal should be to maintain stress levels while dealing with the exam. The second goal should be to do well on the exam with no problems because of proper study preparation. With the following tips and advice, college students will be able to hit the books with ease and avoid falling into study pit holes.

Procrastination is a common aspect of the college life. Many students value their social scene more than their study scene. Every waking moment does not have to be devoted to studying. If, however, something as simple as shopping can be put off to a later date, the pupil should put it off. Too many students fail their exams due to trips, parties, or social events that they place before their studies only to realize their foolishness when it is too late.

When preparing for a college midterm or final, it is very crucial to have time management. Students often put off studying until the last minute and find that their brain overloads and all information is wiped clean. How can a college student avoid such a disaster? The answer is simple. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. College students are lucky when it comes to taking major exams. The instructors of each college course generally hands out a syllabus with important dates. A great way to start for people to start off off planning for midterms and finals is to get a daily planner. With a planner, the student can mark the days of the midterms and schedule daily study sessions to help them prepare.

It is very important, especially at a college level, to prioritize study time. Many students are juggling more than fifteen credit hours and will panic the closer it gets to exam time. Even the most intellectual student will sometimes study for one subject more than another. The end result of such a procedure is not a pretty sight. The proper method of studying involves dividing time equally among all subjects. Prioritizing allows students to be mindful of their study time and allows all of their subjects to get equal attention.

Everyone is different when it comes to studying. Some students can study with the radio on or with lots of noise while others prefer peace and quiet. It is important when it comes to preparation for exams to find a study spot that works. The choice is up to each individual person, whether it is in the tub or in a park.

Another good way to prepare for taking midterms is for students to schedule study breaks. Many students will try and study one week before their exam and will be too &ldquofried&rdquo to take the exam properly. When planning for a study session, students should take breaks that last ten minutes. Study breaks will stimulate the brain and will relax the student. Taking these steps will enable students to concentrate more on the subject they are studying. Here are ways that students can find relief from studying:

  • Going for a run
  • Reading a novel
  • Having a snack
  • Watching a television show
  • Playing a video game

Study breaks are meant to give the student a small amount of time to relax and refresh themselves. Often, college students don’t give their brain a decent break and the overload causes multiple problems like mental fatigue, physical fatigue, and the inability to study.

Falling asleep during a midterm is not uncommon for college students. Most of the time students will attempt to cram the night before getting as little as three hours of sleep. Students usually are fooled into thinking that they can function at a proper mental level to think critically when taking an exam. Like studying, proper sleep plays a valuable role when it comes to mental preparation for an exam.

Many times people fail exams because they didn’t understand their concept matter. It is important if students don’t understand something to go and ask the professor for help. The worst thing a student can do is not ask questions. Students should talk to them, ask for study guides, and get together with one-on-one development plans.

When midterms and finals come around, students should not find themselves unprepared. They should not attempt to pull an All-Nighter and end up falling into pit holes that could have been avoided with proper preparation. Learners should not let their dreams, ambitions, and futures fade away because without proper study methods they will be nowhere except by themselves alone in the dark.


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