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Toyota Motors Communication With Stakeholders

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Toyota motors today manufacture a wide range of vehicles all over the world. As a Creative leader in the automobile manufacturing business, Toyota is well known for its efficiency, management values and believes and won the trust of millions of people around the world when it comes to the vehicle manufacturing business.

The history of Toyota started in 1933; the founder of the present day Toyota motors is kiichiro Toyoda who is the son of the founder of “Toyoda Automatic Loom Works.” Back then Kiichiro was a young entrepreneur in the 1930’s who was very interested in learning so he travelled to the United States and Europe to do a research on automobile manufacturing. After his successful research Kiichiro returned to Japan and designed and manufactured the gasoline-powered engines firstly in 1930. After a successful market in the first year of introduction, the government of Japan asked Toyoda automatic loom works to manufacture large scale of automobiles due to the war with China. This bought a great turnover to Toyota and that lead to the present day Toyota motors.

Toyota motors were an independent company that was established by the Toyoda family in 1937. Later on it began to expand in 1960’s with new research centers and new expertise coming into the organization.

” As of the end of March 2012 ,Toyota conducts business operations in over 50 overseas manufacturing companies in 27 counties and regions and Toyota vehicles are sold in more than 160 countries and regions. “

(Toyota worldwide operation, [Online], Available at www.toyota-global.com/company/profile/facilities/worldwide_operations)

Communication with Stakeholders

Since Toyota started its new project which is called “Sustainable development.”The mangers and the heads of Toyota acknowledged that in order to play a part in sustainable development, the management of Toyota has to interact with its stakeholders and the process of interacting with its stakeholders will be considered as important. They also made a decision that they would endeavor, build and maintain good relationships with the stakeholders through open and fair effective communication. Along with the decision to communicate with stakeholders, Toyota communicates with a wide range of stakeholders, unlike other organization, Toyota gives a great significance for stakeholders and is ready to listen and share or grasp the knowledge from its stakeholders. Toyota gives an opportunity to the stakeholders to play part in the sustainable development project. The following are the ways in which Toyota communicates with its stakeholders:

Toyota Conducts dialogs with local communities at each production and manufacturing plant.

Round table conference with employees.

Study meeting with business partners.

Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue (local communities)

As mentioned before Toyota believes that is it significant to meet and exchange ideas with its broad range of stakeholders, As a result of that Toyota organized and hosted the Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue every year starting from 2001. Due to the Stakeholder dialogues Toyota has received lots of stakeholder opinions and expectations and has decided to share those ideas with the internal group and divisions in the organization which would be important for Toyota in the mere future.

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The latest Toyota stakeholder Dialogue was held in November 2011, this was the 11th time stakeholder dialogue Toyota has conducted. This time the dialogue was focused on the ways of sustainable development under the topic “Global vision for those we serve.”Various Stakeholders from different backgrounds such as industrial experts, environmental groups and various other experts attended the meeting and shared their knowledge.

Toyota’s CSR-Stakeholder initiative

Later on Toyota started the new program for developing relationship between the Customer service representatives and the relevant stakeholder. The primary goal of this program was to enable its staff members to directly communicate with its stakeholders. The most targeted stakeholders of this program was the potential customers , and the discussions was to take opinions from the potential customers on how they would like a CSR to communicate with them directly and which is the most reliable method. The benefits for Toyota were unimaginable and the program was more than expected. This caused a boost up for Toyota to encourage more meeting like this in order to improve its communication with customers.

Toyota motors internal corporate practices

Toyota motors have a wide range of communication process and methods of communication in which employees share their opinions, perspective, ideas and feelings. The following are the methods in which the employees use to communicate internally:

Face to face


Notice boards




Mobile phones

Text messages

Instant messaging

The concept of using the above methods of communication within the organization by the employees contributes to the spirit of team working and the work of individuals. Communication in the Toyota Corporation is two way process between two or more people. Toyota invents new modes of communication which is only used within the corporation and is a unique method of communication which would not be found in any other company. With the unique modes of communication Toyota’s employees have used these methods effectively and as a result it has helped Toyota to compete with its rival companies such as Honda, Kia and many various others companies.

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As a result of effective unique communication process Toyota has always been the market leader when it comes to selling cars. Toyota motors have been top rated in the auto mobile manufacturing business in the world and it has gained independent specialization in manufacturing cars. Toyota also runs and owns various other companies such as companies that produce rubber, textiles and steel.

Since Toyota is a not only a automobile manufacturer but also owns several subsidy companies it is considered as a huge company , therefore Toyota has generated new methods of communication for higher level , and lower level employees including front chain managers and employees. Toyota motors have used various strategies and improved communication skills which enable employees of Toyota to work faster, easier and more motivated which results in employees being more satisfied and show a positive work attitude.


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