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The Pizza Restaurant Is Competition Marketing Essay

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Today, the pizza restaurant can bring considerable and stable profits, especially, if the restaurant operates in a country, where pizza restaurants are few. In such a situation, the pizza restaurant should focus on the mass customers and attract them promoting its products and services as alternative to traditional ones. In fact, the pizza restaurant can take its niche in the market and hold the leading position in its segment of the market on the condition of the maintenance of the customer loyalty and attraction of new customers.

Mission, vision, objectives and growth strategies

The Pizza Restaurant focuses on gaining the attention of costumers and formation a core of loyal customer, who attend the restaurant on the regular basis. The pizza restaurant should maintain the customer loyalty to its products and services and attract new customers. It is through the combination of the maintenance of existing customers and attraction of new ones, the pizza restaurant can succeed in the market. The vision of the pizza restaurant is to provide products and services of high quality to mass customers.

Products, pricing, promotion, supply chain

The pizza restaurant should offer its customers not only pizza, which should be definitely the chief dish of the restaurant but also other dishes, which are easy and fast to cook and service to customers but the dishes served in the restaurant should be healthy and do not cause any harm to customers’ health. The price of products offered in the pizza restaurant should be affordable for average customers. The restaurant should position itself as democratic and open to all customers. The pizza restaurant should conduct a large scale promotional campaign including local media, focusing on television, print media and radio.

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As for the supply chain, the restaurant should use local suppliers to provide customers with fresh products, which customers are accustomed to. If necessary, pizzas and other dishes should be adapted to tastes of the local population. The use of local suppliers will allow the restaurant to save costs on the delivery of products and guarantee the high quality of products.

Customer analysis

Basically, the pizza restaurant targets at the large masses of customers. The pizza restaurant should count for huge masses of customers that will consume its products regularly. What is meant here is the fact that, ideally, the pizza restaurant menu should overcome all social or age boundaries and become a part of food culture of people living in different socioeconomic and socio-cultural environment.

On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that this goal is rather ideal since it can hardly be realized in a short-run. This is why it is possible to take such a perspective into consideration and focus on the more concrete target customer groups. In this respect, it is primarily necessary to focus on the younger customers as the major target customer group, at least at the beginning of the introduction of the product. Gradually, within two-three months, it will be possible to enlarge the target customer group to young adults and children, while in a long-run perspective, it will be possible to attempt to attract other age groups of customers.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the initial orientation on the young customers is quite logical and potentially may be very effective. The reason for the choice of young people as the target customer group is quite simple (Pine, J. and Gilmore, 2009). In fact, young people traditionally tend to experiments and they readily accept products offered by the pizza restaurant. This is why if the pizza restaurant is accepted by young people, it will more likely that they will become loyal customers.

However, it is extremely important to gradually enlarge the target customer group on young adults and children. The latter are particularly significant and it is even possible to estimate that they are strategically important as consumers of the new pizza restaurant (Pine, J. and Gilmore, 2009). In this respect, it should be said that it will be quite easy to attract young adults to the new pizza restaurant since initially the pizza restaurant is oriented on young customers. At the same time, young adults are just forming their families and, therefore, they are forming their food culture within their families and, in this regard, children may be involved as a new and very important target customer group. Speaking about this group, it should be said that children can force their parents to attend the pizza restaurant and many parents have difficulties if it is necessary to refuse from attending the restaurant their children ask about (Gitlow, 2007). In addition, children are growing and they are just shaping their tastes and preferences. This is why it is extremely important to gain their approval and make them accustomed to dine in the new pizza restaurant. In such a way, the new pizza restaurant will get a stable and loyal customer group which can consume this product and involve other groups of customers.

Target market, customers needs and wants

The target market is families because the restaurant should attract families. In actuality, family traditions are strong and the pizza restaurant can offer family members excellent opportunities to gather and dine in the restaurant. In such a way, customers will enjoy the communication with family members and good dishes served in the restaurant (Garvin and Artemis, 2007). The pizza restaurant can become a place of traditional family meetings that will become a tradition for many families to attend the restaurant.

The pizza restaurant should meet needs and wants of customers, especially the need of products of the high quality served at affordable prices. In addition, the pizza restaurant should create a democratic ambiance to help customers to feel being relaxed in the restaurant. The pizza restaurant should focus on the customer satisfaction and develop the customer loyalty program. The customer loyalty program can include a system of discounts and special offers for loyal customers.

Uniqueness of the pizza restaurant

The pizza restaurant should take an advantageous position in the market due to the unique style of pizza. To put it more precisely, the pizza offered in the restaurant should be diverse but meet local tastes and preferences of customers. The unique pizza will be a blend of traditional pizza and local cuisine. Customers will enjoy traditional taste and products being offered in a new, trendy restaurant. In addition, the unique pizza offered in the restaurant will be oil free. Therefore, the consumption of the unique pizza will not have any negative impact on health of customers.

Market size

The market size is big because the pizza restaurant will be one of the first, specialized pizza restaurants in the local market. Therefore, the pizza restaurant can hold the leading position in the market taking its niche. In the course of time, the pizza restaurant can build up its own network in other cities of the country. The mid-term goal for the pizza restaurant is to build up the national network with restaurants being located in every large city of the country in eight-ten year perspective. In a long-run perspective, the pizza restaurant can enter international markets offering its unique pizza, using local suppliers and adapting pizza to needs and tastes of local customers.

Competitors and their strategies

At the moment, the pizza restaurant can face a competition from the part of four main restaurants. However, the competitors focus on upper-class customers, whereas the pizza restaurant focuses on mass customers belonging to middle and lower classes (Volti, 2005). In such a way, the restaurant can reach the high number of customers in a short run.

Economic environment

The economic environment is favorable for the development of the pizza restaurant. The national economy keeps progressing due to the oil industry, whereas the business environment is also favorable because businesses do not face any substantial barriers. Therefore, the pizza restaurant can develop fast and successfully.

Technological, regulatory, social and cultural environment

The technological environment allows the pizza restaurant to use the modern equipment to create comfortable ambiance and to offer products of the high quality. The pizza restaurant can offer customer Wi-Fi and modern telecommunication systems as well. The regulatory environment is favorable because the local authorities attract investors to keep the economy growing. Therefore, the pizza restaurant can count for the support of local policy makers. At the socio-cultural level, the environment is also favorable because western lifestyle and cuisine grow more and more popular (Mohrman, 2006). Therefore, the pizza restaurant can be perceived by the public as a stylish, trendy restaurant. In addition, family traditions are strong and the restaurant can become a perfect place, where families can meet.

SWOT analysis

One of the major threats to the pizza restaurant is competition. Major competitors of Pizza Restaurant are other four Restaurants and in nearby cities. Out of them, Eat-Fresh is a large scale restaurant, providing greater entertainment facilities for customers, that has a base of around 200 people per day. It has adopted various promotional strategies. Also attracts more than 170 visitors a day and serves multicultural Pizza flavored to people who reach there from various parts of the world, and has been successful with its customer-focus strategy. Al-Raid and Hill-View are two other competitors, attracting 80 to 100 visitor a day, who provide variety of amenities to facilitate entertainment, with their customer-loyalty strategies.

On the other hand, the pizza restaurant has excellent opportunity to take the leading position in the market due to its unique products and niche in the market.

The pizza restaurant has internal strength such as advanced equipment, well-trained personnel and sufficient financial resources. However, the pizza restaurant does not have extensive experience of operating in the local market.


Thus, in conclusion, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the pizza restaurant has good prospects for the successful business development. The pizza restaurant can gain a large share of the market because it offers original product and holds unique niche in the market. Therefore, the pizza restaurant can reach successfully its business goals.


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