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The Management Strategy Of Disney

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It is known that Disneyland attracts a plenty of tourists and audiences from all over the world, which broke traditional characters of marketing and create a kind of new mode for marketing. Disney pay attention on the customers and the customers promote its experience on marketing. With the orientation of market, the high quality service ,comfortable environment and excellent work entertainment etc, Disney has achieved a success in the commercial world.

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Around the world, there are five Disney World where operate theme parks. Each of them are California Disneyland, Orlando Disneyland, Paris Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. Although Disneyland is not the pioneer of theme park, Disney creates a lot of colorful animation and cartoons figures which appeal a lot of people to come and enjoy their lives in the theme parks. According to this, Disney especially Disneyland acquires much more success in the commercial world, for visitors brought a great of wealth and spread its culture abroad to every corner of this modern world.

The management strategy of Disney

Considerate the Disney’s theme parks, Disney cartoon for amusement project designs theme and modern management mode, capital operation mode, the market development mode and comprehensive development. They spend huge sums of money building a lot of entertainment facilities. Disney’s animated film was a sensation all over the world are also classic (Xinhua Web. Management.2009).With the development of Disney, Disney put its strategy of management forward to reality. First, Disney selects the theme park. After analyzed the market condition of location, it would take considerate about the mainly population, transportation and regional economic condition, then Disney combines its own value with these condition and make strategy. Second, Disney analyzed the geography condition and climate condition. The most significant data is the weather and the temperature because that if the rains could affect the numbers of activities and the numbers of visitors. Third, Disney could considerate the social conditions for opening a theme parks. For example, with a high degree of social identity, government could support to construct and develop a theme park.

After analyze the strategy of construction of Disneyland in external factors, the inner factors will play an important role to improve Disney. This strategy is made for a continuous development focus on the human factor. So Disney follows a series of behaviors: (1) to understand its audience. It fully reflects the people-oriented service principle and the management idea. (2) stance from visitors, adhere to the designer, as much as possible to employees, directors, use the garden feeling of tourist facilities, so as to make improvement scheme. (3) Completes personnel and organizations: use of the story, speaking skills beautiful story instead of lectures, with clear logical sequence of the story. (4) Using visual appeal of landscape to attract tourists from one area to another park and for their choice to make this kind of incentive, like this gift into different area characteristic of small gifts area. (5) Using visual communication, make good use of all points of characters, such as colors, shapes, and texture, etc. (6) the story is not too long, do not have too much information, don’t let people feel was forced to absorb more than they understand the content, try scope will encourage and guide those who wish to know more of the customer. (7) A project is only a story. (8) For projects subject to clear positioning, avoiding contradictory. (9) For each receives activities provided a lot. (10) Don’t underestimate on the importance of clean and maintenance, people want to see a perfect display rather shabby clothes don’t clean the park and the employees (Kim Min-ho, management, 2009).

The Disney’s corporate image

In a company, the corporate image is an intangible asset which contains human, financial and material resources as much more valuable as tangible assets. It is a generally accepted image of what a company “stands marketing experts who use public relations and other forms of promotion to suggest a mental picture to the public. With concept of corporate image, the purpose of corporate image is to appeal the attention of public, to create the main mind, generate brand. However, Disney has different corporate image from other companies. First, Disney did not choose the human, location to be the corporate image. Some one could think the earliest theme park is the best one. But with development of Disney, there are five theme parks around the world. It is different and makes popular to the most customers. Second, Disney’s corporate image could help increase the passion of staffs who will work hard. Third, a good corporate image could also make advantage from customers because that they feel good and happy. It is seen as a way of advertising for Disney. Other companies can not get this domino phenomenon. Disney’s strategy is to identify its most popular brands and exploit them through brand extensions throughout the world.

Disney also set up a department for collecting the ideas, vision and the outcome creators. Then this information would be obtained to particular department for analyzing the weakness and the strengths. Combine with the problem, some action should be taken out. With the method and feedback from customers, Disney has become a successful company in the world. In Hong Kong Disneyland, they are in different activities and more perfect building facilities to attract more customers (Kim Min-ho, management, 2009).

The analysis of Disney America project

Disney canceled the America project because of the disadvantages in the environment around the America. So America project is not sustainable for construction and development.

4.1 Disadvantage in America project

Because Disney didn’t follow the ethic responsibility in theirs employment and management, with thinking that there is not circumspective during the planning. Disney’s jobs would all be at minimum wages, people might make $20,000 or $30,000 a year (Samson, fundamental of management, 2009). It is obviously that Disney would pay much more money to the staffs than it earned. So the company reduces the salary of staffs that affect the passion of staffs. A success business can be measured in many ways, not all of which show up on the financial statement (Samson, fundamental of management, 2009). Disney established a park near the Manassas National Battlefield Park and combine entertainment and education into a virtual history experience. This is a good idea to making money and very novelty. But it makes criticism by the opponents. This particular park damages the image of Disney in Americans.

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4.2 The business environment of America project

Although Disney would considerate so much more conditions before constructing a theme park around the world, it might not understand the mainly task environment carefully. Comparing the environment around Disney, the consumer, media, employee unions and special group would play a great function on the process of decision. If Disney could not handle these special groups, some bad motion affects the performance. Even though there is a way of feedback to the company, Disney did not overcome the relationship and bad performance even the problem between them. Disney pays the minimum wages to their staff which leads to complain to the company. As some represents of company’s employment in the business environment, a big criticism would be taken. The society also focuses on it. From the public voice would badly damage company’s image and reputation. Meanwhile, it also affects the company’s credit in customers’ minds, which leads to the decrease of the number of visitors coming to the theme park. That also is a good way to explain why Disney’s profit is decreasing.

5. The influence of Disney on Economy and Culture

With the development of Disney, it is obvious that the influence on economy and culture. As known, Disneyland is a huge project which covers a hundreds of acres. So it also provides thousands of job opportunities and reduces the press of employment. In other words, it improves the economy developing. In some countries, the theme parks were founded near the urban villages. The government may construct highways and freeways to make transportation smoothly. With this, the rural culture of people maybe changed to be much more modern than before. Disney also always told some fairytale for children and contributes so many children’s charity programs. With this the culture would be sent by these lovely children. Young people like cartoon characters inside, this is a great yearning for their places. The old people want to go to Disneyland, which is also looking for a happy childhood. As long as the human imagination is not depleted, Disneyland will never be completed (Huate.managemrnt.2009).

6. Conclusion

Through the analyzing Disney especially Disneyland, a conclusion about market is made. First, Disney made its strategy for expanding so five Disneyland were founded. They consider so many conditions such as human, society, geography and so on. Then after expanding strategy, a corporate image is made as an intangible asset for much more value. In this report, a case about America was analyzed as a failure. The disadvantage and environment were analyzed. Then next part, as a famous company, Disney affects the economy and culture around world. Finally, Disney is successful company around the word, not in the effect of economy but also culture. Disney did a correct strategy to develop its business and makes most persons have a good expression on Disney. So Disney is the most successful of a company.


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