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The Levels Are Core Product Benefits Marketing Essay

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BMW has the image of a ‘premium’ car manufacturer who is know for its well driving cars with a sportier performance than their competition, prime example of this is the fact that BMW only produces rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive cars. Their premium image comes from the fact that they produce high-quality and relatively high prices automobiles. Even though their prices are relatively high the perceived value level is still at a sufficient level because of the balance with high quality.

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One of the core product benefits would be technology. For example EfficientDynamics which manages to lower fuel consumption without really compromising the performance BMW is known for, through means such as lightweight construction, a start-stop function, brake energy regeneration and tires with less roll resistance just to name a few. BMW has won many awards for innovation for measures such as these so their technology is at a high and innovative level.

Product Attributes

BMW was founded in 1916 and it’s first car went on sale in 1929, a well known and old brand known for it’s innovation is one of the strengths BMW can build on. Not only in the automobile branch but also known for its aircraft engines and motorcycles.

Design, especially under Christopher Bangle recent design has been an important factor, loved by some hated by others the new design direction Bangle took was a hot topic in automobile discussions. What cannot be denied is that BMW’s have a distinctive design with some elements that have been in it’s cars for decades. For example the characteristic grille, first introduced in 1933 and still in use on every car model BMW manufactures. Another part of design is that BMW designs all it’s products with recycling in mind, ‘Design for Recycling’ makes sure that the right materials are used and recycling is easier because it is being accounted for at a design stage.

BMW has a programme called BMW Individual in which such as the name states a customer can customise its car to great extent. Options such as exclusive paint, leather colours and types and more extensive audio/video possibilities are all part of this programme, all to satisfy the customer to the greatest extent.

Support Services

The normal delivery of an automobile consists of having it made ready by your dealer and having it delivered to your home. With BMW it is possible to pick it up at the factory it was produced at and have a tour there for example and visit the BMW museum, it is even possible for American customers to make use of this programme and BMW will even take care of the shipping afterwards. An exclusive offering which turns a simple delivery into a whole experience.

BMW offers a long 12 year warranty on the body of the car, 3 years on the paintwork and 2 years on the rest with no maximum amount of kilometres used. Furthermore there are programmes that allow you to extend the warranty beyond this time for a premium.

Every consumer has access to the BMW group Service Center which can be phoned 24/7 and is free of charge.

BMW also offers BMW Financial Services, which is a lease and financing company. They offer lease agreements but also insurance, not only on cars but they even offer home or travel insurance.

To summarize BMW produces high quality products which have a few characteristics they are well known for. There are many factors in which BMW has a great product strategy but the most notable factors would be driving quality, BMW’s offer a high degree of performance in it’s cars. Also one very important factor is it’s technology, most notably EfficientDynamics through which BMW manages to lower fuel consumption and emissions without compromising the quality driving it is known for. There is also the design which characterises its cars as typical BMW and last but not least the high level of support services.


One of the biggest issues global society is facing is global warming, this is especially important in the automotive industry as their products play a (large) part in this issue.

Car manufacturers face a bit of a paradox, their product is inherently harmful to the environment yet at the same time they try to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

BMW not only tries to be environmentally conscious in their products they also strive to be this in their organisation.

As stated on their website all BMW Group employees are guided by the ICC’s Business Charter for Sustainable Development. Managers are stimulated to implement environmental guidelines and convey this message onto their employees. Just some examples are reducing the amount of paperwork that goes with every car as it goes down the production-line in the factory to reduce the amount of paper used. Turning off unused factory equipment in the weekends. Grouping the production of same coloured cars together so that the painting equipment has to be cleaned and sterilized less often.

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BMW Group acknowledges its responsibilities and commits to apply latest the technologies in order to enhance safety and lower fuel consumption and noise and exhaust emissions. As stated previously BMW applies ‘Design for Recycling’ in which at the design stage there is already being accounted for optimizing the recycling process. BMW also is developing alternative fuel technologies such as BMW CleanEnergy which allows for the use of liquid hydrogen as a fuel. Furthermore BMW Group suppliers are required to adhere to the standards which BMW applies to its organisation and products.

It is through technologies such as BMW Efficient Dynamics that the consumer is actually experiencing a lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. All of this achieved through lightweight construction, energy management and modern technology. For example in the Netherlands BMW has 129 models which have a green label, greener labels in turn allow for lower costs for the car.

To summarize, although BMW’s product is harmful to the environment they try to minimize this through the use of company-wide policies and design philosophy to ensure environmentally conscious production and technology to minimize fuel consumption and emissions.


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