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Online Advertising Methods Applicable to E-commerce

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We have identified the current online advertising methods applicable to e-commerce. We have conducted a research on the internet by using search engines to identify the latest advertising methods. We have discussed these online advertising methods. We have found 3 online advertising methods. There are Banner and Popup advertising methods, Content Provider advertising methods and Online Marketplace. We have also state the advantage and disadvantage of online advertising methods, the definition of online advertising methods. Online advertising is an advertising method through online to share their product and information to public. This can be legal and illegal according to the law. But online advertising have a very fast efficient and speed because people everyday using computer to search out what is the news. We have few example and we give the definition, advantage and disadvantage. We share banner advertising methods, popup advertising method, Google ads advertising method and Facebook advertising method. This few methods bring us much benefit and this makes us have a easier life style. This also helps a lot of business to make their product more popular.

Banner Advertising Methods

Banner advertising method is defined as a web banner or banner ads are a form of advertising on the World Wide Web, this form of online advertising needs of the ads embedded in Web pages, this is a website to attract traffic police to link to the advertiser website.

The advantage of Banner Advertising methods is whether you are an established company or upcoming business entity, you will find that Internet banner advertising is the best way to promote your online businesses. Just like your magazine or newspaper ad to see the Internet banner ads can give you answer, you want from your target market. The ads found in square or rectangular box, which contains some text and pictures. Perhaps the main advantage of banner ads is that you will be able to target market from your response is almost instantaneous. When you’re in the newspaper advertisement, readers might be interested in your proposal, but their curiosity, they may not always straight. These people will forget who the ads for some time, you will not get any of their responses. However, Internet banner advertising is different, because the reader will immediately take action to read your ad in their curiosity. In to see your online ad, viewers will click on your banner, and then it will take them to your site, you are selling your products and services.

The Disadvantage of Banner Advertising is it will be anyone to see or read advertising payment guarantee. This is difficult to assess the effect of advertising, or measures, although can be installed on your website; you can display the source of website traffic, your site’s software tools.

Discussion as a manager

When a cooperate use a banner advertising methods manager must make sure that attention of the title and topic involve in the advertisement to make searchers realize the advertisement is good enough to search.

Discussion as a consumer

The consumer will be attracted by the decoration or design of the advertisement and the advertisement must include the needs and expectation of consumer.

The example of Banner Advertising Methods

Popup Advertising Methods

The definition of Popup Advertising Methods is a form of online advertising on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic or capture email addresses, it works when certain web sites open a new web browser window to display advertisements, the pop-up window containing an advertisement is usually generated by java script, but can be generated by other.

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The advantage of Popup Advertising Methods is block those program that are illegal to watch and prevent the computer get hack. Visitors can use the certain web sites for free with conditions apply. These programs are incredibly efficient most in the time and can fee advertisers a good deal of money if the ad just isn’t reaching the intended target. It can bypass “blocker” system and can still provide the advertising to your display, whether visitors like it or not.

The disadvantage of Popup advertising methods is however pop-up ads can do, in fact, more online users than to identify more harm than good may never resolve any association with the Company and are sources of irritation and inconvenience. Such advertising may also be responsible for the actions as a spasm. Discussion as a manager

It is very irritating when the popup advertising appear, sometime even cannot close the popup advertisement.

Discussion as a consumer

The popup advertisement is very irritating, when doing work, something will popup and interrupt.

The example of Popup Advertising Methods

Google ads advertising Methods

The definition of Google ads Advertising Methods is ad serving applications run by Google Inc, website owners can enroll in this program enable text, image, and video advertisement on their website. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

The advantage of Google ads Advertising Methods is it provide simple and easy to understand states, whether you own various website only one account is sufficient. The Google ad is very easy to join and with it is very simple to paste code into your web page or blog, there is no need to mess around with different code for various affiliate programs, and when you are using Google Ad sense you don’t have to spend time find advertisers.

The disadvantage of Google ads Advertising Method is if someone did say: “ads by Google” tab click you will not get free publicity, what to Google, the site currently has too many ads are rejected. In addition, Google’s statistical data is easy to understand, but sometimes is not enough, far away from reality. By read phonetically, with Google Ads you can’t determine the payout rates of the advertisements. Furthermore, websites and blogs that desire to display Google Ads may not include other content targeted and text based ads on the pages displaying Ad words ads. A fatal disadvantage of Google Ads is that they don’t say how much is Google Ads partners will receive, you are not able to make any estimation just receiving an unknown share of the revenue. Google Ads does not allow you to share your states with other person.

Discussion of a manager

It is convenient to do an advertisement on Google website and it will be seen by many people around the world, other than that the company’s product or services will be purchase and ask by the consumers.

Discussion as a consumer

Too many advertisements had affected the focus when working, it should be improve.

The example of Google Ads Advertising Methods is

Facebook Ads Advertising Methods

The definition of Facebook Ads Advertising Methods

Facebook ads are a growing number of people online business advertising and Facebook is actually a real participation in paid advertising platform. Sign up for Facebook, the solid and the establishment of ad creative is what is in store for you in the balance of this article.

The advantage of Facebook Ads Advertising Methods is reaching your target customers. Facebook is connecting with more than 500 million potential customers and we can choose our audience by location, age and interests. It is a test simple image and text-based ads and use what works. This can increase our relationship and build a community around your business. It also can control our budget like set the daily budget we are comfortable with, adjust our daily budget at anytime.

The disadvantage of Facebook Ads Advertising Methods is you must direct to know each other or search from our friend only can know this people or product. Someone can block you to prevent see their profile without agreement. And also that someone will use hacking program to hack your account. The security system is not very strong.

Discussion of a manager

When company use this advertisement is a very dangerous to company and it will possible bring bad reputation to company, this is because sometimes is illegal action to commit extortion.

Discussion as a consumer

It had become a habit to online facebook, so the advertisement at facebook will be seen by many people.

The example of Facebook Ads Advertising Methods


The current online are advertising methods applicable to e-commerce. We may conduct a research on the internet by using search engines or relevant references for example books, newspaper, magazines, etc. this can help to identify the latest advertising methods. Online advertising is popular to public and easy to research for those know to how use computer, but for those does not know how to use computer, they can’t do research and does not know how to research by using computer. Online advertising is always using by business man because they feel that this advertising method can provide a very big range of news to the social and public. So when many and many of people know their product. The company will become popular for example, Sony, Samsung, Nokia and etc. they done their very good advertising in online advertising so that is the reason they become popular. The advantage of online advertising is very to use and have a good efficient. But it also have disadvantage when you try to find something on the online advertising, it does not get the answer or it reject the thing you search. In conclusion, online advertising can provide a big range advertising to public and popular and also easy to use for public. This is a very nice methods using online for advertising.


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