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The Coca Cola Branding And Packaging

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Present customer encouragement strategies may differ to a great extent, but the closing stages objective is for all time the same: encourage a client to create a purchase. Two of the most accepted strategies have easy terms, like the push and pull techniques, and they are frequently used as they have established working. Any technique that creates the client to a trade organization to pay money for manufactured goods is an efficient method to endorse stuffs to clients. Two of the most important components of marketing are Branding and packaging. Branding is a word inured to explain the name, description and design of manufactured goods. Branding distinguishes a corporation’s manufactured goods from their rivalry. Packing is a marketing tool inured to mirror the brand. A corporation exercises packaging to advertise the manufactured goods contained by. The colors, typescripts, images and sign are intended to force consumers to pay money for the manufactured goods. Even though public say they aren’t inspired by how someone or something appear, we all know that, in secret, packaging make a difference. Branding and packaging works as a tool for the pull and push factor. It works as a silent salesman to a product. Some role may describe it differently. Here it is going to be described how the branding and packaging helps the pulls and push strategy.

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When a corporation brands manufactured goods, they decide the “personality” of the manufactured goods. Generating a brand that is right away familiar and supposed completely is the eventual objective. Branding combine workings such as color, method and visual images to differentiate a company’s manufactured goods from the rivalry. Emergent symbols, mottos and label lines are always that vendors communicate a particular brand.

Branding formed by a corporation. While these hard works are applied to promote manufactured goods, they in turn advertise the company itself. Branding mirrors the icon that the corporation looks for to development. For case in point, IBM tackles a more conventional, well-established business icon while Apple brands itself as a hip and cutting edge corporation. These descriptions reveal advertise that the corporation has recognized as objective clients.

Packaging is a very essential marketing policy to glamorize the product in order to magnetize the consumer’s deliberation Sometimes packaging is so essential that it price more than the creation itself in order to lure the clients to buy it. Packaging should positively be included during the 4 major P’s of selling (product, place, promotion and price).

Most customers judge a product by its packaging before buying. So it is consistent to say nice-looking packaging is fundamental in order to get the first time buyers to buy your products. Without gorgeous packaging, who would buy it in order to seek it? The first step to go into the market is packed down if the packaging is ugly.

Having gorgeous packaging doesn’t mean it should ignore quality either. In fact, you need to make high excellence products in order to have frequent sales. Converting first time buyers into loyal consumers should be the main goal of your business and packaging is the door to it.

It is important to consider the following factors when deciding on packaging a product:

Unique: packaging should be unique for each type of product and different from competitors

Performance: it should perform the required purpose of packaging

Promotion: packaging should promote the benefits of the products and brands

Visible: the brand name should be clearly visible on the package

3.2 Pull and Push Strategy

All selling falls into two categories: push selling and pull selling. To sellers, it’s as basic as breathing in and out. But that doesn’t help the millions of would-be business owners who have left (or will be leaving) the corporate world to start their own businesses without the benefit of a selling education. So consider this a speedy selling course:

Push-pull selling strategies are two special ways of endorsing produce and armed forces to a object sell. There is picky reward in using each of these. Knowing the dissimilarity and using the both in agreement with another is very valuable information to an industrialist.

Push and pull selling is used to define selling practices for getting clients to purchase a convinced brand, product, or service.

Figure 2: Pull and Push Strategy

3.2.1 Pull Strategy

The client requests the product to be “pulled” through the delivery channel.

With regards to this approach, different advertising and promotional strategies are developed to generate advertising to entice prospective clients to gravitate towards a seller’s products or services. “Pull” selling lets an industrialist or company meeting point on the increase of the brand. While “push” selling is more disturbed with short-term results, “pull” selling wants to create loyal faction by setting a certain standard designed for their brand.

A case in point of this is the Porsche brand of cars. The party concentrated its hard work in increasing the brand through the years. As a result, when the word “Porsche” is mentioned, greater part of clients readily associates it with being a high quality sports car due to the standing of the brand.

This strategic enhance of the brand will clearly help in the long-term as companies and entrepreneurs can then offer more future products and services to attracted clients who are already memorable with the brand.

Applied to that portion of the supply chain where demand improbability is high

Construction and circulation are require determined

No inventory, rejoinder to specific guidelines

Point of sale (POS) data comes in practical when shared with source chain partners

Decline in lead time

Complicated to implement

Pull Tools

There are numbers of pull tools that are used frequently by recognized companies. The following are the best examples:


Promotions and Coupons

Loyalty Programs


Point of Purchase Displays

Contests, Games and Sweepstakes

Rebates and Cash refunds

3.2.2 Push strategy

In a “push” method, the client frequently doesn’t ask for the manufactured goods or service to be developed. In its place, the manufactured goods or service is “pushed” out to the end-user from beginning to end methods like marketing on linked websites, e-mail advertising advanced by hunt engine optimization, and bitter calling or e-mailing a scene.

These stand for behaviors to be practical and connect the objective market. This draw near is most helpful for industrialists, when they create their little company, their goods or services are not famous to the customer. As a result, by follow this policy, at least the goods or services will be introduced to the objective division.

Of course, however, the marketers will frequently concentrating taking place promoting the product’s skin texture and benefits within an effort to get a encouraging rejoinder from potential clients An example of this can be seen when fragrance products being sold. Women commonly do not request to smell a fragrance from a brand they are not familiar with or unidentified to them. However, if the seller is supporting that exact brand of perfume, the salesman can advised or “push” the buyer to test it.

In summation, “push” selling is categorically more of a short-term approach to get the besieged market household with the products or services being offered.

Functional to that quantity of the supply sequence where command improbability is reasonably small

Construction & circulation decisions are based on long term forecasts

Based on past guidelines received from retailer’s storehouse (may lead to Bullwhip effect)

Lack of ability to encounter varying demand patterns

Well-built and changeable construction batches

Deplorable service levels

Unnecessary inventories due to the need for large protection stocks

less expenses on publicity than pull strategy

Push Tools

The following are the most commonly used push tools for marketing strategy by the renowned companies:


Samples and Free Goods

Buy-Back Guarantees

Push Money (Spiffs)

Cooperative Advertising

Advertising Materials

Dealer Meetings and Contests

Specialty Advertising Items

4. Coca-Cola Branding and Packaging as Pull Strategy

Branding has a very important role in marketing push and pull strategy. A brand has its own image in the market that attracts the customer and it works as a person to the customers. The brand development strategy of Coca Cola comprised redesigning of its brand development policies and techniques to keep up with the changing mindset of its consumers. Earlier, this brand believed in the following:

Afford ability



However, this brand development strategy of Coca Cola was reworked to stress on the following instead:

Price value


Pervasive penetration

Success can affect the coca-cola brand image is when determine how to satisfy customer needs by identifying a market mix, Determine the needs of their customers through market research, analyze their competitive advantages to develop high quality brand image and identifies customer groups which a particular business can better serve than its target competitors.

In a survey there were two glasses of coca cola and pepsi cola drink but the names were hidden. The people drank the both cola and answered they like the pepsi cola. But when they been told that these were coca cola and pepsi cola and which drink they think they had, they answered coca cola. A brand image pulls the customers and helps the product to get the market.

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Figure 3: Coca-Cola Brand and Packaging

Coke bottles have gone through many transformations over the years. One of the earliest Coke bottle designs was more square with slightly rounded edges that was customary of many glass bottles of that era (think old milk bottles). The square bottle was easier to pack and transport; with the same argument true today, who decided that bottles should be round? The only reason I can fathom is that a rounded bottle is easier to hold in your hand, and I’m sure comfort won out over other practicalities.

The design of the packaging of a product creates the impression to the customers. The image, information and massages of a packaging works as a silent advertiser for the product. It tells the customer about the product, about the business, about the services and any promotion it offers. It attracts the customers and pulls them to the product. For an example the packaging of a biscuit of Marks and Spencer tells about the promotional offers 3For2, product information, ingredients and health advise. Along with protecting the product it is pushing the customers to buy the product.


Finally it can be said that branding and packaging has a very important role for a product to promote and create an image in customers. These tools are the key parts of pull factors which are designed to motivate potential customers to buy the products. It is a part of promotional mix. It affect in the customers that they come towards the product. This pulling strength can be achieved very easily with a proper branding image and packaging style. Coca-Cola has been creating brand image for long time and also have proper packaging that attracts the customers. The packaging can also affect a product if it can’t attract the customers. So before introducing a new product in the market the company must think about a proper brand name and attractive packaging that may pull the customers to the product. Finally, it can be worth said that if branding of a company aims to gain consumers trust, packaging ensures their loyalty.


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