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The Attitudes Of Stakeholders Towards The BMW Groups

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BMW group are world famous car manufacturers. They are of considered leaders in the production of high end automobiles. BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke” or “Bavarian Motor Works” in English. BMW cars are one of the most reliable and sought after cars in the global market and are well known for their pace and performance. BMW also manufacture motorcycles and are famous for their Paris to Dakar rally performances but their primary focus is automobiles.

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There are two sources of secondary data, internal data and External data. Both these forms of data can be used to evaluate the objectives of this research. The data for the UK sector of BMW is available and is cost effective compared to building our own database. This makes secondary data our primary choice to analyse this research. It also helps us determine the research requirements of BMW. Technology in today’s world has enabled us to get access to such information around the world.

Even though this form of data is very easily accessible and cost effective, it has its disadvantages. The main disadvantage of secondary data collected, is its unreliability and it can be out of date. The data about BMW and its competitors may not be reliable and could be biased from the data gathered as the goals of the data at that time were based on different objectives. To understand BMW’s market share in the current global automobile industry was not easily accessible due to costing issues.

Internal sources of data will be considered as a first line of enquiry for our research because they are usually the quickest, cheapest and most convenient source of information available. Internal data will also be exclusive to BMW, so that rival firms will not have access to it.

Focus groups involve BMW customers unknown to each other are brought together in a neutral location to communicate amongst themselves. Instead of a researcher asking questions, we will focus on people talking to one another, asking questions and commenting on each others experiences and points of view. This method will help us understand customer’s knowledge and also establish what they think about the current climate but also why they think that way. This will give us very vital information about our customers and help us act accordingly. This group discussion will be video taped so that it can be taken away so that the information can be saved on to a database


The face to face involvement of the researcher means that the he/she can ensure that the conversation is always on track and can also make sure all customers are engaging in that conversation rather then one individual dominating.

This will also help us establish what the customers think of BMW as an organisation from a different point of view as it will be more from the customer’s experiences. The discussion will be very in depth as the group dynamic can generate new thinking about a topic, and also because this process will be videotaped it will make participants engage fully.

Participants Selection

Top level management within BMW, media personnel and certain pressure groups BMW are interested in knowing their views will be selected from a region of UK. The total number of participants will be 24. The participants will be unknown to each other. The participants will be selected randomly through the current database.

The discussion will take place at a neutral venue, so all participants have easy access to the location without some having to travel a long way. It will be a comfortable setting with quality refreshments provided as well as comfortable chairs. Tables and chairs will be arranged in a way that all participants can see each other and each participant will also be given a name tag.

This proposal helps us establish who the key stakeholders are for BMW and will benchmark BMW’s competitor’s performances on environmental issues and the data gathered from the research helps BMW analyse what the stakeholders feel about the organisation.

This will give us a clear understanding where BMW’s current marketing position in the automobile industry with regards to tackling environmental issues and also giving us very important data on how BMW should maintain and/or improve their effort in producing environmentally friendly automobiles.


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