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Relationship Between Problem Recognition And Information Search Marketing Essay

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There are two types of purchase involvement in consumer behavior, one is high involvement purchase and another one is low involvement purchase. Consumers usually spend lesser time on low involvement purchase and spend more time on high involvement purchase. From low involvement purchase to high involvement purchase, habitual decision making is included in category of low involvement purchase whereas limited decision making falls between low involvement purchase and high involvement purchase and the last decision making which included in category of high involvement purchase is extended decision making.

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First of all, the problem recognition of habitual decision making is selective and it has limited internal information search because consumers have already get used to the products that they often purchase. The only internal reason of repurchasing is when the product is out of stock. Consumers will straight away purchase their favorite brand of product without thinking twice and also they will not have any dissatisfaction after purchasing. For example, if one family has consumed Darlie as their daily use toothpaste continually for many years which they feel very comfortable using it, it is hard for them to switch to another brand without reasons. It has become their habit of purchasing Darlie as their favorite brand of toothpaste. Therefore, when Darlie is finished, the family members will go to the nearest supermarket of their house to repurchase plus they are happy with Darlie after using it. The process of purchasing Darlie takes a little time to finish.

Secondly, the problem recognition of limited decision making is generic yet the information search is limited to internal and external information search. Internal information search is finishing of the product whereas external information search is suggestion of friends or relatives. Consumers will have alternative evaluation on few attributes before they purchase the product and no dissonance at the process of post purchase simply because the product is still affordable for them and it was recommended by their friends and relatives. For example, one family has finished using Darlie meanwhile their friends and relatives suggested them a new brand of toothpaste with herbal ingredients in it. They will start considering and asking for limited information regards the new brand that they are going to attempt. They will purchase only after evaluating few brands of herbal toothpaste. As a result of post purchasing, the family will not have dissonance simply because hearbal toothpaste is still a cheap product plus it was recommended by their friends and relatives. The purchasing process of limited decision making of herbal toothpaste takes more time than habitual decision making of Darlie.


Lastly, problem recognition of extended decision making is generic as well and it has many internal and external information searches. Consumers will have many attributes to evaluate and they will have to consider for quite a long time before purchasing simply because the products that fall under extended decision making are basically product that expensive and luxuries. Once the decision has made, consumers will purchase the product and they might feel either dissatisfied or satisfied with it after using it. For example, when it comes to the purchase of a car, consumers will look for many internal and external information searches like based on their past experiences, talk to the expert, online surf on internet for related information, listen to the opinion of family, friends and pay attention to the media’s report and so on. They will look as many related information as they can. After that, consumers will evaluate every car brands which they filtered out and do further research on each. They will only make their decision after evaluations and consideration. Although it takes a long time in extended decision making, yet consumers might feel either dissatisfied after driving the car or satisfied with the car they chose.

1.2 Problem Recognition

To explain further on problem recognition, there are four different situations can be happened. The very first situation is when the desired consumer lifestyle matches the desired state, the nature of discrepancy will not have any difference simply because it will bring satisfaction to consumer when the desired state match with the actual state. In contrast, the second situation is totally different with the first situation which is when the desired consumer lifestyle matches the actual state; the nature of discrepancy will have difference. Dissatisfaction to actual state exceeds desired state is when consumer want something but failed to afford. The third situation is when the current situation matches the desired state, the nature of discrepancy results desired state exceeds actual state where advertisements actually make huge difference. Lastly, the fourth situation is when current situation matches the actual state; the nature of discrepancy will not have any difference as well as no action will be taken. Only the second and the third situation have problem to be recognized.





1.3 Information Search

For information search, the consumer will first figure out the criteria and then find out solutions for each criterion. For example, a car as criteria, the brands, colors, bank loans, patterns, budgets and so on are the issues that consumer need to think about. Next, consumer will stop and see whether the decision can be made or not after the consideration. Information will terminate if they think they can able to make decision after consideration yet if they are still not satisfied with the outcomes, the information search will continue until the time when the decision can be made. They will have to do research all over again from the beginning until they are satisfied with it. However, if they terminated the information search, they will have to start evaluating on alternatives. There is an awareness set divided to three included evoked set, inert set and inept set which can help consumer to evaluate their choices. Evoked awareness set is the first choice of consumer and also branded that consumer will consider about it and inert awareness set is the second choice as a back up for consumer to think about it. However, inept awareness set is choice that consumer will not even consider about it. With the awareness set, consumer will be able to evaluate alternatives properly and make the best decision for their own.

(Shiffman et al. 2010)

2. Decision Rules of Purchasing

2.1 Compensatory and Non-compensatory Decision Rules

Basically, consumer decision rules can be separated into two main categories included compensatory decision rules and non-compensatory decision rules. Consumers evaluate brands and models by referring to the relevant attributes, balancing positive evaluation of one brand on an attribute against a negative evaluation on some other attributes is allowed in compensatory decision rules. However, in another hand, non-compensatory decision rules do not allow in balancing positive evaluation of one brand on an attribute against a negative evaluation on some other attributes. Non-compensatory decision rule can be divided into another four decision rules included conjunctive rule, disjunctive rule, lexicographic rule and affect referral rule. For example, conjunctive rule is decision rule that select product that had no bad features however in another hand; disjunctive rule is decision rule that select product that expert in at least one attribute. Lexicographic rule is to look at the product feature that most important to consumer and also the highest rank on that attribute whereas affect referral rule is product with the highest rating overall.



2.2 Decision Rules of Purchasing a Mobile Phone

In my opinion, I might use compensatory decision rule to purchase a mobile phone simply because I will look into the good side and the bad side after that compare both together. For example, I will first filter out and separate the advantages and disadvantages features of a mobile phone and see whether it is balanced.














3. Lifestyle with and without a Mobile Phone, Implication of Mobile Phone and Influences of Continual Technical Evolution of Mobile Phone to Marketing Strategy in the Future

In today’s life, I believe it is hard to live without a mobile phone simply because smart phones have significantly taken place in human’s life nowadays. Mobile phone can be defined as a gadget tool yet it can be extremely influential to human’s life. For me as a smart phone user, relationship between me and my mobile phone is that I could not live without it. Smart phone has become a part of my live with a few specific features that I could not live without. For instance, I can surf on the internet for checking mail or reading online news whenever I want. Besides that, calendar and alarm are both important daily use applications in my phone which I use everyday. In addition, watching videos and listening to music via mobile phones during my free time can be very blissful as well as playing different type of games with it. In the modern society, a touch screen smart phone is irreplaceable for sociable use. Everybody is requiring and demanding for a high definition and quick processing smart phone in their daily life. Smart phone can definitely replace camera in my life as the high definition function can help to take high quality photos and videos anytime I want with one click on it. Moreover, I use my mobile phone to store all the contact numbers as the phone book is quite functionless nowadays. However, a lifestyle without a mobile phone will be pure and justice as well because human nowadays tend not to communicate with others yet busy playing with their mobile phones. A mobile phone has implication regard to marketing strategy

The implications are huge. The online world is going mobile. Any company or business that wants to reach their prospects and customers better be changing their strategies specifically for the mobile market.

Of the 7 billion people on this earth, 5.1 billion of them have a cell phone with text messaging capabilities. Seeing that a person always has their phone right by their side 24 hours a day, response rates for marketing efforts has the possibility of being much higher.

In fact the response rates for offers and advertising get far better results through mobile marketing than any other method of reaching customers.

With this trend here to stay, a mobile autoresponder has become a marketers most powerful tool to reach and stay in front of prospects and customers . Exactly like a traditional autoresponder used online, this is the same, except now emails can be automatically sent to any prospects phone making it very easy for any business to run business and increase profits.

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In fact the advantage to a mobile marketer is now marketing strategies can be directed to prospects both offline and online. It’s also very easy to build a list by using what are called short codes to give a prospect an easy way to take advantage of an offer they see on a web page or even on a sign at a store front. And since people have their phones with them everywhere, they won’t forget to respond because they can do it right there.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_implication_has_the_mobile_phone_had_in_regard_to_marketing_strategy_and_how_right_the_continual_technical_evolution_of_mobile_phone_influence_marketing_strategy_into_the_future#ixzz25tVbsZ8L


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