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Promotional Mix Of Tata Docomo

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Tata DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices Limited’s (TTSL) telecom service on the GSM platform-arising out of the Tata Group’s strategic alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO in November 2008. Tokyo-based NTT DOCOMO is one of the world’s leading mobile operators-in the Japanese market, the company is clearly the preferred mobile phone service provider in Japan with a 50 per cent market share.

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NTT DOCOMO has played a major role in the evolution of mobile telecommunications through its development of cutting-edge technologies and services. Over the years, technologists at DOCOMO have defined industry benchmarks like 3G technology, as also products and services like the i-modeTM, mobile payment and a plethora of lifestyle-enhancing applications. Today, while most of the rest of the industry is only beginning to talk of LTE technology and its possible applications, DOCOMO has already started conducting LTE trials in physical geographies, not just inside laboratories!

. Despite being a late entrant, Tata Indicom, TTSL’s CDMA brand, has already established its presence and is the fastest-growing pan-India operator. Incorporated in 1996, Tata Teleservices Limited is the pioneer of the CDMA 1x technology platform in India. Today, Tata Teleservices Limited, along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd, serves over 37 million customers in more than 320,000 towns and villages across the country offering a wide range of telephony services including Mobile Services, Wireless Desktop Phones, Public Booth Telephony and Wire-line Services.

Promotional Mix Strategies Adopted by TATA DOCOMO ltd.

As a telecom service provider company DOCOMO core product is its SIM card and services. It adopts many sales promotional mix tools to capture the market. The main tools which, company has adopted to promote sales are:


Sales promotion and CSR

Events and experiences

Public relations and publicity

Direct marketing


As a medium of exchange TATA DOCOMO has adopted many campaigns to hit the market. The campaign, which will run through the festive season, aims to stand out with two key selling points: one, its tagline ‘Do the New’; and two, its differentiated tariff plans. ‘Do the new’ is a concept that prompts every citizen to do something new, even if it’s a small thing. It appointed Pooja Chopra (Femina Miss India World 2009) and Krushnaa Patil (the youngest girl to conquer Mount Everest) as brand ambassadors.

For Tata DoCoMo, ‘doing the new’ has also meant charging the user per second, and not per minute. The basic tariff is one paisa per second for both local and STD calls, a deviation from the industry practice of a 60-second billing. The company claims that this plan, termed as ‘pay as you use’, is gaining popularity in the market.

If life changes in seconds why to pay for minutes….??? :

It not only focuses on television advertising but, also in print media. Often, its advertisement can be seen in any reputed news papers. For advertisement it has done many campaigns, some of those are:



It’s time for you to DO the New every time you make a call with Tata DOCOMO “My Song” The track has four layers, making it easier for the brand to use any part, as the communication demands. The first part is the repeated ‘do – do – do’ bit; the second is the repeated ‘do-do, mo-mo’ bit; the third part is when Docomo is recited in a cuckoo clock manner; and finally the high-pitched voice taking the tune to a higher note.


The logo of Docomo dance, walk , sit, stand and does all super cute actions to form different patterns which is very much impressive..

Tata Docomo’s 3G PLAN

Its tag line is ” Why walk with the old when you can fly with the new”

Small Screen Plans

Enjoy Flexible Plans and More with Tata DOCOMO Small Screen 3G Plans.

MRP (Rs.)

Local + National + Roaming (Mins)


Validity (Days)



150 MB




250 MB




500 MB




1 GB




2 GB


Bonus Offer on Small Screen Plans : Additional 100 MB data with every recharge till

Special Tariff Vouchers

If you want to try out first and experience 3G or if you want to Top Up additionally to the Combo Plans.

MRP (Rs.)


Validity (Days)


100 MB



200 MB



650 MB



Special tariff voucher: DOCOMO offers many special tariff voucher such as: night plan,, 1paisa plan, lifetime plan,GPRS,1p/6sec plan,etc to promote sales

Discounts and free gifts: Its plan to sell DOCOMO sim card free or with minimum charges to promote sales is very popular among youth. It provides free sim card or minimum charges with the talk value of 50 rupees or more.

Value added Services:

TATA DOCOMO do partnership with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security. Gemalto’s offering will help further liberate customers from remembering complicated codes and configuring services each time a user changes his mobile handset. With services located on the SIM, the user can easily browse through his service menu and launch the service on his handset with a simple click.

TATA DOCOMO subscribers benefit from innovative services including mobile banking, mobile chatting and information on demand, through a user-friendly interface. They can also customize their mobile phone with wallpapers and ringtones, and enjoy games and infotainment. Users are offered to choose between Hindi and English when activating the service

DOCOMO provides many VAS to its customers to update them and give them valuable information like stock market information, weather, news and many others.

TATA DOCOMO Unveils New Offers For MNP

Tata docomo provides Mobile Number Portability by which, you can shift to another operator of your choice without changing your old number


Tata Docomo tie with many mobile companies to promote sales

Samsung Galaxy is a cutting edge Smartphone, featuring a 3.2″ AMOLE full touch screen and 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and Wi Fi connectivity, providing users access to Googleâ„¢ Mobile services and full Web browsing at excellent speeds.

Tata DOCOMO Combo offer gives customer at a discount price with 6 month postpaid subscription free

Events and experience

Mirchi Activation and TATA Docomo present Talent Ekdum Loaded

Radio Mirchi along with TATA Docomo organised the unique talent hunt contest titled ‘Talent Ekdum Loaded’ that culminated with a grand finale on October 12 at Oberoi Mall in Mumbai. The contest was held in 36 colleges and eight malls across the six cities of Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Nashik and Nagpur. The event was managed by Mirchi Activation.

The main objective of the event was to provide a platform for the youth to showcase their talent

Tata DOCOMO introduces customer outreach service – Live Chat

TATA DOCOMO has introduced a unique customer outreach service-‘Live Chat’. The Live Chat service is a first-of-its-kind endeavor in the Indian telecom industry, aimed at ensuring prompt customer service as a key differentiator for Tata DOCOMO.

The service will take care of all post-paid and prepaid queries, requests and complaints through the Live Chat option.

Tata DOCOMO sponsors Mumbai’s Twitter festival

Mumbai Twestival is an event where tweeps (people who tweet) from Mumbai and around can get together to celebrate the festival and support a local charity organisation which is selected by the tweeples. The noble cause for which the Mumbai Twestival is held is: ‘Help a Child’, where the tweeples will aim to provide scholarships to meritorious students who cannot afford the increasing cost of education. The aim is to provide the charity a platform on Twitter to spread awareness and raise funds for the cause.

TATA DOCOMO sponser ODI &T20



Allu Arjun came to the Tata Docomo Store at Madhapur to give away prizes to a contest in association with ‘Vedam’. Allu Arjun gave the winners a music CD of ‘Vedam’ signed by him



Tata DOCOMO organized more events

Public relation and publicity

DOCOMO maitaining their interactions with customers through social media like twitter, orkut , facebook, my space,youtube,HI5,etc

Beyond the day to day and one-on-one interactions with our fans and followers, Tata DOCOMO has also launched consumer engagement programs with a heavy social media angle. This has helped us build repeat engagement points with a large number of our fans.

Response from customer

QUES 2: Which promotional methods must company emphasize and why??


The company must emphasize on sales promotion because there are some flaws I found in promotional strategies:


Retailers are emphasizing on selling multi brands products.

Few retailers are focusing on only one brands who provide them rewards and incentives.

Lack of awareness about postpaid.


Maximum no of inactive customer

Some customers are loyal towards one brand

Customers prefer company outlay because of attractive gift

Few customers are not getting proper service


Network problem and minimum coverage

80% customer are using prepaid plan whereas 20% are using postpaid because they are not aware of postpaid tariff plan

QUES 3: Suggestion on more effective alternative promotion method company can use.



Company should make it compulsory that a separate strategies adopted to increase postpaid sales

Company can reduce the call rate with in the same network & night calling.

Some special gift should be there for retailer to attract them for push the customer, & gift for customer also.

A formal meeting for the retailers to make them understand inwhich way they can earn money (monthly basis like salary).

Tariff plan should be start from low rental like 50, 99 and 199 as other company offers.

Unlimited CUG facility can generate more corporate customer.

A separate team should be there for supervising this channel

Increase network coverage: Few of customers not satisfy with net work coverage. If Tata increase more towers more customers are satisfy

Increase download speed of internet: the download speed of Tata Docomo is very slow. If it increases speed of download it may increase the brand image .

Concentrate on SMS tariff: No difference from the competitors SMS tariff if it made slight changes it will attract more customers

Avoid black marketing of Sim’s by dealers: due to doing black marketing the brand image decreases

More customer service centers are requiring: More customer service centers are require meeting the desires of customers.


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