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Present Development Of Marketing Strategies Of Nike

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Wordcount: 1050 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Nike is one of the leading products related to sports. Nike products related to sports, namely footwear, apparel and equipment. In the world, most people prefer branded goods because the quality is very good. Nike brand is one brand that is selected by the people in the world because it has a very good quality. Nike Company has generated more than $ 18 billion in revenue. Nike logo has become the popular a global icon. Nike also has collaborated with popular sports stars to promote their production. Nike Company has many strategic marketing to promote their product.Listen

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A strategic marketing company of Nike is a product. Nike has been promoting various products. Nike product is a footwear, apparel and equipment. The first product of Nike is running shoes. Currently, the company also makes Nike shoes, shorts and so on for a variety of sports including football soccer, baseball, cricket, tennis, basketball and so on. Nike sells a variety of products for men, women and children. Nike also sells shoes for outdoor activities such as football, basketball, tennis, golf to use for sports and other leisure. Nike had been the product some shoes and clothes for youth culture like hip-pop. Nike has collaborated with Apple Inc. to products the Nike + to observe the performance of the runners. Nike has also produced some new shoes that have Lunar lite and Fly wire used to reduce the weight of shoes.

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Promotion is one of the strategic markets of Nike. Promotion is an effort to offer products with the aim of attracting customers to buy. Nike Company has made Nike promotion through e-mail, internet, advertising, exhibitions and so on. This company sells the products to large. Nike also has several well-known athletes to become ambassadors of products such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods for golf, and Cristiano Ronaldo for football and so on. Michael Jordan is a member of the famous basketball and is an ambassador of youth Nike basketball shoes. Nike has also sponsored events like the “The Golden West Invitational”. Therefore, the brand Nike has become one of the most famous brands in the world. Nike brand is one of the higher income earners in the Nike Company.

In addition, price is one of Nike strategic markets. Price means the total payment given by one party to another with the remuneration for goods or services. In addition, the price is also a value in the form of such funds. In general, these are made to achieve maximum profits. Nike also wants to continue to improve coverage and so forth. Nike has a goal to expand the market for maximum profits. Maximize profits is one of the objectives of Nike. After that, the price to provide maximum benefit to the organization selected as the output price.

The place is also one of the strategic markets of Nike. All Nike shoes will be carried by the shop – multi-brand and exclusive Nike shops around the world. Nike has offices in 45 countries and has over 700 stores around the world. While most of the Nike factory located in Asia. In addition, Nike has sold about 20,000 products in 200 countries around the world.

Lastly, Nike Company has competitive rivalry. Nike Company has to ensure that all strategic marketing must continue to increase. Nike rival company can influence the competitive level of competition in the industry. Adidas, reebok, puma and the other is a tight competition. Therefore, Nike Company trying to get dominance through strategic marketing of Nike.

Future Development of Marketing Strategies of Nike.

Nike companies believe their company is the largest growth in seven categories such as action sports, basketball, soccer, running, training, training of women and men. Nike Company believes they will produce the largest growth in the seven categories of the next five years. Nike Company totally focused on their target. In addition, the companies will create products Nike attractive to their customer.

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In addition, Nike Company also wants do something new like “Nike Plans to Be Carbon Neutral By 2011”. Among the targets of their future Nike will make all Nike facilities, retail and business travel climate in 2011. Nike Company also said it will make a plan to reduce waste in the product and wants to remove volatile organic compounds and to increased use of environmental materials preferred by the customer.

Nike Company also wants to increase business revenue from $19.2 billion to $27 billion in 2015. Besides that, introducing the new strategy of the company for the full-length Nike Nike Air in the range of colors and the latest technologies, including hyper fuse. Hyper fuses technology from a company that can reduce the weight of Nike and the rest of the shoe. Nike attempted trying to broaden its focus on the biomechanics of the Nike Free line. Now it will include women’s products.

Nike company’s focus on the global middle class, influenced by digital media, including e-commerce and the Nike ID program customization. Plan to grow Converse, Cole Haan, Hurley, and Umbro, to buy back the license to expand aggressively overseas and abroad. So, Nike wants to expand the bulk of the company’s market share of clothing.


In conclusion, Nike is a company known around the world. Nike also is a powerful and aggressive company across every aspect. Nike has produced products for the complete athlete with the best equipment in the world of sports. Nike also introduced a lot of the products such as shoes, clothes, sports equipment and other. Nike also strives to improve financial performance. Besides that, Nike trying to compete with rivals such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma and others. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman is the first build Nike Company and they have also contributed a lot to develop the Nike Company to move forward. They know that quality products and innovation will help the athletes. Nike has continued its legacy of thinking to develop their production. Despite the ever-changing market, Nike companies continue to expand product Nike them to reach the largest market in the world. In future, it will be a greater, more profitable, and become more valuable company.

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