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Planning an Advertising Campaign

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Paragraph One: Introduction

Definition of an advertising Campaign

According to BusinessDictionary.com, (2017) an advertising campaign is a coordinated series of advertisements that are linked by the same theme or concept. It may focus on a specific brand or service, or be directed by a specific target audience. It can last anywhere from a few weeks to even years.

Paragraph Two: Research findings

Target Audience-According to nibusinessinfo.co.uk (n.d.) when planning an advertising campaign business will need to know when to advertise to their target audience which is likely to buy their products and services.

Methods-According to managementstudyguide.com (2016) the methods used to plan an advertising campaign involves seven (7) steps: 1. Research 2. Know the target audience 3. Set a budget 4.Decidibg on the proper theme 5. Selecting the media 6. Scheduling the media 7. Executing the campaign.

According to advertising.nsw.gov.au (n.d.) establishing the campaign objective is essential for a successful advertising campaign. Campaign objectives should be: 1. Specific 2. Measurable 3. Achievable 4. Realistic and 5. Timing.

Khadir (2012) States adverting reach can be conveyed as percentage of the total number of household within the established area that has been visible to the advertising message.

According multifocus.com (n.d.) there are pre and post campaign evaluation, they are mainly aimed at identifying strengths, recalls and points for improvements in the pre and post phase.

Jagopal (2012) expressed advertising is impacting everyone from five month old babies to growing children and adults, instantaneously. In today’s society the media is making products and services more popular in short amount of time.

Discussion: Plan the advertising campaign for the Airport that you are advising.

Managementstudyguide.com. (n.d) states that advertising campaigns are the sets of advertising messages which are alike in nature.

The reason of an advertising campaign is to:

  • Tell individuals about your product/service.
  • Persuade people to buy the goods/service offered.
  • Make your service or product accessible to the customers

In advising Liverpool John Lennon Airport on how to plan a successful advertising campaign, there is a strategical format the advisor must follow. As an advisor, the first thing to consider is a market research. A market research is there to inform advisors and businesses about their target market, competitors, potential client, past clients etc. The next step is budget; you need to understand how much money it is going to cost and to be clear on how much is willing to spend (Bram, 2009). The next step is identifying the target customers that would be likely to buy the service or product that should launch. Another step is to find out which mediums would be best to advertise, whether newspaper, billboards, TV, magazines etc. As soon as the medium is selected then we can start designing and making the ad. The design must be creative and attractive, appealing to the audience. The next step is to place the ad, placing the ad happen Once you have a completed the ad, it is time to place it with the ideal advertising medium. Last but not least, is to execute the campaign when the campaign finally launches the campaign must be evaluated to see what can be improved (Managementstudyguide.com, n.d.).

Paragraph Four: Conclusion

The process in planning the advertising campaign

Advertising is regarded as the most important weapon in marketing. The advertising campaign process can be tedious, costly and time consuming depending on the method of advertisement that is used. However, the end result (buyer reception) is not always predictable or favorable. In planning the advertising campaign for Liverpool John Lennon Airport we had to consider the target audience in which the advertisement would be geared towards. In addition, a lot of research had to be done; we had to set a budget and decide on the advertising method that suits the budget. Next, we scheduled the media and execute the campaign. After the advertising campaign was completed, we did a post evaluation to identify any flaws, strength and also any future improvements in which we could implement. The campaign is deemed a success for the airport in assisting to accomplish their targeted goals.


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