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Marketing Plan For Shandy Beer

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Wordcount: 2205 words Published: 10th Jan 2018

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Executive Summary:

This report is based and related upon the launch of a new alcoholic beer which is called and named as Shandy beer its going to be launched in the uk market early next year. This product is specially distilled and brewed beer and have a very high quality of its volume making it one of the best it will bring a great change and will a strong impact against its competitor.

The marketing plan for the shandy is covering all the aspects of the related market and strategies that is supposed to be used such as target market, target age group and class market situation. the marketing mix and challenges are further discussed for thr the better assessment of the product success

Estimated consumers of the beers in uk are about more than a million out of which we are looking to capture of about 25% of the market share in about 5 years time

Which will make an estimated profit of about 10 million every year.

The quality of the product is very much important and thus will decide the life phase of the shandy existence in the market and its future standing against the tough competition from the already established big giants in the market.


The product Shandy beer is an alcoholic drink beverage this product would be both bottled and canned for the supplier and it would be also supplied as drummed for the whole seller as well; the concentration of the beer would be both mild and concentrated as considering different consumer in the target market.

The product would be very attractively packet and marketed to attract consumers .the beer itself would be prepared from fresh products and concentrates the alcohol base would be used as its purest form and may involve as a volume of 5.5 percent concentrate in each unit making it a decent beer giving a same refreshing and utmost taste to its consumers.

The price of this new product would be very economical for a start and slightly below its existing competitors to gain the market share very quickly. And it should be very much affordable to everyone.

After comparing the Shandy beer against its competitor like big giants in beer beverage market Fosters, Calsberg and Heineken Shandy will gain its market place and will prove itself as high quality beverage affordable sets of price to everyone.

Target Audience

Younger crowd

First time drinkers

Youth from office workers / college students

After estimated information and research in the world wide spirits and other hard liquor to beer ration is 1:7.

Target Market

It is very important that after deep analytical research and undergone analysis

Its very much important to hit the desired target market with proper preparation and an ultimate bang .all factors should be kept under consideration such as statistical data ,demand analysis ,and test marketing etc.

A firm have to apply a different mode of marketing mix to reach and initiate a separate target market and a totally different for the other one . William M. Pride (2009).

The goal is to ultimately develop the product to be used and taken by consumers of both the genders ranging from age 21 till 60 ,the first target market is selected to be four major cities in UK which include London , Glasgow , Cardiff and Manchester

It would be launched and be targeting the youth and youngster as it major consumers. Giving them more affordable and quality beverage product.

Product Comparison with Other Beverage Items


It is an very important tool in the marketing industry, it lays the major role and image of the product for rest of its life in the market and thus the brand persona stays the same it lays the base pillar of marketing success.

“Branding makes selling easier and develop a level of trust between the buyer and the company”. Bill Chiaravalle (2006)

Brand philosophy & Implementation

The over all phenomena of changing minds against mind set of product is the branding; brands are always created by minds. Different and creative thinking make a product differentiate and associate it with some positive attitude which helps it in selling in the market.

As promoting the Shandy beer it is important to make its relation with sport figures and big models thus associating it with them will generate a figure and image of the product in the consumers minds it as bring as hyperactive and glamorous thing to have.

The next step in developing its brand would be its logo which is very carefully designed showing both the glamorous and sporty association of this product.

The last would be the brand statement that will associate with the product in every way through its marketing campaign.

The slogan for the shandy beer would be”its just a drink that makes u to be a man.”

Image of Brand

Shandy beer has an five classes of dominant appeal in UK that should be kept in considerations while having its marketing done.

United Kingdom











Marketing tool and techniques

Its just all an establish fact that id doesn’t matters what kind of business it is what is important is that the customers are able to find and grab your product. Proper product marketing is very much important and the company should not play defensive on that rather it should be proactive.

The certain marketing tools that will be used for shandy beer are as under.

News paper advertisement

it is an very excellent and cheap source of marketing which cover the large mass of the area, it almost like free publicity. An update of the product can be kept through this method of promotion. The main source of newspaper company that would be used is evening standard as it is free to all the advertisement will go tp much more potential customers upcoming a good result.

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Promotional events (Free Tester Give away)

it is very important for any new product to get checked and tested by its new consumers and customers Shandy for a start will have some promotional events and gig parties at local pubs and clubs and many youth places in order to interact people and give a taste of shandy ,this will be direct penetration and interaction with the consumers and a better feedback can be received of the product standings.

This marketing tool is really effective and in this way it would be easier to have a good branding of the product.

Comprehensive website

Yet again its one of the most basic and vital for any product or any company to have some online representation its not so much expensive to have a comprehensive website but the marketing benefit from it is enormous through this any update on company product or any information can be posted with little time and money to spare with very fast and effective result.

Radio adds

Radio advertisement is one another method of cheap and effective advertisement short commercials could be played at different hours of the day to get people use to the brand name intentionally through excessive listening.

Marketing Mix


After the detail examining the market and keeping in mind a wide range of competition an affordable and a very affordable and minimal price is kept thus attracting the consumers a price of 1₤ is kept for a average 500 ml can and 60 pence for shandy lights can of 440 ml.


A source of differentiation is kept against the existence product in the market, high quality and stream line packaging make it to different and much more attractive to its new customers. a high quality standard is maintained and the product is regularly authorised by iso and the brewed industry.


This is an very important factor to be considered ,the place where the product is to be launched must be chosen very carefully all the logistics should be checked and well balanced ,supply chain should be managed very efficiently with no loose gap distributors should always be toped up .The bottling Plant and the manufacturing plant both are located in Sheffield as they are cheap places for manufacturing and in the middle of the supply chain to different cities logistically .

And from there it would be easier and much more efficient to supply the finish goods to its market place without any hindrance and blockage keeping the whole sellers with ample amount of stalk every time and continuous running of the product in the market


This is last and far most important factor of the marketing mix the best strategy for the promotion of the product would be done though several ways which will include through radio and television add but the major promotion activity would be done though news paper as sun and metro the second phase of promotion would be through introducing the product through social events and getting directly involved to the customers making a great impression of the product, which is quiet long lasting.

Shandy Life Cycle

Every product passes through stages and sequence of process which include stages from introduction to its growth, maturity and finally its end or declining phase ,its associated with changes and abrupt market situations thus interfering and changing strategy and the marketing mix of the product.

Revenue and profits of the product can be generated and estimated or plotted as a rolling function of lifecycle stages.

Life cycle phase of shandy


At this first stage the major consideration would be on promotion and its diversification ,usually the first start is always slow on sale and its up in build up process while profit of the company will gradually increase on sale with the due time at the different stages.

The first expected slow profit for the shandy beer dosent have to do with the product quality but the more cost incured because of the new established company and its new product and its high cost .

At first the company now is in its introductory phase thus it is going to keep low margin of profits in order to gain more sales and more market penetration to cycle and rotate the product in the market and make it use by more consumer so it can devlop it self and capture the mind set of people.


Thus later in its other phase and stage it can go above its breakeven and gain more profit once its establish it self more and gained the market share

This is the second most important phase in the shandy beer has passed the first passing down phase and would have devlop its gain in the market place.

Now the company can more look over its market share and make more strategy to capture and compete agin its large competitors as foster and calsberg which have strong hold in the market as per current situation.


This is the most balance stage of the product by then its statitaically praposed and evaluated that the shandy beer would have fully grown and capturize its estimated market share of about 25% in the total beer brewed industry and can look for its other new product and expand its situation gravity fore more fututre projects.


As the market strategy of the product are strong enough to sustain its for up coming two decades and so the declining period is less estimated to come and to tought of at this piece of time.

Shandy Beer comparison with its existence competitor

For a start shandy has much more effcient marketing and devloping strategy as compared to its largent competitor calsberg as it is researched and evaluated calsberg has loosen its great amount of share in the market due to lapse in there strategy and weak managment thus this window of opertunity will be a hitchback for shandy to gain its capital market.

Calsberg has some of it weak sector regarding the product as it light brewed and amount in its alcholic vol and the formula used in its ingrident is getting degraded as they are using S3 technology for there production ,keeping in this mind shandy will be using much more higher standard and improve production technology for the best product result.

And will be an very much improved product form its competitor.


Having a deep insight into the thourgh of the above marketing plan it is therefore concluded that i am sufficently accomplished with my initial idea and marketing strategy of the shandy beers the planning is strong enough .and the research is done before hand to tackle the marketing issues and its devloping problems .

All work is done on the market mix and practical implmentation of the product thus shandy beers is expected to be gaining its market share quiet rapidly and capture its total market share in estimated 5 years time and be on its mature stage.


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