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Marketing Plan for a New Sim Card

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Wordcount: 2299 words Published: 16th Jan 2018

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This marketing plan is designed for the launch of a sim card that is inserted into the phone. The sim card will then save all the data onto the card and will allow taking the card out and placing inside computer/laptop. Then it will be able to make calls, text and download items onto the sim card via the computer. It would be perfect if the phone battery ran out and need to make an urgent call. Mobile phones have turned from being a luxury item to now being considered an essential to have. This is one of the main reasons why there is need of such a product that is placed in such reliant on market. In 2009 1.2billion mobile phones where sold worldwide and during the last quarter 340million units were sold which was a year over year increase by 8.3%.

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This plan outlines in the following pages, a renewed vision and strategic focus of what it will take to run a successful and profitable communication service. A careful evaluation of the weekly customer flow and communication schedule served as the foundation for this analysis and the following marketing plan. The product will be sell business to business but to gain more market share the direct user will be targeted. The product will be sold through various mobile companies like Samsung and dell.


The vision is to capture the market in U.K and after some years and gaining customer loyalty launch it around the globe also to position the product as user friendly and cheap.

Competitive Advantage:-

Product is offering a unique service which is very easy to avail and easy to use. Sim phone card have the ability to make calls as well as store data as much as 64 GB.This is a unique product no other product have offered this service before.


Production process will be outsourced to the with Giesecke & Devrient.One of the main producers of sim cards in the world is the company Giesecke & Devrient they have 13 worldwide production locations

Dulles, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Johannesburg, South Africa

Wembley, UK

Munich, Germany

Barcelona, Spain

Moscow, Russia

Istanbul, Turkey

Cairo, Egypt

Huangshi, China


Knoxfield, Australia

The company handles and creates any type of Sim card required for your phone. They start the process with art work design followed by the creation of the Sim card body i.e. size and shape. Once the Sim card is then created they will then package the product and send it to either ourselves or the company we are selling it To.The Company ensure that we ourselves are in complete control of the decision making, in the production of the sim card. One of the main factors we chose this company to work alongside is that they have locations spread across the globe and more importantly one situated in Wembley England.

Current Market Situation:-

The current situation of market can be predict from these tables that mobile phone usage is increasing day by day and there is a lot of scope in telecom industry.


UK Mobile Operator Statistics and Market Share

Five mobile network operators are indentified in the UK by ‘The Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operators 2008’. The UK market consists of 4 geopolitical areas, namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For mobile phone purposes, various islands also have their own operators, such as the Isle of Man (located in the Irish Sea between North West England and Ireland); and the Channel Islands, notably Jersey and Guernsey.

At the end of 2007 the UK had some 73.1 million mobile subscribers, which represented 9 percent of the European mobile subscriber market.

IE Market Research Corp. in its United Kingdom Mobile Operator Forecast reported that the overall subscriber base in UK is still increasing, and the number of total subscribers will change from our projected 75.9 million in 2008 to 78.0 million in 2010, with wireless penetration expected to reach 126.0% in 2010.

The five primary operators are 3 UK, Orange, T-Mobile, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone. In addition there are a number of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), the MVNO Directory claims there are some 41 organizations active in the sector. These range from conventional MVNOs through to resellers, and include well-known names such as Virgin Mobile and Tesco. 

Source: The Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operators 2008 c. 2008

Vodafone currently (1Q 2008) has the largest UK market share with 25.4% of the market. Vodafone watch provides an intimate snapshot of Vodafone, with SWOT, political analysis, market share, activities, communication opportunities, threats, political factors, company background and structure, management, revenue, market segmentation, market research on its peers, with a focus on Vodafone UK, its market share, and resumes of the Vodafone annual reports – all presented in one handy monthly newsletter format!

Source: The Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operators 2008 c. 2008

Telefonica’s O2 is a vibrant No. 2 in the market, only losing the the lead position in 3Q 2007. O2 is part of the Telefonica Group, and a new report - The Telefonica Report 2008: Strategy and Outlook 2008-11 – provides timely analysis and insight into Telefonica short- to medium-term strategy, incorporating a SWOT-type review. From Telefonica future strategy perspective, the report covers the four-year period from 2008 to 2011.

Source: The Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operators 2008 c. 2008

T-Mobile takes third place in this highly competitive market. To learn more about T-Mobile, and its home market, (The German Telecommunications Report 2008) has been researched at source and features latest-available data covering all headline indicators; 5-year industry forecasts through end-2012; company rankings and competitive landscapes covering leading multinational handset manufacturers and equipment vendors, domestic fixed-line and mobile operators, and analysis of latest industry news, trends and regulatory developments. This shows that the 3 is the most growing mobile service company.

SWOT analysis:-


In a market which is increasing in customers

Technology has risen, in 1995 0.4% of the population used the internet and technology and from September 2010 a total of 28.8% of the world’s population are technology users.


Very unique and there is no other item that can do this

Great for business men/women that travel a lot

Heading into a market where new technology is being produced every month

“Apple are fetching out a iphone 3G and google are fetching out the new Nexus S”




In a very competitive market

Will have to wait for new forms of phones a0nd laptops out for it to work


We are able to widen our product onto other phone company’s

We are able to advance our product if it is successful at the beginning


Potentially new technology could provide a better service than our product

Future financial crisis could mean the pricing of the product could move up and down drastically

PEST Analysis:-


new government put in place could affect the price of the of items such as mobiles


With the current economic crisis that has occurred it has had a major effect on the price of products. This could make the pricing on the product very difficult.

Potential items in the market could make pricing very difficult

Consumer spending, less disposable income


Behaviour towards our product

Can everyone afford it

Fits well with work and leisure times


Our product is in a very competitive technological market i.esim cards, USB and mobiles

Will be sold separate from the phone and will be sold in Phone shops such as Phones 4 u. To increase the range of where we sell the product we will also sell it in computer stores alongside mobiles phones. The internet is also an aspect in which we will sell the product.

Branding and Labeling:-

The product will be branded as cheap and the name will be “easy sim card” and it will be “label as go easy do easy”

Pricing strategy


Price Skimming- Charge a high price because you product a substantial competitive advantage. However, the advantage is not sustainable. The high price tends to attract new competitors into the market, and the price inevitably falls due to increased supply. Manufacturers of digital watches used a skimming approach in the 1970s. Once other manufacturers were tempted into the market and the watches were produced at a lower unit cost, other marketing strategies and pricing approaches are implemented.

Product Bundle pricing:-

Here sellers combine several products in the same package. This also serves to move old stock. Videos and CDs are often sold using the bundle approach.

Nokia n96 has memory card storage of 32 GB largest for phone (hold 7000 songs)

Average price for 32 GB

Kingston USB range between £25 to £150 for quality

Average selling price: £30

Boston matrix


We are a problem child because: –

“These are products with a low share of a high growth market. They consume resources and generate little in return. They absorb most money as you attempt to increase market share.”

Hopefully become a star once we make a profit.

“The integrated production process starts with the artwork design, which is followed by the manufacturing of the card bodies, chip embedding, personalization, and the packaging and mailing of the cards.”

“With G&D’s total fulfilment services, we handle the complete SIM supply chain on behalf of the network operator, i.e. every step from the transfer of the operator’s purchase order data to production to delivery.

This process also covers G&D’s implementation of the most original packaging variations, e.g. a combination of mobile phone plus marketing material plus voucher plus SIM card plus CD-ROM or such. This can also encompass conducting an inspection of the goods received as additional packaging components. Delivery can be made either directly to final customers or to stores.

Network operators can access inventory information as well as order status online from G&D. They can also completely integrate G&D’s total fulfilment services into the network operator’s existing materials management system. “


To promote our product and to penetrate the market we will advertise it with different ways. For first 6 month magazine and newspaper, if we make a profit then look to then advertise on TV.Increase awareness in 70% of target market within 3months time period Enhance perception of superiority within 3 months time period. This is how the budget will be allocated to various fields to advertise.

Advertising Objectives

To position product as user friendly.

To strengthen image of product in consumers mind.

To create continuity within campaign.

To differentiate product by our competitors.

Advertising will be done by various ways some of those are below

Print layouts and copy

Radio scripts

Television storyboards

Theme lines, art, package designs, illustrations, and so on

Brochure or catalog layouts

Outdoor board designs

Advertising specialties

Sales promotion ideas

Internet ads

Market Segmentations:-

Market will be segmented into 6 different groups

Group 1: Group 2:


Age 25-45 Age 35-55

Sex Male Sex Female

Income £50,000 – £100,000 Income £75,000-£150,000

Education College Graduate Education Associates

Race All Race Caucasian

Social Class Upper Class Social Class Upper-class

Family Size 3-4 Family Size 4-5


Geographical: Geographical:

Group 3: Group 4:

Age 25-55 Age 35-55

Sex Female Sex Female

Income £75,000 – £170,000 Income £15000 – £25000

Education College Graduate Education Some College

Race All Race All

Social Class Upper Class Social Class Middle Class

Family Size 2-3 Family Size 4-5


Geographical: Geographical:

Product User: 1st Time Buyer Product User: Loyal to Brand

Lifestyle: The Good Life Lifestyle: Soccer Mom

Group 5: Group 6:


Age 45-65 Age 35-55

Sex Male Sex Both

Income£50,000 – £100,000 Income £75,000 – £150,000

Education Some Graduate School Education Associate

Race Caucasian Race African American

Social Class Middle Class Social Class Upper Class

Family Size 3-4 Family Size 4-5

Target Market:-

Target market will be the people aged 25-45 and middle and upper class of society more business orientated people, who travel a lot and will need constant communication access.


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