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Marketing in the Motor Industry

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Marketing is a social and managerial process that involves individuals and groups obtaining what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others. Marketing is a dynamic process rather than a fragmented assortment of institutions or functions. Marketing should be effectively managed to consider the marketing and the production concepts.


            Motor vehicle industry is at most times faced with a problem in selling their cars, and the report will be focused on Ford Motor Corp. This has caused the company to experience a decline in sales, slow growth in sales, changing buying patterns, increased competition and increased market expenditure. The organization therefore has to take selling and promotion efforts. The process will entail organizational marketing and the societal concept (Baker, M. 2008)                                                                      

Scope of research

            Motor vehicle industry is experiencing high rate of product innovation and Ford has been no exception. This calls for proper promotion of firms products. Appropriate marketing strategy requires a good research plan. The organization needs to develop a research department with adequate trained personnel to develop successful marketing strategies. They should be in a position to come up with a plan involving;


1. Problem identification:

At this stage the, organization should consider the hindering problems to their markets (Baker, M. 2008). These problems may include the; increased attack by powerful competitors, decline in the firms profits, reduced demand for their products, poor customer relations, unfair pricing of their products among others.

        2. Problem definition:

The firm should then analyze these problems on the basis of their origin. When selling cars one needs to ask the following questions: can the market be identified? Can the market identified be measured? Is the market substantial? Is the market accessible? Is the market responsive? And is the market compatible with corporate image?

Work schedule

This stage tackles on problem evaluation techniques. Evaluating the problem involves considering the anticipated loopholes and coming up with appropriate measures to deal with them. The organization will therefore segment their markets in basis of geographical location. This will include considering units such as cities and regions. It must also look at the demographic segments. Cars should be sold to people according to their ages. Mostly, the youth don’t deserve the heavy expensive luxurious cars like the aged. In addition age should also be considered. There should be cars which suit the female and other cars that fit the male. Income should also be put into consideration. Cars need to be segmented on the basis of different gaps in personal income. There are people whose disposable income are high and usually needs to maintain their living standards at high levels (Gerald, J. 1997). Others are low income earners and can afford low priced cars. This calls for the organization to put extra considerations on their pricing decisions. They should also consider psychographic factors such as social class, lifestyle and personality. When the problems are successfully analyzed, it calls for effective promotion techniques.

Qualifications for the marketers

            There should be well qualified staff to market the cars. The personnel should possess relevant knowledge about marketing strategies. They should possess promotional techniques. Other than developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it accessible to target customers, the firm must also communicate with the potential and the present stakeholders and the general public. The marketing communication mix consists of five modes of communication. They include:

1. Advertising:

The firm should print and broadcast their brands. They will make use of channels such as billboards, magazines, live broadcast and telemarketing.

2. Sales promotion:

The firm should design a variety of short term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of their vehicle. This will include; contests, games, exhibits and trade in allowances.  They will carry out seminars and sponsorships.

3. Personal selling:

There should be a team developed to interact face to face with the customers to answer questions and present their different types of vehicle in trade fairs.

4. Direct marketing:

The organization will open up communication links by making use of mails, telephones, fax machines and internet to respond to specific customers

Tentative budget

            A company is faced with a challenge when promoting the market of its products. It requires large sums of money to deal with the promotion (Guilitian, G. 1996). This is very essential because it makes the firm conquer competition. It thus re-invests lots of cash which is obtained from the firm’s profitability. This will be having a negative impact to employee benefits. It will therefore call for a suitable budget to cater for the promotion expenses. Although advertisement is treated as a current expense, part of it is really an investment that builds up an intangible asset called brand equity. In structuring the budget the firm must consider:

1. The stage of product life cycle:

New cars in the market should be allowed more money than the already available brands to gain consumer trial.

2. Market share and consumer base:

High market share brands require less advertising expense as percentage of sales to maintain their share. It will also be less expensive to reach consumers of low share brands.

3. Competition and clutter:

In a market with great number of competitors and high advertisement spending, a brand must advertise more heavily to be heard.

4. Advertising frequency:

The number of times a car will be advertised will require additional amount of cash. The firm therefore needs to allocate more money according to the frequency of advertisement.


            It is important for the firm to market its products widely due to the present dynamism in promotion. The firm should also consider social responsibility and the legal norms. Organization’s task is to determine the needs wants and interests of the target markets and to deliver the desired satisfactions, more effectively and efficiently than competitors in a way that preserves or enhances the consumers’ and the society’s well being.


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