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Market plan for a vegetarian restaurant

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100% Vegeterian funda

As I have prepared a business plan to open a vegetarian restaurant ‘JALWE-TANDOOR’ in the heartiest location of North Delhi in 2011.

The concept of the food will be serving completely vegetarian food with a twist of preparing it with taste of Non-Veg Food.

Facility location would be at Netaji Subhash Place Metro Station, New Delhi.

My aim behind this concept is to plan a well source and hospitality to my customers as per the current requirements.

My restaurant is not only dedicated to local facilities but also concentrated on asian foods.


A team of four individuals is formed, & these four are the original founders of the Restaurant.

Administrator: – Restaurant administrators, are in charge of the day-to-day operation of a restaurant. They make sure the place is operating smoothly, under budget and lawfully while doing their best to ensure customer satisfaction and generate repeat business. The specific duties of a restaurant administrator will as per to policy and the setup of the restaurant, but many tasks are common for all administrators as given below.

Department Coordination

Budgeting and Supplies

Customer Satisfaction

Human Resource Duties

Marketing Advisor :- Marketing Advisor is having an important role in my concept. They can be Associated of key people loosely bound together in a cooperative atmosphere. In either form, they must be experts who can sell their services and themselves. They are problem oriented,expert in recognizing new or unsatisfactory situations, visualize creative ways to handle them and implement necessary changes if needed.

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Financial Advisor: – A financial advisor will work with you to develop a strategy game plan that fits your financial circumstances and tailors a plan to accomplish your goals.

Operation Handling Manager :- A pivotal position at any restaurant is that of manager. Sometimes an owner acts as a restaurant’s general manager. Other times the manager is hired as an employee. Restaurant managers have a number of responsibilities in the day to day business of running a restaurant. Qualifications required to be a restaurant manager include basics, such as people skills and organization. However, depending on the size and concept of a restaurant, candidates may need a degree in business or hospitality. Some other programs are performed under handling manager which are as follows…

Staff scheduling

Event Planning

Customer service

Marketing and advertising



Current situation & Expectation indices

Restaurant Industry Outlook Improved in September as the Restaurant Performance Index Rose Above 100 for the First Time in

Five Months

Guided by improving same-store sales and the level of user traffic and increasing optimism among restaurant operators, restaurant prospects improve in September. National Restaurant Association Restaurant Index Performance (RPI). monthly index, which monitors the health and prospects for the U.S. restaurant industry. amounting to 100.3 in September, is a solid 0.8 percent from its level in August. In addition, RPI has exceeded 100 for the first time in five months, which means an increase of the index of key indicators of industry. RPI.s difficult to obtain in September was the result of broad-based improvement, both between the current situation and future results. Restaurant operators reported positive same-store sales and the level of user traffic for the first time in six months, propelled RPI.s current situation index at its highest level in nearly three years. Restaurant Index is based on responses of restaurant associations to monitor the situation, which is sent monthly among restaurant operators nationwide.

Current Situation Index Rose 0.5 Percent in September to a Level of 99.4; Expectations Index Jumped 1.0 Percent to Reach a Level of 101.1

Current Situation Index, which measures current trends in four industry indicators (same-store sales, transportation, labor and capital expenditures) was 99.4 in September. to 0.5 percent from August and a strong level since October 2007. However, the present situation index remains below 100 for the 37 th consecutive month, as softness in the operation and implementation of capital costs exceed the benefits of sales and customer traffic. Expectations Index, which measures restaurant operators. Six months forecast for four industry indicators (same-store sales, employees, capital expenditures and business conditions) was 101.1 in September. To 1,0 per cent in August, and strong level of five months.


Although the restaurant business is very competitive, lifestyle changes created by modern life continues to promote sustainable growth. More and more people have less time, resources and ability to cater for themselves. Trends are very important and “JALWE-Tandoor” is suitable for current in Delicious, healthy foods in moderate to low prices.

The Restaurant Industry Today

Business power is the third largest industry in the country. It amounts to more than 240 billion U.S. dollars annually in sales. Independent restaurant accounts for 15% of the total. The average American spends 15% of their income on food away from home, making better use of my concept. This number increases over the past seven years. Over the past five years, catering, because they are national GDP by 40%.

There are 600 new restaurants opening every month and over 200 more than is necessary to keep pace with growing demand.

Future Trends & Strategic Opportunities

In 1988 the National Association publishes Restaurant Foodservice Industry Report for 2000 that forcasted, because production can look like in 2000. Here are some of the findings of the Committee are:

consumers will spend most of their money supply away from home.

Independent operators and entrepreneurs will be the main source of new concept restaurant.

Food issues will be crucial for all types of catering and food will be important.

Environmental concerns will receive more attention.



Restaurant business is highly competitive in terms of price, cost and promotion, service, location and quality of food. There are many operations which restaurant to compete with us for customer traffic, some of which have more resources to aggressively market to consumers, which may lead to our conception of losing market share. Users are strongly focused on value, and if other restaurants can contribute to and deliver greater value, our guest traffic levels may be affected, impacting revenues. In addition, the improvement of its products in fast food restaurants and grocery stores, in conjunction with the current state of the economy, consumers may choose to trade under these alternatives, which could adversely affect revenue.


There are three basic ways to create an advantage over our competitors;

product identity, quality and innovation

high employee motivation and good sales attitude.

innovative and aggressive service options.

There are over two dozen restaurants in the DELHI area that sell food at similar prices. Although this presents an obvious challenge in terms of market share, it also indicates the presence of a large, strong potential. The newest concept is regarding all these respect and because of that only I competing this market as representing my “JALWE TANDOOR” Restaurant which is fully based on veg items and fully oriented on food products on a very negligible price in a very porse area like delhi metroside.


As per representing my restaurant I had mainly concentrated my points of views on regarding growth rate. Since the menu I have introduced it will goes on modifying in due times as per customer satisfaction. The other steps I had taken for a better growth rate for my concept is that ” I had added some of the southern fooding style in my menu so as to gain customer attraction .Hereby, I am giving a full description of growth rate in 5 years.

My growth rate views for 5 years

For the very first year of my business I wound mainly concentrate on the production part so as to improve my further operation. My estimate of investment in this business is around 10lakh as per the financial plan. In the city Delhi tourism has increased 24% over the last 3 years and is predicted to keep growing. Local businesses are increasing at a rate of 18% yearly. And as my location it would be a advantage for the future.


Why Netaji Subhash Place Metro Station?

A big number of Family, Students, Corporate Executives & Visitors use to visit the location.

Adjacent to a popular Metro Station.

Excellent transportation & Parking facility.

Near to Amusement location.

Near to Commercial Area.

Near to Institutional area


“JALWE-TANDOOR” Restaurant will be offering a menu of food with a distinctive image. There will be three ways to purchase these products;

Table service at the restaurant.

Take-out from the restaurant.

Delivery to home or office.

Getting your order done online using your smart cart.

Some other operations

One can get membership of the restaurant.

Fully air-conditions for getting comforts.

Desingned two floors and first floor is only for family members.

Food is to be providing at off time also as a service of home delivery.

You can get your all booking online.

Cash payment system using smart card, debit card, gold card.

Providing a better service when served in or out of restaurant.



2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 2019 2020 2021

As per regarding the production it’s very important to satisfy our customers by providing them healthy and hygienic food.

Food production and assembly will take place in the kitchen of the restaurant. Fresh vegetables and dairy products will be used to create most of the dishes from scratch. The chef will exercise strict standards of sanitation, quality production, and presentation or packaging over the kitchen and service staff.

Employees trained for not only particular task, but especially use the entire concept.

Most food is prepared on site. The kitchen will be designed with high standards of hygiene, efficiency and cleaned daily. Food will be mainly in order and stored in large coolers in the basement.

A big emphasis on comprehensive survey on the quality and integrity of our products. We must be constantly monitored for our own high standards for freshness and purity. Food costs and inventory management will be done by our computer system and checked daily by management.


Read phonetically

Dictionary – View detailed dictionary

Food for delivery may look like take-out (ready to order) or can be prepared earlier and the stock market. Catering will be considered as services.


The market for “JALWE TANDOOR” products covers a large area of diverse and densely populated groups. Although it will be located at metro station located in heartiest area of New Delhi, it is an area where people travel to eat out and one that is also frequented by tourists. It is also an area known for and catering to the demographic group we are targeting

Focus on the unique aspect of product (healthy, tasty food), a mix of marketing vehicles will be created to convey our presence, our image and our message.

Print media – local newspapers, magazines and publications student

Broadcast media – local programming and special interest shows

Hotel guides, concierge relations, Chamber of Commerce brochures

Direct mail – subscriber lists, offices for delivery

Misc. – Yellow Pages, charity events

A public relations firm has been retained to create special events and print recruitment and broadcast coverage, especially start-ups.

Marketing efforts will be divided into 3 phases;

1) Opening – An advanced notice (press pack) are sent by the public relations company that all media and print ads in key communication points. Budget – $ 10,000

2) Ongoing – A flexible campaign (using the above media), be regularly evaluated for effectiveness. Budget – $ 10,000

3) Point of Sale – A well-trained staff can increase the average check and increase overall customer experience. Word-of-mouth disease reference is very important to building a customer base.


The Restaurant menu is moderate sized, and moderate-low priced offering a collection of Ethnic and Muglai items with a common theme – healthy, flavourful, and familiar.


Tandoori chaap: 70.00

Afghani chaap: 70.00

Malai chaap: 70.00

Masala tandoori chaap: 70.00

Veg. tandoori loly pop: 70.00

Veg. khathi kabab: 70.00

Paneer tikka: 80.00

Malai mashroom: 70.00

Masala mashroom: 70.00


Butter masala chaap: 80.00

Chilli chaap: 70.00

Kadai paneer: 80.00

shahi paneer: 80.00

Dal makhani: 70.00


Plain Roti: 4.00

Butter Roti: 5.00

Rumali Roti: 10.00

Missi Roti: 10.00

Stuffed Parantha: 20.00

Lacha Parantha: 15.00

Plain Naan: 10.00

Butter Naan: 15.00

Stuffed Butter Naan: 20.00

Salad & chutney (complementary)

Kathi Kabab + 2 Rumali Roti (serves one) only Rs.50


Administrator Marketing adviser

Financial adviser

Manager Staffs Kitchen surveyor

Account manager Accounts staffs

Housekeeping desk attendant

0-2 years of experience Male Candidates between 25-35 years old Should have a pleasant personality, presentable and be able to communicate in English.

Salary: Rs 10,000/Month

Chef / Kitchen Manager

0-2 years experience from * hotel.

Salary: Rs 50,000/Month


0-5 years experience must have qualification.

Salary: Rs 40,000/Month


“JALWE-TANDOOR” is an innovative concept that targets a new, growing market. Assume that the market will respond and grow rapidly over the next 5 years. Our goal is to create a reputation for quality, consistancy and security (food) that will lead us to a new style of dining.

After the restaurant opens, we will keep a close eye on sales and profits. If we are on track at the end of Year 1, will seek to expand to a second device.

With a new business, there are risks involved. The success of our work depends on the strength and acceptance of a relatively new market. After 1 year, we expect some copycat competition in the form of other independent units. Chain competition will be much later.


Read phonetically

Dictionary – View detailed dictionary



As above you can see above restaurants of delhi and which are well stabilised in delhi. So I have to be strong with my financial plan so as to achieve the growth rate soon in due 2 years. Since one can easily reach to my restaurant I am starting my business near metro as I have explained above. And just because looking at the marketing of these restaurant’s I well confirmed that I am going to chase my competitors. Introducing a good human resource plan and marketing plan as you could see above.


Start up expenses

Deep Fridge: 75,000

260 ltr refrigerators for cold drinks: 20,000

Tandoor: 15,000

Angithi: 10,000

Furniture: 1, 00,000

Display counter for iron rods: 10,000

Gas stove & chimney: 50,000

Initial raw material: 30,000

4 vehicles for Delivery (second Hand): 60,000

Air condition 3, 00,000

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Lcd tv 80,000

Miscellaneous Expenses: 2, 50,000

total: 10,00,000

Monthly Expenses

Area Rent: 30,000

Staffs 2,00,000

Electricity: 6,000

Transport & Delivery Expenses of Goods 15,000

Packing Expenses: 5,000

Other Office Expenses: 8,000

Estimated cost of production: 40,000

Total 3, 04,000


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